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32% of respondents to ChangeWave's September North American survey said they're "very likely"...

32% of respondents to ChangeWave's September North American survey said they're "very likely" (19%) or "somewhat likely" (13%) to buy the iPhone 5 (AAPL) - that's up from the 21.5% who showed interest in the iPhone 4S in an Oct. '11 survey. Meanwhile, just 2% said they're "very likely" to buy a Windows Phone 8 device, while another 7% said they're "somewhat likely." The iPhone has been gaining share against Android in the relatively saturated U.S. even as the opposite holds for some other markets.
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  • I am more interested in the new Samsung Note II, but it appears that no US price/carrier details until the 24th of Oct.
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  • I was in Best Buy and looked at all brand phones. Everything is plastic and appears to be throw away. You look at an Apple device and it is plain and simple better quality. The 5 is built elegantly with a milled aluminum case and back and recessed glass. The glass appears to be smudge proof. I got a 5 on the launch day and it doesnt show finger prints after weeks of use. My 4 did. Since moving to Apple products, I can say that I am glad I am done searching for a phone every 6 months to a year, Apple just works and works well. Regardless what other say, this was also the only phone I have owned for 2 years and it never broke. I sold it on ebay for $230 after I was done using it. Great product, great resale.


    Have fun with your Samsung. I will cry for you in my dreams. The flagship S III looks like an older Apple 3GS. Good luck with that.
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  • Man, talk about vain comments. Smudges, looks, cry for me, 3GS OMG!
    I won't be losing any sleep over my decision not to buy a 4S or ip5, that is for sure.
    The S3 is a far better "phone" than ether my 3GS or 4 was and I have personal hands on all of them.
    My S2 took a 7.5 foot drop off the top of my van at 25 miles per hour and still works with 1 crack on the screen. Try that with any apple phone.


    ip6, maybe, we will see if Apple can finally make a phone that is superior as a phone and doesn't have another gate named after it as some major issue arises.


    I sure wish they would give us more "real" cutting edge tech in these devices.
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  • I never had a 4GS, but my new S3 is far better than my old 3GS - if nothing else it is more forgiving of fat fingers.
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  • 4GS = ip5?
    Yeah, it works with my big fingers as well.


    What about the sensitivity? Mine does seem a little bit too reactive.
    You can almost not touch the screen and still have it react.
    I think there is an app where you can blow candles out on the screen!
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  • I'm in need of a phone since my droid x2 has almost petered out! I'm trying to hold out for the Lumia 920 & the Surface on Verizon, but it seems they just keep dragging this out and rumor of different phones.
    SOoo if the Note II comes out first I may stick it out another year and go with Samsung Note II and be done with it. Maybe in a year from now the Nokia/MS turtle bus will make it and some of the bugs ironed out by then?
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  • The Samsung Note II seems to be getting much better reviews overseas than the Lumia, but too early to really tell for sure.


    Rumor has it that all major carriers will be adding the Note II on or soon after the 25th of this month.


    But I want to see details and pricing before I make any real decisions.
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  • I think it is worth the wait. I am also interested in the Note 2 as well. Any tech advanced person with big hands should be.
    I did the same as you are thinking with the S3 and wish I had stuck it out for ether of these phones.


    I don't have much investment in Apple apps or itunes so I can go my own way, so, no, way, on the ip5. Unlike my brother in law that will be getting the 5 soon due to many appliances, apps and itunes.
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  • Same here - my only Apple device is a badly outdated iPod which I seldom use. I personally prefer the Android platform. But I do have to admit a slight bit of prejudice against the Apple Cult thing.
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  • Looks like those Lumia 920s will be flying off the shelves.




    Which do you think has more importance to Apple investors?


    A. Your interest in a Samsung Note II
    B: 40% of teens have an iPhone; 62% want their next smartphone to be an iPhone.

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  • Unless I am looking at teen fashion stocks or similar where nobody but teens will be buying, I really don't pay much attention to what teen surveys say.


    Teen likes and dislikes are extremely apt to be more fad/fashion & peer opinion driven than other sectors.


