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Principal Financial (PFG) says it will stop selling health insurance, another sign of upheaval...

Principal Financial (PFG) says it will stop selling health insurance, another sign of upheaval emerging among insurers as the health law starts to take effect. A possible end result: higher prices because large players will no longer face competition from smaller plans.
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  • Principal Financial will be the first of many. The healthcare plan congress passed was designed to fail in such a way that legislators could hang the failure on 'greedy insurance companies'. That would be the last step to a government takeover of providing health insurance to the masses.
    1 Oct 2010, 10:50 AM Reply Like
  • and they would be correct! National Health Care is what is needed with millions unable to access healthcare.
    1 Oct 2010, 10:58 AM Reply Like
  • I will say this. When you are dealing with something like healthcare you have two choices: you completely takeover the entire system and have national healthcare or you completely get out of healthcare and let the market take care of itself.


    And by letting the market take care of itself, I mean get out of it ENTIRELY. No Medicare. No Medicaid.


    Because once you start doing in between options, like subsidizing health care for old people. You create a demand in the market with no incentives on the supply to compete and lower prices. No one in the medical industry cares about competing and lowering prices because there is just this permanent demand from the government.


    If you are going to provide subsidy payments for health care than you have to take control of providing health care too to control costs. You can't do one and not the other.
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  • Get rid of Medicare and Medicaid-what a great idea! Then the ranks of the uninsured or inadequately insured would be many times the disgraceful number it is now. Millions of children in the foster care system would be left with no coverage. Do we start kicking the old and feeble out of the institutions that currently care for them?
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  • anarchist- your name doesn't suit you- you are a statist (not to mention hypocrite). I notice that you left the US after you retired- kids in private school, etc. Yet, you want us to pay for public everything and be a part of public/mediocre everything even as YOU choose to do the opposite for your own family- TYPICAL LIB! You chose to live in Mexico to preserve your wealth and live like a king even as those around you have nothing- or, do you give out 25%/ year as charity to those around you? I think I know the answer even as I ask the question. Stay down there- we have enough of your kind here already... Easy to pop off when you have no skin in the game!
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  • anarchist,


    I am not saying we should get rid of Medicare. In fact, I'm probably more on your side. What I don't like is stupid old people in Medicare provided scooters who go to Tea Party rallies and cry about the deficit. While they are LITERALLY sitting on the cause of the deficits.


    They constant hypocrisy and contradictions without a pinch of self-awareness is why I loathe the Tea Parties.
    1 Oct 2010, 12:04 PM Reply Like
  • You think that becasue I dont live in the US I dont pay US income taxes? Wrong.
    And bye the bye I said the same thing during the forty-two years I worked in the US.
    No I dont give out 25% to charity down here as I have enough expenses taking care of the American kids I adopted in the States that no one else wanted.
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