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3D Systems (DDD +2.9%) and Stratasys (SSYS +4.1%) rally after Piper upgrades 3D to Neutral. Over...

3D Systems (DDD +2.9%) and Stratasys (SSYS +4.1%) rally after Piper upgrades 3D to Neutral. Over the last 2 months, the 3D printer makers have been digesting the huge gains they saw earlier this year. (3D Systems/Rapidform)
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  • There a bit late to the party as usual. Passed their target of 35 even before they made it. Neutral? Should be a strong buy. Think about what these companies do. It's nothing short of the tip of the iceberg for new technology. You ain't seen nothin yet jack.
    12 Oct 2012, 02:20 PM Reply Like
  • If these co's just make hardware they are never going to make it big----
    12 Oct 2012, 02:50 PM Reply Like
  • They make hardware, software, supplies, end products, and a lot more. In time they will be making everything including human organs. This is the future of technology. These are the only real innovative inventions out there. You think an iPhone is innovative? Not compared to this stuff. Apple will be just a bunch of toys and this will do everything including making iPhones some day.
    13 Oct 2012, 11:30 AM Reply Like
  • You got it right Manx...SSYS is going strong and the Future is with 3D


    printing. The next revolution is on it's way.
    12 Oct 2012, 02:51 PM Reply Like
  • What a pleasant surprise to see 2 smart comments out of 3 (@Manxbuilder & The Autonomous Guy #23). You two are right on the money. These two stocks are going guarantee freedom 50 for me.


    @pat1000: You have no clue, Amigo. Just remember your comment two years from now...


    LONG on DDD, SSYS (& ONVO)
    12 Oct 2012, 06:03 PM Reply Like
  • I would bet right now I own more of DDD and SSYS than anyone who has commented------
    The problem is I know the risks and some others here are just "POLLYANNA" investors
    13 Oct 2012, 10:26 PM Reply Like
  • It is interesting to guess which 3D company will emerge as a market leader. Currently the focus appears to be on market niche or segment competition - a tactical approach based on new product introduction and modifying price structures to gain market share and fight off emerging competitors who see the depth and breadth of the potential market. The strategic view is cloudier. What talks are beng held with industry leaders whose market positions will be impacted: transportation, packaging, defense, pharmaceticals, bio-medical, etc.? 3D is a game changer!
    13 Oct 2012, 01:58 AM Reply Like
  • Sure thing PAT 1000 I bet you're a real high roller and that we don't know what we're talking about. I bet you only got 100 shares. Risk/Reward. If you can't take a little growing pain, then why are you people in the market.
    14 Oct 2012, 08:05 AM Reply Like
  • Well #23 you lost 2 out of those 3 bets and by a wide margin----
    15 Oct 2012, 08:34 AM Reply Like
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