    I would also note that 60% of teens do NOT have an iPhone.
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  • How about answering the question I asked you?
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  • But all of those teens will someday become adults....
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  • You are correct, Windsun33, that teens' likes and dislikes are fad/fashion and peer-opinion oriented, but you would be well advised to pay attention to what teens (and preteens) think, especially about Apple products. Many of the younger teens don't have an iPhone, but many of them do have the gateway product (i.e., an iPod) and are hoping that Santa will bring them iPads.


    Source: Several teen and preteen family members.
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  • @Atkins, The other thing to notice about the data is that teens are adopting/acquiring more iPhones than they did the year before. That's not "fad" behavior.
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  • A very attractive APP is FaceTime allowing teens to talk face to face for free. I frequently talk to a friend in China, both using only the wi-fi.
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  • It also should allow teens to share various parts of their naked bodies without leaving proof behind.


    I'm glad my children grew up before there was sexting.
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  • there are parental controls, i used on my desktops but not the phone, I didn't give my son a data plan until he was older
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  • I do not envy parents with the challenges that modern technology brings. You do what you can, but it's likely an easy thing to overlook an opening.
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  • Survey is meaningless until the Nokia ads start running and their phones get in the hands of the retailers and consumers. Reliability, durability, cameras, ease of use and speed are all important and Nokia will do well versus the iPhone -- very well. Plus Nokia has a spectrum of phones suited for the diverse global market and their overall volumes will lower their cost and make their phones more price attractive ala Samsung. Nokia will beat Samsung in all the above areas.
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  • It's not meaningless. It means that 62% have already made a decision to get an iPhone. They're not even likely to consider getting a Nokia 920 or Samsung Note II. It's already an uphill climb to get them to look at another phone.


    This should tell you something ...


    "In just three weeks on the market, Apple’s iPhone 5 is already accounting for more Web traffic than the rival Samsung Galaxy S III, which has been on sale for nearly three months."


    And you think that the Nokia 920 is going to rival the iphone 5 and Galaxy S III in sales when the app store for Windows 8 has roughly 3-4 thousand apps?


    And now Samsung is going to sell a 4" Galaxy whose size they ridiculed in previous ads.


    Now all the Samsung Galaxy fans have to either ridicule the 4 inch Galaxy or be hypocrites and praise the 4 inch version. ... My bet is they'll be the later ...


    You know that Nokia is losing $1.20/share. Nokia, MSFT and RIMM [and they other thousand or so manufacturers of smartphones] are fighting over the scraps that Apple and Samsung leave for them.
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  • Apple has a spectrum also,iPhone4 free with contract, iPhone4s $99 and the iPhone5, $200. Nokia volumes will not approach the iPhones 20-35 Million per quarter.
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  • Gensearch - fgrindle. You are correct. a company with 2% of the market cap of Apple will not exceed Apple phone sales.
    However, that is also rather obvious. I found it interesting that 9% of customers already have a decent awareness of Windows/Phone 8, enough to tempt them to purchase it. Let's see what $1.8 billion in global advertising about to launch shortly does.
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  • Clearly, Nokia is betting the farm on Windows 8. Windows 8 is important to MSFT but it's not a live or die OS release for MSFT.


    In the near term for phone manufacturers, the two gorillas are Samsung and Apple. Every one else is competing for scraps.


    I think you have to look at the ecosystems first and smartphone manufacturers second. Apple happens to be both. But they're selling hardware; the ecosystem is there to get the consumer hooked on the hardware.


    Google is the other ecosystem. They don't make money on their ecosystem; they make money on ads. It's pretty well accepted that Google didn't buy Motorola for the hardware, they bought Motorola for their patents. The Android smartphone manufacturers are not really part of the Google ecosystem. LG could disappear tomorrow and it has no impact on Google. That's even true of Samsung.


    You could even argue that it's financially better for Google if Samsung disappeared since Google makes 4 times the ad revenue off iOS that Google makes off Android. Google isn't in the business of keeping Samsung alive.


    I think it was Google that made the strategic error of not allowing Google maps on iOS to do turn by turn. That forced Apple to go with their own maps program and the initial data shows that there has been no impact to iPhone 5 sales due to the so called Mapplegate. Google needs to get their maps back on iOS or they lose ad revenue.


