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An 8GB Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad Mini (AAPL) will cost just $249, according to an inventory...

An 8GB Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad Mini (AAPL) will cost just $249, according to an inventory screenshot leak - that would make the device, expected to sport a 7.85" display, $50 more expensive than the 7" 8GB Nexus 7 and 16GB Kindle Fire HD. But a 16Gb Wi-Fi version will go for $349, as will an 8GB 3G/4G version. The most costly model listed (a 64GB 3G/4G unit) will reportedly sell for $649. Apple is expected to unveil the Mini at an Oct. 23 event. (retina MacBook Pro)
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  • The price comparison is moot as the competitors will match or undercut Apple's price at the moment of mini's release.
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  • They already have. $199 google nexus
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  • Aapl is willing to compete on price....a sub $300 tablet
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  • Apple competing on price = Apple is desperate
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  • pirota = fandroid with Android linked business.
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  • iPad and iPhone are also competitive in price.
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  • Pirota, we're all sorry you're only earning $600 a month in Albania. But that's no reason to criticize the pricing of AAPL's devices since you can't afford them. Price competition is not the issue. It's about differentiation. Note the price of the most expensive models. There's a BMW 3-series and 1-series, as well as a 6-series and 7-series. Different target markets.
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  • Before the iPad came out, the consensus on entry price was $700. I was Apple was desperate to sell it at $500.
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  • well what are they going to sell it for 500 dollars? Its just a mini ipad they can't sell it for same price as a regular ipad. If they were desperate they would have it lower then the other markets prices. They are selling at a higher price knowing there items are in demand.
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  • Yup, they are barely fighting off bankruptcy. . .
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  • Funny. Everyone on this sight that follows Apple knows #pirota is an anti-Apple zealot. If Apple came out with a product that turned water into wine and gave it away to anyone who wanted it, #pirota would say something like "Google can do it better!". Just the simple truth.


    It's just a simple fact that when you have $150 billion in cash, as Apple currently has, if you wanted to undercut any competitors price structure, Apple could do it easily. Apple doesn't have to do that. Why? Because at this moment in time, Apple has the single BEST brand name recognition in the world as far as electronics are concerned. That isn't going to change anytime soon.


    That statement sticks in #pirota's craw and he just can't stand it. LOL
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  • If Apple turned water into wine, there would be people eager to accuse them of contributing to the problem of drunk driving. Others would say, "That's not invention because the Bible says someone else did it first. There they go stealing someone else's idea again." Still others would claim their $1.00 bottled water did everything Apple did except for the part about how they change it into wine. But that's okay because water is better than wine and anyone who thinks it's not is just trying to be cool.


    Did I miss any?
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  • - Apple lost it's cool, turning water into wine went out of style thousands of years ago.
    - Samsung has been selling the Galaxy Bath Salt3 in a bigger bottle for less than Apple's 'water turned to wine' for months.
    - Android has been giving away the formula to wine so long as you let them put their advertisements on the bottle so it's more "Open" wine.
    - Amazon is paying people to take wine with a cheese list and one sip ordering.
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  • this is a cool fake video but i'd like one
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  • I hear Albanian airlines will be using the Kindle Fire to replace their manuals and flight maps. Good luck.
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  • Probably ok if there not any mountains to fly over....If i were piloting using a kindle fire I.d set the altitude a thousand feet higher than usual...
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  • Yeah Apple is really good in taking away people's hard earned money, but world is fortunate enough to have company like Google ...
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  • Pirota, you can use Google and Facebook all you like, thinking that it is free....but meanwhile, they invade your privacy and sell your personal info to others, because there really is no such thing as free. Notice that you can't even delete your Gmail, it "archives" the info, so you don't see it, but they keep it... Napster was free too, but because it ripped off the music industry....


    Apple has taken away none of my money....I have spent it on what I wanted and have received it back many times in use and value....I've put tons of milage on my phones and my iPad...we get good value, or else we won't buy more....
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  • People give it to Apple. .... Verizon and AT&T margins are at 50% and no one is complaining. They practically have a monopoly between the two of them.


    You can't sell your contract with AT&T or Verizon to anyone. With an Apple product, you can get most of your money back.


    Perhaps that's why your country is where it is today. No thinking Maybe someday you'll throw off your communist heritage. Not you personally, but the other people in your country.
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  • yah missed bottom line by 16% hehe
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  • Me too. Yum.
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  • Moi? It depends. Margin reporting isn't consistent. What I recently saw Verizon CEO state was 50% margins, excluding .... taxes, and a list of other items I won't attempt to list or recall.


