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Market recap: Stocks closed near session lows, with the Dow posting back-to-back triple-digit...

Market recap: Stocks closed near session lows, with the Dow posting back-to-back triple-digit losses, as outlooks from Chevron, Alcoa and Cummins added to concerns about a global slowdown. The IMF warned that if the eurozone fails to solve the debt crisis, its banks could be forced to sell as much as $4.5T worth of assets. NYSE decliners beat advancers seven to six.
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  • These outlooks have been known for months; the market meltup thanks to the Fed and other monetary authorities. Shaking out weak bulls, or headed toward 1385 (or 1250, for that matter)?
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  • Get a couple down days, and everybody gets in a tizzy, imagining all kinds of bad things. Ten companies reporting, so far, we have 6 beats, 3 misses and one tie.
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  • I agree, but I'd phrase it "reinventing all kinds of old news" to affect outcomes. Seems we have little creativity these days, just desperation to make money out of nothing.
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  • Alcoa's beat is hardly a success. Lower the bar far enough and everything becomes a beat. The "beat" headlines are pointless, as US companies have become masters in attaining beats. The US btw. has traditionally far more beats than Europe. I wonder why? Gee, must be all these amazing companies bounding from one successful quarter to the next.
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  • I am a little more cautious here folks!
    The action in Apple has been terrible.
    The Nasdq is Apple,
    20% of the index is Apple, I believe.
    Risk to the downside is about to become crystal clear!


    You could finally see a limit down day on one of the averages.
    Flash Crash for real?
    Octobers are a real mother franken-futter!
    Look out for profit taking, raising cash into year end!


    Wave "C" or 3RD wave down are violent!
    and quick!
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  • Oy vey. Hysteria already?


    Have a beer.
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  • This sell of is just thinning the heard of sheep.


    If you cant stomach the volatility, get out of the market!


    Enjoy the ride people!
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  • If a 30 point drop in the S&P gets your hear all a flutter then I suggest you take your money out of the market and put it in T Bills or in a CD.


    No shame in that. With return comes risk. There is no other way.


    Chances are we could go down another 50 to 60 points on the S&P next few weeks. Just watch for the end of equities crowd to come back. So what. Next two to three years we go higher.


    Expected real returns with a yields at 2.1 to2.5% and dividend growth at 1.4 to 2% per year are 3.5 to 4.5% per year. That beats everything else out there.


    Obama Must Be Defeated.


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  • Petrarch...great name
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  • The battle between the central banks and fundamentals. Trillions of $$ in money printing and things are contracting. Print more money I forgot they're already doing that
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  • Folks


    Its time to start prepping. The tipping point is going to get exposed after the election...Tons of layoffs addedto our real 20% unemployment.


    Time are going to get real tough..get your guns ready !!!
    11 Oct 2012, 12:01 AM Reply Like
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