    Along come Windows 8 and the MSFT ecosystem. I think that it's fairly obvious that the MSFT ecosystem doesn't have the depth and breadth that Apple and Google have. Can that change? Sure. But it's not going to be easy and advertising doesn't build an ecosystem.
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  • Plato said it best some 1500 years ago, "the masses are incurably ignorant", and that has never been as true as it is today. How so many, with little if any savings, can continue to fall prey to our "debt fueled consumer society" escapes me.
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  • Professional Wrestling has 50 million viewers.


    It is what it is.
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  • make that 2500 years ago.
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  • Nokia Lumia 920s haven't come out yet! How do you know that they are "Reliability, durability, cameras, ease of use and speed are all important and Nokia will do well versus the iPhone -- very well."
    You should wait if they ever come out.
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  • Haha, maybe you will never see them anyway.
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  • Things will heat up for Nokia once M$ starts the whole Windows 8 campaign, give it a few weeks when the ads start to come out.
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  • For me it's unfortunate timing. I've finally given up on Windows. It's too much work to keep Windows going. Defragging hard disks? Cleaning out unused files and shortcuts. I run maintenance utilities at least once a weak. I've had enough. But you won't see people running to upgrade to Windows 8, consumers have never run to upgrade to the next Windows OS; there's no reason to expect that this one is going to be any different.
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  • You running W7?
    I haven't had any of those problems with W7 yet.
    My IT pro buddy is running W8 on his Lenova touch screen and loves it.
    He has a Mac laptop as well but gave it to his girlfriend.


    Nether of us want to buy a laptop you cannot modify or repair yourself.
    I sure hope Mountain lion is better than Lion.
    Maybe I can retro back to Snow leopard instead?
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  • Interesting to hear what's going on in US.
    In Switzerland, I know it's Ca small country, however 85% of the kids above 14 have a smartphone and over 50% of those have an iPhone.
    I switched from the 4 to the 5. My first reaction " so what, a little bit lighter, a little bit longer, Siri works better but up to no real excitement. Ok Panorama pictures great." I came across to a great deal of persons who have the 4S and they say "I wait for the 6". Is the hype of changing with every new release not over?
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  • Thats what my Sis said. She mostly liked the look of the 5. The features didn't really do anything for her however. Then again, she is about as far from a geek as anyone I know.
    She used to tell me she had no use for anything other than PC's when I tried to get her to convert to Mac.
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  • You need to separate data from ancedotal evidence. What you're relaying is anecdotal; check the data to see what it means.....


    50% of iphone 4 users upgraded to iphone 4s when the 4s hit the streets.


    50% of iphone 4s users are upgrading to the 5. No difference.


    It isn't necessarily as frivolous as it might sound.


    If I'm eligible for an upgrade I can sell my 4s ~$250 which will pay for my sign up cost for a 5.


    If my wife is eligible for an upgrade, she can get the 5, and the carrier in the US will allow my wife and I to switch phones. I get the 5 she gets the 4s.


    I could pass the 4s down to one of my children, who is eligible for an upgrade, and get the 5 for myself.


    Even if I'm not eligible, I can sell my iphone 4s, for $250, pay the $250 cancellation and get a new contract for a 5. This costs me some, but if I'm into new, it's not a great cost to me.


    In any event, the data suggests that users are upgrading just as fast on the iphone 5 as they did on the 4s. Which indicates that your anecdotal evidence is either leading you to the wrong conclusion or you're not recording enough data and jumping to a conclusion that you "expect", rather than what you deduce.
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  • On the other hand, in Korea something like 85% of everyone has a smart phone, and the vast majority of those are Samsung.


    Not sure how valid single smaller country stats are, as it often depends as much on the carrier, nationality, and types of service available.
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  • Same as a Android based phone. I have got my money out of both platforms. Even 2 generations back.
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  • Until you have a Mac, iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad you don't know, if you do and you use them as a group for a period of time you won't go back, particularity when using OS X, and iOS to sync and interact between all devices. For Apple that where the profit starts to add up. Apple's competition and the so called expert finance analysts still don't get it.
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  • 70% of the smartphone market in S. Korea is Samsung to be exact. But let's put that in perspective ...