    But if you want to make a similar point we can do it strictly on cost. A two year contract with AT&T or Verizon with a data plan can easily run $2,000. An iphone 5 is $199 [16G]; over 24 months that's $8.29/month. Which is less than the data plan by itself. And that iphone 5 will have residual value at the end of two years while your 2 year contract is worthless to the buyer.


    Does anyone have any doubt that the someone makes a killing over either the service providers or phone manufacturers on a profit basis? What do those anti-scratch films put in smartphones and tablets cost to produce vs. what they sell for?
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  • Just happened to fall over this ...


    "Profit margins at Verizon Wireless hit a record 50% in the third quarter based on calculations of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization [EBITDA], beating consensus analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. "

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  • I doubt the list is accurate. Apple doesn't release that many hardware versions of anything. It's more likely it's some subset of the list.


    pirota looks desperate.


    Just for the heck of it, I was looking over some Android websites ... those people are OBSESSED with Apple. I don't believe it's reciprocated. Apple users don't really care about Android users.
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  • Probably because of the patent suits, no delineation by hardware so insecure attempt at delineation by words - obsession indeed
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  • >>> I don't believe it's reciprocated. Apple users don't really care about Android users. <<<


    Seems like when a new Apple product is released Android fans come out of the woodwork and shout from the rooftops how terrible it is.


    When a new Android device is released... Apple fans don't notice.
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  • Unless it's a GS3. Samsung has managed to do that with their marketing ;)
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  • I'll say this again:


    When was the last time anyone stood in line for a Samsung phone?
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  • Never. Yet interestingly, Apple has taken a liking to singling them out over manufacturers like Sony, HTC, Motorola etc. to sue them.


    Probably because of this

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  • >>> Apple has taken a liking to singling them out over manufacturers like Sony, HTC, Motorola etc. to sue them. <<<


    Apple has scuffled in court with HTC and Motorola on occasion too, Samsung gets the lions share of litigation because they are most blatant at copying. Both Google and HTC have come out and suggested most of what Samsung got blasted on was not part of the core Android system, it's stuff Samsung did to clone Apple.


    I'm certain the fact that Samsung is their biggest competitor also plays into it.
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  • Most analysts have also said that the Jury rushed through the entire patent litigation process and there is a decent likelihood that all of this will be thrown out. In other countries, there was a mixed verdict by and large


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  • Irrelevant. The reason Apple 'singled them out' is because they are the biggest cloner. This is true whether the eventual verdict says cloning is cool or not.
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  • I have seen no evidence that an Apple users care one wit whether anyone buys a GS3.


    Though I do find it humorous that Samsung dings the iphone for it's small size and now comes out with a mini GS3.
    16 Oct 2012, 08:54 AM Reply Like
  • Apple and Samsung are the only two real smartphone manufacturers. Everyone else is playing for scraps.


    NOK was the first company to file suit in the smartphone patent wars. ...



    I will say I have no problem who "started it". A company has a right to protect their IP and a responsibility to their shareholders to do so.
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  • Apple does not compete on price. It can sell everything it makes at excellent margins with increasing revenues and profit dollars. What Apple does do is enter new markets and take the higher end share of that business. They place customer experience and margins above owning unit market share. Why own unit market share when you can make more profit dollars than almost everyone else combined (iPhone except Samsung)?
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  • $249 tablet doesn't sound high margin to me. Just ask jeff bezos
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  • Given hat the 16gb iPad is $499, 32 $599, and 64 $699such an alleged 8gb iPad mini @ $249 and 16gb @ $349 are reasonable entry points albeit profit margin is a question.


    Keep in mind however that the competition is also squeezed. Galaxy Note BOM is $260, iPad $316 both for 16gb both $499.



    Nonetheless, the build out of the iPad line is similar to that of the iPod, as you make your way down the price chain for iPods you find the profit margin decreases as well.


    Hence the important thing for investors is not that the iPad mini will have a smaller profit margin, rather that this does not deviate from Apples core strategy whatsoever. This is right in line w Apples core plan which has returned great revenues and growth, no news here.


    Of course past success doesn't guarantee future profit, but this is a normal step for Apple.
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  • Remember that a 16gb iPad2 is only $399.
    And now the iPhone 4 is free with a contract.
    It outperforms all the cheap Droids and ties into the Apple Eco system. Maybe low margins but still puts dollars in the bank.
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  • If this is a great way to make money, then why don't the other manufacturers do the same? I will tell you why. It is because their products are not 'high end' products, but are a series of products that are inferior to Apple's. Grow up, guys. This is competition and no amount of whinning is going to cahnge that.
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  • Ask Bezos if he has the same buying power that Apple does.
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  • Even at $250, the base mini would be $75 higher prices than the revenue neutral Fire. The mini will have better specs which will make it pricier, but Apple has huge scale and the ability to create custom parts for efficiency. Also, the $250 tablet will be one item in a line-up, they will also sell a lot of the 16GB and 32GB models which will have much better margins.


