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Apple's (AAPL -0.3%) recent selloff has been enough to make Jim Cramer turn bullish. "We think...

Apple's (AAPL -0.3%) recent selloff has been enough to make Jim Cramer turn bullish. "We think this is a buying opportunity for the long term — a 10% discount for a company trading at 10x [EPS], excluding cash," says the animated Mad Money host. He touts Apple's product line and $120/share in cash, as well as early iPhone 5 demand. (Nomura) (Sterne Agee)
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  • I had Apple stock and sold it at 658. I'm looking for an upswing in the company but I'm more likely to purchase Dec or Jan calls for a position in the stock.
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  • Oh, ok. Good.
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  • LOL
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  • Cramer, lol... I was actually thinking of buying some AAPL calls... better hold off for a few days (weeks?)
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  • Sheeple2012.... Thinking the same thing but this call happens to be one that is not at a 52week high so even though I am a owner, I welcome his thought. Buying more at 620 if it gets there, missed today's opportunity. Good luck!
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  • Jim Cramer is right on the money this time - watch AAPL have a super moon shot from now thru the end of January 2013
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  • Agreed. Apple moonshot from here on. Once they report the fact they sold many times more than 5 million iPhones (5 million were just the units they physially delivered the first week, then they had to make more, but are crazy sellingpre-ordrs all around the world), the mini iPad is a hit and christmas season goes gangbusters for them like it did last ear, plus more. Well, can anyone count that much money? Apple will probably have 150 billion in the bank by March. Just amazingmoney machine and one of the cheapest big stocks in the world.
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  • He suggested a very bullish "BUY, BUY, BUY" on last night's show on AMZN. It dropped 3% today.
    He's good, that guy.
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  • Morons look for one day wonders. Please check your IQ.
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  • IQ checked. Thanks for reminding me because anyone recommending 325 p/e stock at all time highs is a genius!
    AAPL mojo is waning. Doesn't mean it's a terrible company or it's products are awful - but definitely waning.
    Again, why are people so upset about a stock that's up 10% from last ER when they MISSED and guided lower.
    Oh, that's right, I need to check my IQ, Mr. Genius.
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  • Cramer's bullish call means time for shorts to capitulate. He is no dummy. Sure he's not perfect but he knows how great Apple is and how cheap the stock is, and he also knows what I know, that is dropped for no special reason, just a perfect storm of silent period, misinterpretations of sales data, overblown fears about Chinese labor eruptions, overblown fears about map aps imperfections, overblown fears about Apple this that and the other thing, all the old disproven theories about how Apple cannot possibly continue growing with Steve Jobs, which is nonsense. Two years from now yes it will probably level off and become a bigger version of Microsoft, but for the forseeable future, it' all bang-up growth and huge profitability.


    Also, CNBC had contest recently where their talking heads each got to pick one stock to own for the next year. Cramer picked Apple. So he knows. No other company comes close to Apple's dominance, it beats Coca Cola, Boeing, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Exxon, you name it. It is THE ONE. And it mysteriously on bargain basement sale right now justa s it is about to start reorting the biggest earnings in world history. Amazing. I bought my ass off today and last session.
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  • Historically, each time a new apple product comes out, shorter would amplify the noice of little imperfectionss and scared the sheep. If you look at the high volume past few days, you know they have been busy covering their shorts. Easy $$ if you have unlimited credit.
    Tomorrow is a new day.
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  • Stock is in a downward channel that is very well defined. This morning's bounce was entirely predictable. You might see as high as 645 then its back down, down down. Or, simply open down. The market knows best. What promotes this distate?


    Apple's sales are slowing, slowing is a trend, Apple may maintain profit margins for a time through cost cutting but the big factor in this industry is marketplace dominance. Apple is poised to lose the dominance they have in mobile. Diehards are converting to Samsung as the technology catches up and passes what Apple can do on their own. Its a high overhead R&D game - they can't afford to sell just a few.


    Apple's map flop is a metaphor for their weakness vs. an integrated technology world. Consumers don't care for the brand; they want things to work. How arrogant, Apple! Maybe spending all that time integrating with that failure Facebook wasn't the best use of resources. There's another stock to ride down although it will go a lot further than Apple.
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  • You'll must have swallowed Kass' KoolAid. You spew a lot of opinions not backed up with facts or statistics, just like Kass.


    Check out AAPL's PPS in January, after the 4th quarter is in the books.
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  • 2343:


    When lawsuit development supercedes product development, it's a signal.
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  • SHort BS as usual. The Map AP problem was very minor in the scheme of things and eay for any customer to put behind them. Takes about ten seconds and costs nothing. Less of a problem than "antennagate" but it was blown up because 1) Any imperfection with an Apple produict is remarkable 2) Apple has put a lot of companies out of business and threatens a lot more and therefore they have many enemies with paid or sympathetc bad-mouthers who like rightwing republicans will simply make up anything that sounds bad. A small kernel of truth then wildly exaggerated.


