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A "quality-control crackdown" at Foxconn related to iPhone 5 (AAPL) scratches is making...

A "quality-control crackdown" at Foxconn related to iPhone 5 (AAPL) scratches is making shortages worse, a source tells Bloomberg. The report meshes well with earlier reports of labor disturbances caused by workers unhappy with Foxconn's quality-control rules. Interviewed workers claim each step in the iPhone 5 production process brings with it the potential for scratches to its aluminum back. The iPhone 4 and 4S use glass casing rather than aluminum.
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  • banjoman
    , contributor
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    I haven't seen any evidence or photos from Foxconn factories... Where is the evidence that this is such a huge problem as the analyst(s) are making it out to be?! The article mentions "Interviewed workers claim" - So where is the link to these interviews? Keep on beating the drums to try and bring down APPLE and create an opportunity to get on the wagon... That's all it is..
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  • dannydyn
    , contributor
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    FoxConn has 250K people dedicated to Apple. Of them, let's say ‘only’ 150K are on the iPhone5 assembly line. Of them, 2K-3K workers (2% of iPhone5 workforce) went on a short-lived strike (few hours), which would affect about .02%-.05% of the total iPhone5 production.


    These ‘mass disruptions’ theories are way overblown.
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  • Big Dawg
    , contributor
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    I agree with Banjoman that the pundits continue to savage Apple to create volatility for their own gains. It is sad to see on the anniversary of Steve's death that Tim Cook continues to be second guessed on his strategic management of Apple.
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  • Artaqq
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    Apple dumps Google, sues Samsung and it seems everyone turns on them. I'm not buying all of these stories, myself. I have yet to talk to anyone that has had any issues with the i5. If problems were that widespread, I can't imagine there wouldn't be more of a public outcry. Sure seems like a lot of manipulation by someone with something to gain.
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  • Joseph Poma
    , contributor
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    Apple's iTouch 5th generation is being shipped to those that pre-ordered already. If there were serious supply issues then there is no doubt in my mind that AAPL would have delayed the iTouch so that demand could be met for the iPhone.
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  • COS911
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    Not sure how they can be said to scratch that easily. Went to the local Apple Store and the display versions were all scratch free as far as was easily discernable despite massive handling (still waiting just to look one over, with none in stock unless you want a white 16GB Sprint phone). And the casing seems to make it much lighter than the glass 4S back.
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  • iknow777
    , contributor
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    "Quality control" is synonomous with "The car is in the shop for repairs". The iPhone has some serious issues that must be dealt with. Let them do it under this guise and keep "apparent" demand intact. Evenwith modest demand scarcity can create a false positive for those who like excuses for an overrated,ubiquitous product.
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  • jswieter
    , contributor
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    What you fail to see is the fact that Apple has the highest standards (design and fabrication) by a million (if not billion) over their competitors. The quality issue doesn't even compare. And if there is a miunte issue with some quality issues, Apple will figure it out and probably already has. They have not only innovated and dominated every category their products are in......but Apple has also created industry leading innovation in the design process, manufacturing process, packaging process, green initiatives, distribution and supply chains, chip design, battery design, glass design, retail architecture, etc., etc., etc. Apple raises the bar everywhere they go and with every vendor or consumer that touches an Apple product. That is their genius. Everyone else struggles to even do one of these things right...and never to the level Apple does. Apple leaves everyone else in the dust.
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  • rubicon59
    , contributor
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    It seems Mapgate hasn't gained enough traction and has already gone the way of the Antennagate. The media needs to manufacture a new gate. Scratches! That will do for the next few weeks.
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  • earlalbin
    , contributor
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    Everyone should know that the world is coming to an end here. scratches on cases!


    Run and hide, save yourself.


    The truth is that these Chines workers are paid to disrupt Apple's manufacturing process and they have an excuse, scratches. If the Chinese workers didn't like the work they could go down the street and make Samsung phones.


    Why is it only Apple's manufacturing and nothing else Hon Hai makes, NOTHING else. We use Hon Hai where I work and we don't have disruptions.


    All thsi guy has to talk about today is scratches and that's pretty much it. He guess what 99% of the product will have to be scrapped, how much? The moron doesn't even give that figure.


    Obviously trying to short like everyone else to cover his potential loss. Doesn't have a real job or real life.
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  • rocback
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    Samsung doesn't like being found to be a thief in a court of law. There is a clear concerted attempt to trash a good American company. Maps have already been fixed in many instances including flyover and voice directions are already a huge improvement on the 4s. The 5 is at least 4 times faster. That to me is reason enough to buy it.
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  • dwilly
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    let's not worry about quality control, just ship it, what r you people Fuk in nuts??
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  • pringsmuth
    , contributor
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    I know that my comment here about the new Lightning connector is not exactly on topic. However it is another area that people complained about initially. I've had my new iPod Touch for 5 days now. The Lightning connector is the best designed connector I have ever seen. It's small. It clicks when it goes in. It stays in. It goes in in either direction. There is no wiggle. Just the other day I found our iPad sitting there with the charging cable coming halfway out of its socket, so it didn't charge. That would never happen with a lightning connector. The lightning adapter also works well on my new iPod connecting it to my engine diagnostic hardware and everything works. The lightning connector is really well designed. That is what Apple is all about.
    16 Oct 2012, 05:44 PM Reply Like
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