    "Galaxy S3 (which sold a record-shattering 50,000 units in the first day of availability) "



    50K units in the first day..... Apple sold 2 million in the first couple hours of pre-order.
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  • I get it.
    There is some truth to this and the other side is it is difficult to take your investment with you should you decide to leave.
    Certainly you can sell the hardware, but, the rest is yours to rent only if you stay within the confines.
    At least with a CD or open digital content I can use it on any device even itunes. If I buy a song from Amazon, I can use it indefinitely on multiple devices.
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  • @lockman, with iTunes you can still burn a MP3 of a purchased song, and that copy is portable, the idea is burning an MP3 as a backup, but it is still portable
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  • "Samsung: Galaxy S III sales hit 20 million in 100 days..."


    That sounds like a bit more than 50k per day.


    But either way, I am not going to get into yet another silly "Apple vs Whoever" thing. You like Apple, fine.
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  • Agreed. It's a bit interesting change of dynamics. We entered a world of throw away electronics some time ago, now we're entering a new world of recyclable electronics. At least in terms of mobile computing. That's a good thing.
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  • I was specifically addressing your question on the validity of single country data. South Korea specifically. The 20 million Samsung Galaxy S III sales number does the same thing. Single country data doesn't do much.


    I found it surprising that it was only 50,000 in S. Korea. That indicates that the South Koreans are more interested in lower end Samsung smartphones. At least lower than the S III.


    I feel the same way about smartphone as you do. If you like the S III for whatever reason that's great. Though having spend some time on some Android blogs, as far as vocal users go, Android users are far more obsessed about iOS consumers than the other way around.


    There is some fascination with NFC chips. NFC chips are as useful as Passbook. Neither has any meaningful value. What you can say about each approach is that NFC likely cuts more into Samsung's margins than Passbook cuts into Apple's margins. As a consumer I don't care about Samsung or Apple's margins; as an investor I do care about margins.
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  • Good to know, I will have to Google it. I tried downloading my library of ripped CD's that I owned and it lost all organization as far as albums and order, so, I gave it up as method of getting songs over to my PC equipment.
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  • So they mentioned the iPhone specifically but Windows Phone generally.


    That's what is called a leading question. Most will have no idea what a Windows Phone is, they would also have no idea what iOS 6 is. It appears to be little more than a "push poll".


    Who commissioned Changewave to conduct the poll?
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  • I didn't notice any iOS 6 questions perhaps I skimmed it too quickly, but the questions were related to iOS 6 but not on iOS 6. e.g., "Have you experienced a problem with “Apple Maps” on your iPhone?"


    That is something that came with iOS 6, but the questions asks about maps.


    Why would you assume someone commissioned them?


    They do research and sell it. That's their business model. If someone commissioned them to do a particular study that client would own it.


    What are you trying to do?
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  • My prediction. Q1,13 Eps 19.00-19.80 per share.62million I phone january quarter.Ipad mini 3d priced $399.00. Apple bottom 603.00 before Q4,12.Eps 10.75-11.30
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  • I am a grandma with The Geek Squad giving me beginner computer lessons. The little pros told me to buy the I-phone, so I did, and for a dummy like me, I love it! I'm buying all four of my grandchildren one for Christmas. When asked on my own people-poll, everyone said, given the choice, I-phone came in number One! So much for the competition!
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  • At this stage of computing you shouldn't need to be a geek. I don't see anyone "rooting" their smart TVs to come up with a more pleasing menu or adding functionality. Or rooting the firmware in their cars to enhance engine performance [a very rare few due that in racing] I suppose if people want to do that with their smartphones that's fine. But I don't buy computing devices to tweak them, I buy them to use and I want to spend as little time as possible customizing.