    If anyone truly believes Apple deserves to be below $700. let the,m short the hell out of it now or dump their shares at the bottom. Any relatively rational person will see that Apple's upside road is only 60% completed. Its destiny it so be a $1000 stock, but anything close means this is bargain abse,ment territory and shorts will survive about as long as mosquitos. They may sting Apple a few times, but then they get slapped. And it may happen for real any day now. Apple is poised and springloaded for a massive upside explision. Maybe 100 points by November.
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  • Dominance in a market isn't necessary, making profit is. The iPad is dominant and very profitable. The Kindle Fire sells well but is a loss leader.
    The phone 5 has many attributes that are overlooked by the critics. These include battery life, speed, display and a superior operating system. No other company has as much cash on hand and Apple will make sure it benefits its shareholders with dividends, maybe a jump to the NYSE or buying its major suppliers. Cook understands that maintaining the stock price is necessary to keep leading employees. Oct 25, earnings will start the rise.
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  • Downward channel? What are you smoking?


    Apple will be $800 by January 2013.
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  • Amazon is a very risky stock. Huge PE and much more vulnerable than Apple to a fall. In fact, Apple already had is big fall. Now where is Amazon's? Wouldn't buy it with a ten foot pole.
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  • Walmart is finally going to war with Amazon. Wouldn't want to be Amazon right now.
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  • Kramer and his comrade Kass have been bashing AAPL for the last two weeks, so all their hedge fund buddies can get in on the cheap.


    Shameless manipulation, which hurts small investors, who tend to buy high and sell low when they are scared out of a position by the likes of these two.
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  • Cramer has no real credibility.... and APPL call is an easy one. Anyone who watches the market day and day out could make the same assessments with the same accuracy.


    He's seems wrong more than right.


    Politically he also predicted an Obama sweep of 49 states.
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  • Kramer did not say Obama would win 49 states. That's a crock.
    kramer is highly intelligent and with it. Though he did recently state Google was a cheaper stock than Apple which I heartily disagree with. But today he is touting Apple again as he has many many times, and been right almost every time.


    Obama will win, but it is technically impossible for any candidate to win more than about 37 states anymore. There are just too many deep red states whose only source of information is rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, two balls to the wall total serial liars.


    Unless the Republican party splits into three warring factions: religious nuts and racists, greedy Gordon Gecko (or Romney) and Donald Trump type tax evaders and common sense (read gay) country club republicans with a heart. Then yes, 49 states is possible.


    The other mini groups are the castro haters in Miami, the "I love pollution" pollutor lobby, Ayn Rand erection worshippers, the Israel needs to go to Holy War and cause Armageddon types, paranoid pot-bellied survivalists with way too many weapons, and bubble blonde big hair beauty queens.


    That is today's Republican party and God help if we can't flush these turdballs down the national toilet soon. We have to start dealing with facts again in this country, not stuff rightwing propagandists make up out of thin air for corrupt corporate lobbyists who pay for them.


    Citizen's United my ass. Zero real citizen's need apply is more like it.
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  • Ok BJ, why don't you give me an example of some lies that Rush and Hannity put forth? They're serial liars, according to you, so you should have no trouble giving us some examples.


    And I disagree, Obama won't win. Not even the cheerleading media can clean up his messes anymore. Nobody believes these unemployment reports while there are no jobs, nobody believes that we are anywhere closer to energy independence when gas prices have doubled since Obama took office, and nobody believes that Obama is for anybody but the naive and ignorant voters in the lower classes that just want their Obamaphone and food stamps. Most of America are working class individuals, and that class has gotten the shaft in the last 4 years worse than Monica did while she was an intern.
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  • Have bought and sold Apple over tim to profit grandly. Current holdings down to 57% gain. Shall sell at $700+ and have a nap.
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  • That's great! Hopefully, it will see $700 again.
    I really doubt it but that's my opinion and what makes a market, right?
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  • Buy on the dips. Don't try and trade this stock. There is still a lot of room to run.
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  • Groupthink vs Apple is about to do a huge reversal and stay that way for months. Just watch. I am loaded up on this stock from 320 to 675. And today at at the panic low too. What idiots selling that cheap. Maybe some automated algorithmic program. Software programs are very influential these days. They have no hsyical being but they can try and rob you. And succeed sometimes. That is probably who was selling at the bottom today. brainless machines with no factual knowldge of Apple.
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  • Pretty easy call when it touched the 50-day. Bounce at least. Oh wait, it already did.


    The deep Vee this morning is pretty typical of the way Apple does a decisive rejection of lower when it turns. Any stock, really, but Apple sort of requires a dramatic bottom and seldom does a rounded bottom.


    However, it is capable of repeating the dance downward. I hope not this time, being long and longer on the way down. The 10 day has touched the 20 day and that has marked a turn in the past.


    I've been watching that big space between the price curve and the 50 day since the first of year explosion up. It didn't seem like it could ever close up, especially not by moving gradually while the average came up to the price. Lesson here: no stock is too strong to run away from its averages forever.


