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A Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman warns a House committee report urging U.S. companies not...

A Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman warns a House committee report urging U.S. companies not to use Huawei and ZTE's gear will "undermine cooperation and development" between the U.S. and China. Arik Hesseldahl notes Cisco (CSCO), which derives 16% of its sales from the Asia-Pac region and just ended its partnership with ZTE, has plenty to lose if a "telecom trade war" breaks out. An EU anti-dumping case against Huawei and ZTE has been delayed.
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  • Let the chips fall where they may. No Huawei in critical infastructure!
    9 Oct 2012, 07:22 PM Reply Like
  • WHY is a Govt official interceding?


    Time for Foxconn to move out!
    9 Oct 2012, 07:57 PM Reply Like
  • We always lose sight of the fact this is COMMUNIST China that is making the threats! Their military has the most sophisticated cyber warfare capability in the world and includes constant attacks on our defense networks and business enterprise systems! The pictures of the hacker cells comprised of hundreds of technicians probing our networks would scare the Hell out of our citizens. They also are extremely proficient in producing and distributing counterfeit parts that are used in our defense weapon systems. The stated goal of Communist Red China is total domination of the earth's critical natural resources to perpetuate their civilization!
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  • Kick the commie's A$$. Bring the jobs back.
    9 Oct 2012, 08:21 PM Reply Like
  • Chinese have stolen enough technology from dumb greedy capitalists to warn U.S.
    9 Oct 2012, 08:46 PM Reply Like
  • You wouldn't buy the lock for the hen house from the fox, would you? Why, because the fox can't change his nature.
    10 Oct 2012, 10:43 AM Reply Like
  • Thank God someone in U.S. Govt. is actually taking a stand against the Chinese on a critical issue. Considering the amount of crap they dump here, you'd think they'd have considerably more respect in general for the United States! A couple of the only individuals you'll hear speaking out against the realities of our relations and trade deficits with China are former U.S. Ambassador, John Bolton and Donald Trump. The reality is, there's nothing that can ever be done to curb the obstinance of the Red Chinese as it relates to USA, in my opinion.
    10 Oct 2012, 08:17 PM Reply Like
  • "crap they dump here"


    without demand there would be no supply
    10 Oct 2012, 08:57 PM Reply Like
  • commies are not in cn
    maybe n kr and cuba


    what's in a name: Chinese Communist Party
    11 Oct 2012, 10:00 AM Reply Like
  • On the other hand, we can't ignore the fact that China holds $1.15T of US debt and we will want them to loan us even more in the future, on favorable terms. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, I'm told.
    11 Oct 2012, 10:56 AM Reply Like
  • if Americans learn not to consume only that they can honestly afford. then the USA would not need credit for purchasing disposables.
    11 Oct 2012, 11:07 AM Reply Like
  • Sorry, if Americans learn to consume only what they can truly afford ...
    11 Oct 2012, 11:37 AM Reply Like
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