    I think the tell in usability is how much web traffic is dominated by iOS users vs. Android users and it's pretty overwhelming.
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  • Better check with the kids first. They may have other ideas as to what they want.
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  • Ever I started following ChangeWave since 2007, their surveys are pretty accurate.
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  • iphone 5 is going to be best selling phone i called several stores in my area. they are not just sold out. but for the next 2 weeks they have to send next shipments to pre orders at those stores. they say its gonig to be 2 to 3 weeks before they can even stick the phone into the stores. So its not just sold out but also on the preorders its backed up for 2 weeks worth of shipments. who knows how many phones they sold but its a ton. Its definitely a record for apple. I just bought apple stock back. Walmart double ordered the mini ipad and are getting rid of the kindle fire from there store locations. Pretty crazy the demand for apple but its definitely at an all time high. THey will reclaim the top spot as the number 1 smart phone seller by december. Samsung has no chance to compete with apple. Its even sad how hard the sales people were trying to sell me a samsung phone they got so much supply of it. Its not selling out or anything. People dont' want it they want the iphone.
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  • The Samsung Galaxy S3 is supposed to sell 30 million this year, and the new Note II has pre-orders of around 12 million. No idea where that puts it in comparison to Apple.
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  • Does it really matter whether the S3 sells more or less than the iPhone 5?

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  • Only in the sense that I don't want either company to get to the point of Total World Domination - that is a sure way to kill competition and innovation.
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  • "People dont' want it they want the iphone.


    Garbage, you want what you want because you made that decision. If you have to tie yourself to the coat tails of a company for some mental reason that is your own choice and your own weakness.
    Be objective when possible.
    Then you don't have to be the "flag bearer" for the herd.
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  • Lumia 920. Ignore the US based surveys because due to the disgraceful democratic communist social engineering over the last few decades the Bell Curve is grossly distorted to the left (near Obama's IQ).


    And conversely, the ipod phone is a perfect fit to democratic communist societies hence its inroads into America and UK but not elsewhere.


    "Apple 5!!"...
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  • If I could figure out what you were trying to say, I think I would disagree with you.


    What does a bell curve grossly distorting to the left in a democratic communist society
    A) mean?
    B) have to do with the Lumia 920?
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  • We're all better off if you don't encourage 5000 to elaborate.
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  • Means people too lazy to think and just going with the currently popular option or blindly following marketing.
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  • That's 50000 to you mister.
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  • LOL!


    You guys are Great!


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  • @ Lockman
    You're a former Apple fanboy? Now, you like to go around ridiculing others....

  means that this is the new improved you?


    Recall my last comment to you: "the name calling, like "blind" and "fanboy" is inexcusable if you are trying to improve awareness and they don't belong in any civil discussion...perhaps you have drifted from that intent a bit....maybe a little self-reflection is in order...."


    Is there no middle road for you, just the extremes?...and I suppose you consider that rational and level-headed?.


    You have no brand loyalty at all? You don't prefer a Levi's or a Toyota, or a Harley, a favorite restaurant, or a brand of shirt that you favor? Have you ever wanted your kids to go to your alma mater?....havent you had these feelings just because that brand has always provided you with the right comfort and fit, tastes, reliability, familiarity?


    Human cognition relies on short cuts to making decisions, because that is normally efficient, and you don't spend all day figuring out where to get a hamburger, going all over town, sampling each before sitting down for a meal. There are associations that your neurons make automatically, tying memory to your emotional centers and various senses. These associations can be positive or negative, and they allow the brain to make instantaneous decisions. Like the smell of grandma's cookies....or the smell of danger... For instance, as an infant, you didn't have a fear of tigers that were not caged....but at some point, you made the association:


    loose big carnivore = bad....


    These are natural ways that the brain works, in some circumstances, we are best off countering those built in biases, but in most circumstances they are more efficient and serve us well...
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  • Ipad mini is a perfect product it will bring in a lot of new costumers who cant afford a ipad or iphone and dont want to pay 300 for a 4 inch ipod.Even if it does squeez margins a little it will get people hooked on the eco system.Ive owned many dell laptops under 500 but after using apple products my next laptop in a mac pro even if i have to finance it its worth another 1000 to have some thing that is easy to use a works smoothly.Every that i know with a andriod phone hates it.Once you go apple you never go back.62 million iphone in january
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  • Haha, another active fanboy!
    I am the opposite, an ex-apple fanboy. Certainly, I would by another Apple product if it was worth the money for it, but, not just because it was made by Apple. That is shear lunacy.
    Brand loyalty is a prehistoric function of mind control and with the speed of technologies advances, it is a panacea that I can no longer afford...
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  • Lockman, I don't know if it applies, but let's pretend you have a locksmith business and you employ a helper or two. Now let's assume that one of the helper's mother needs help with a lockout. She contacts your company. Why? Because she knows her son gets his paycheck from your business and any business she sends that way is better than sending it to the competition. This impetus applies even if another locksmith would do the exact same thing for the exact same charge. It may even apply if she has to wait a few minutes longer. That is brand loyalty related to the tangential benefit of her supporting your brand (her son is ever so slightly less likely to get laid off). Your truck sits outside the building for a few minutes, advertising the work you do with the phone number. Maybe a future job in the building will come from that one service call...