    Sell off is totally wrong on fundamentals but consistent with technicals. Most of all, sell off is in line with the current groupthink. Apple is largest cap and most hated stock on the boards.
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  • Correct, the sell-off had almosty no factual basis behind it.
    B ut it's all but done now. It will only revist lows if the entire masrket tanks. It is a steal and bargain right now and everyone nows it. SMart money was buying this stock at $675, remember. They know it is headed into the high 700's for sure, 800's probably and 900's. maybe. And all within a year or two. it has no reason to be a 12 PE stick. It's growth is three times that and sustainable for years, then gradually slowing with all the money in the world and a high dividend.


    Who can dethrone Apple? Well first,. there's plenty of money to go around and Apple cannot be a monopoly anyway. But Samsung and Google, while both potent, are nowhere near Apple in terms of credibility, reliability and excellence and probably never will be. After all, they both basically copied the iPhone. google might get away with it. Samsung hasn't. They are going to have to pay billions to Apple. So they are not exactly an existential threat. In fact they are just the aggressive copycat. Excellent not unoriginal. Apple is totally original. They invented everything they are. And no Apple customer ever switches back. Think about how potent that is going forward. Apple will be a trillion dollar company unlkess a meteor strikes Cupertino and wipes out their supply of vegan energy bars.
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  • i like better smsng, but LONG APPLE!!!
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  • apple is being taken advantage of by a bunck of shortterm thinkers who are taking advantage of very minor news - to short the stock.


    they will be squeezed out soon as apples products are superior to all and sales will likely double as the globe becomes more and more familiar with their products.
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  • I added more shares this week to my already substantial holdings of AAPL. Also sold puts at Dec/700.
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  • Ya - Mr. Good advice! I bought a stock on that "buy, buy, buy" And, "back up the truck" advice on bookham-BKHM around $10. The company then merged subsequently into Avinex-AVNX trading around $3.50 now.. Just his opinion like many analysts out there!!
    Do your own due dilegance!
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  • This economy is terrible already. You can't make all these mistakes on your best product. The best thing to do right now is buy gold and silver. Those are the 2 safest bets by end of the year you will have a profit. buying any company is a huge risk there is just to much negativity in the economy today. Its time to buy commodities and just keep them. Until this economy can turn around all these businesses get any bad news there gonna spiral down and you guys will lose a ton of money. Buy gld and slv and make some money. Dont get greedy over these growth stocks there is no growth with the economy the way it is right now.
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  • you guys are nuts along with jim cramer. The stock is done. The i phone 5 is a piece of crap. I sent mine back along with all of my friends. We pre ordered i got a chipped white phone that looked like a used old phone. The aluminum is cheap and the screen flickers. Its done deal. They are going down hill. Steve jobs is gone along with this company. Its done. all buy it around 500 thats it. I am not paying 600 dollars for this stock. Its way over priced for a company that failed on its best product and the ios 6 has all kinds of problems. You guys have no clue. You have to realize jobs is gone and cook is taking over and hes already apologized to world for the maps. Hes making big mistakes that you can't make. Until the next iphone comes out and its not aluminum the stocks tanking. They can't even get a deal done with china mobile. There is no upside to this stock. Whoever is buying at this price has no clue how bad the iphone 5 came out to be. This phone is terrible. Its only sold out because people bought it before even seeing the phone. Once they get it they will want to send it back. Sam sung is taking over apple is done. This stock going to free fall. It went to fast and now its about take a big hit. people are waiting for it to go around 535 range before buying this stock again and you guys think its going to stop at 623 haha. there is nothing that will help this stock even the mini ipad can end up being a flop. And if its not its such a small portion of there profit it hardly matters. You guys are just burning money not realizing this company is done right now. Maybe next year it can bounce but they screwed up this phone that aluminum is so cheap you guys just have no idea. They tried to save money and will get burned for doing that. Nobody wants a cheap chipped up phone. They said its only the black i had a white one it was chipped really bad. I am done with apple until they want to put some quality back in the company and not try to use the name to sell things.
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  • look at technical at apple...leave fundamental... yesterday just was rejected by ema 100 daily, and this was third tie this year, and in the other two times a 10 percent rally was done in the following 2 be prepared for 680-690 quicker than you believe..also you can draw a line between the minimum daily from november 2011, dec 2011 and july 2012, and surprize the yesterday close just validated the upper trend...lots of pips ..
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  • Pretty funny stuff. A 4-way tug of war between:


    Group A - Love Cramer, Love AAPL
    Group B - Hate Cramer, Hate AAPL
    Group C - Love Cramer, Hate AAPL
    Group D - Hate Cramer, Love AAPL


    OK, admittedly Groups A and B are the vocal ones...
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  • I can't get the tennis ball out of Dewy's mouth until SHE let's go.


    Sometimes I give her a different option, like a Milk Bone.


    Then she let's go.
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  • Apple already bounced off resistance and the iPad mini will lift it through the holiday season.


    I was at the Chicago Apple store on a weekday and there were so many people waiting for the store to open employees were having to keep the sidewalk clear. Regardless of what the pundits are saying, one trip to an Apple store and you realize they are selling a serious amount of product.


    Right now is a serious buying opportunity. Hate to use the cliche' - but back up the truck :)


    $800 by January 2013
    10 Oct 2012, 10:33 PM Reply Like
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