    Now, as an Apple investor, I feel that given two comparable solutions -- one from Apple and one from another company -- I am obviously going to choose Apple. Because it has a tangential impact on my association with the company. Lots of folks behave this way. If you own MCD you are more likely to eat at McDonalds than Burger King even if it is a block further. This applies even though you know that your soda and fries will have a near zero impact on their quarterly earnings. There is a feeling that supporting the brand is part of helping to ensure the success of your investment.


    There is nothing archaic about this sort of brand loyalty. I will happily continue to buy everything I can from Apple and show it off to my friends when they are the least bit interested. I give Apple products as presents. No one has thrown one back in my face yet.


    Why wouldn't I be concerned about constantly second guessing if I was getting the absolute most bang for my buck? Many reasons. But investor inspired brand loyalty is one of them. That's not mind control, just common sense.
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  • Very well stated DM.
    That got my thumb!


    Actually, I don't advertise anymore other than business cards when requested. I let my work and word of mouth fuel my future business as it has for the last 20+ years (30+, but I used to be in the phonebook). My trucks are just white paint, no advertising.
    My motto is "a happy customer is a repeat customer" and quality over quantity.
    Also,I don't eat any junk food, mostly eat organic. (YES on prop 37!) and I personally don't have any brand loyalty anymore.


    I mostly buy what I need and that which will do it the best for the least $$ with the limited info I can glean from reviews and recommendations (mostly from Google searches and Amazon reviews) and then sell it or shelf it (trash it) if it doesn't make the grade.


    I guess what I am trying to say is buy a product on it's merits (and cost), not it's name.


    "Once you go apple you never go back." maybe true for him but not for others. Certainly not for me after my direct experience with iphones and Apple service in the recent past (a Macbook pro btw.)


    A statement like "Every that I know with a andriod phone hates it"
    could mean you only know one person that has one, or just an outright lie or ?
    In my experience about half the people that I know use iphones and are happy about it due to various reasons like the ecosystem and simplicity (in spite of the inferior phone functions) and the others like myself have moved onto other platforms due to the need for better reception and phone related features.


    Now if Apple put out a phone with great reception, superior bluetooth (and plastic case, I drop my phone too often for aluminum, my S3 already looks trashed ;)) I would certainly buy it and try it.
    That said, I think my next phone will be a Lumia 920 after the fan boys get theirs and I can see what issues there are with it.


    Thanks again for the great comment!
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  • Android phones aren't as easy to use as a iPhone.i use a griffen survivor case for my 4s and have never had any reception issues.
    The reason apple will sell so many iPhones in the futures is because most people who switch to an apple phone find it easy to use . In 2-3 years apple will out pace android phones. Plus android has what 10 different phones apple has 1. Think about that that why they sell more plus Samsung is sold at more locations for the moment. The January quarter is going to be a tell tale for iPhone in the coming years. Is just beginning to sell in many country's I think we could see 62 million plus in January as long as they can keep up moto is is you can't beat them join them that why ther new phones try to look like iPhones even the charger. China trying to copy products again. As for investing I'm small time but this company is on a tear . The reason the pe ratio is low in my opinion is because the 5 year chart is almost perfect is seams like its on the same angle As the past five years with the jump to 400to 600 people this it should sell of but the pe is lower now then it was at 400.ipad mini 3d price 399
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  • I had reception issues with both my iphone 3GS and 4 with and without cases.
    Look at it like this, you use the phone for maybe a 1000 minutes or less each month and you stay in predictably good reception areas.
    Great, what kind of study is that?
    I use over 3000 minutes a month and travel all over the hills of the Bay Area. I have had almost all of the major carriers (ATT (all the way back to Pacbell), Verizon, Sprint) and I have stood, toe to toe with iphone users while they have poor reception and mine is good on the same carrier.
    My best example is on a frequent dog walk.
    On the hill up to the park where I walk my dogs, both my iphones quit (as they also did on the way there on HYW 13) . At the park entrance, I had just enough to get a scratchy call out with one to 2 bars. In the park I rarely had any signal.
    My Samsung GS2 in comparison, had clear signal all the way to the park (same carrier) and then, the amazing part was I was able to receive and initiate calls in most of the park areas including valleys with no clear sight to towers.


    I don't get what your charger comment is about. My phones both use the micro USB which is the standard for most phones and headsets these days as well.


    I appreciate that Samsung very different features than the iphone.
    Things that are important to me that the iphone 5 does not use are:
    1. Removable battery
    2. Micro USB port and charger (cheap, got lots of them for car, wall and computer).
    3. Removable memory card
    4. Removable plastic back (I know it is tacky, but I always scratch it up or worse).
    5. Swype (I luv this feature ).
    6. Bigger screen (I have big hands, pockets and bad eyes).
    7. Built in Map app that works great (I don't use this often, so, it's at the bottom of the list).
    Probably better reception and bluetooth but I don't have a iphone 5 to compare it to.
    Cons on the SG2-3, the OS. It is glitchy compared to the Apple OS. Not as intuitive or as you would say "easy to use".
    Takes more time to learn and unlearn the Apple OS.


    I disagree on the Apple iphoneout pacing the Android phones and OS.
    I think it could be just as easily the opposite. Every upgrade has made Android better by a lot. I still like the iOS better, but not by nearly as much after ICS.
    If Google continues to refine and gets makes the interface as smooth as iOS, I would prefer it hands down. I like to be able to customize my experience in a non app sort of way. However, I really miss the visual voice mail as well that iOS had.


    Personally, I think Apple should put more energy into their computer line-up, customer service and quality control, but, I am a dinosaur in the current state of affairs and they seem to be doing well without my opinion.


    I still use my 4 year old MacPro as my main portal to the web (even though it doesn't restart reliably, so, I just leave it on most of the time).


    I still await the Nokia Lumia 920 as the potential ultimate "users" phone. Or maybe an iphone 6?


    I just want the an intelligent phone that gives great phone.
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  • Pc markets ar down I think that's why apple introduced the 13 Mac with retina today . I have to say the iPad mini was a disappointment with me I would have paid 399 for it if it had retina display but it does not. I still plane on buying a mac pro 13 retina when my dell breaks.After doing research on pc sales I think this will hurt apple in the next few years I plane on selling the stock in January and staying away for 6 months. The comment was about the shape of the charger the USB cube looks just like the apple cube but black.the griffen survivor is a great case for IPhone I'm is constructing and have dropped it 10 times , drywall dust , dirt , rain take it out my iPhone looks brand new. I had to replace it after one year because the rubber port cover were comming of but it only cost 15 bucks on phone stayes charged all day talking less than a few hours so I dont need to take the battery out.swype don't think I need it but people like it. I know 6 people that have androids and 5 are unhappy especially my girlfriend who has iPhone 4s for personal and has to use a galaxy srtatusfeir for work.I have apple tv so it's cool to stream movies or YouTube to my tv
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  • Yeah , my sis has a 4s and she is fine with it and the Otterbox case that I loved to hate (the one for the 3GS was a work of art).
    She hardly uses her phone (like a 100 minutes a month) and if I used that many I could get by with almost anything.
    You kinda need to be a geek "ish" person to enjoy Android the most. It is not that difficult, but, for a novice, it would be a handful.


    My current Otterbox for my S3 could probably be thrown out of a window but the fit is too tight and the buttons too stiff. Makes it hard to change batteries when I want to. One of the reasons I got the phone. The buttons are just really poor QC. Now I plug it in when using the case. Go figure...
    Everybody I know loves their Galaxy series phones and half of them are ex iphone users. Most of us really use our phones as phones as well as for internet functions.
    That is where they shine in comparison.
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