    Finally... the non-trivial profits from accessories. Most people buy a cover for the iPad and extra cables are also likely. Those are high margin items which can boost the profit per unit on the iPad mini in a hurry.
    17 Oct 2012, 01:54 AM Reply Like
  • One thing I will say is when Steve was alive and running AAPL, the product announcements were exciting because no one knew what was up before the unveiling. Most things are being leaked before the event. I knew nothing NEW about the iPhone when it was unveiled. The announcements are now after-thoughts. And while Tim is "not a product guy per se", he's a good leader. Even the introductions don't have the pizzaz they once did. AAPL isn't one to react - they act. As of late, there have been a lot of reactions. The iPad Mini is a reaction. I just hope these reactions don't backfire somehow.
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  • Apple has gotten so too big for secrecy. Too many suppliers and factories doing assembly.
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  • Interesting comment. Size really hasn't changed much within a year so that is not the reason, nor would it be the reason. Corporate culture has changed. As one of my AAPL insiders said "things are more transparent". That is a result of change in management. That's ok, if that's the way they want to go, but this AAPL-ite has also noticed corporate policies and products have been more lax lately. The eye has been taken off the ball in some respects. Size does come into play when focus shifts - more interest in patent wars, fixing FoxConn, fixing products, fixing internal miscues, some folks leaving. Eyes are coming off product development. Somebody better give Sir Jony a lifetime contract, because if the true "brains" of the operation leaves, I don't what I would say about that.
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  • sduris,
    There was that iPhone4 prototype that was left at a bay area bar. I wasn't even an investor in AAPL then and I remember that.
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  • I think that the leaks are due to better detective work by the Hedge Funds and Wall Street in general. They take inventory of Apple suppliers. Pay for leaks from them. It's all because of the tremendous interest in Apple products. No one is clocking how many Galaxy's are sold, or if they are built with Chinese slave labor. Apple is under a huge magnifying glass and the competition isn't.
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  • Phones left, leaks, etc. happened under SJ's watch - he even would joke about it during SteveNotes. There has been an internal shift. Yep. AAPL is in a magnifying glass probably more now because it appears there's that interest to see AAPL stumble. No different when there is an accident and you have all those rubber-neckers. Unfortunate, but human nature, I guess. My point is size doesn't matter. The issues have started inside and working its way out. AAPL is putting its guard down, taking eyes off the ball. I agree with Avie Tevanian - I hope complacency is not next. I am an AAPL investor, customer and fan and I approve this message.
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  • I'm sorry, but I cannot take anyone seriously who can't make their point without referring to how Apple would have been run if Steve Jobs were still around. You have no idea how Apple would look if SJ were still around, or how things would be different. No-one, not even Tim Cook or Jonathan Ives knows.


    If Antenna-gate had happened after Steve Jobs had died, people would have said "Apple would never have made a slip up that bad while Steve Jobs was around." If Tim Cook was to mis-priced the iPad Mini and had to go back and refund millions of users money, people would say "Steve Jobs would never have made a gaff like that"... yet he did and wound up issuing hundreds of thousands of refunds to outraged customers for 'overpriced' iPhones.


    The man is dead, not perfect, holding Cook and Apple up to some mythical version of Jobs which never existed is pointless.
    15 Oct 2012, 11:58 PM Reply Like
  • There are more factories. Samsung used to be the major foundry supplier. In the iPhone 5 all they provide is the A6 and Apple is looking to find someone else for that. A new factory in Brazil. Apple corporate culture has nothing to do with whether some assembler in China manages to snap a picture of an iphone or ipad and sell it. There are third party manufacturers of accessories that would pay decent money to someone at a factory to get a slight lead time on building accessories.
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  • I usually smh when someone starts out "I cannot take anyone seriously...", the fact of the matter is, by several employees' admissions, culture has changed, they say "more transparent", read into it what you will. As far as comparisons, when you have a legend that is no longer there and someone new comes in, they will be made. Those are the facts.
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  • Why would a german site list prices in USD?


    If the site is legit, it's far more likely the units on that page would be in Euros since it's a german. The USD price would likely be higher than that.
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  • APPLE CONTRACTS WITH FIRMS ALL OVER THE WORLD (oops, sorry for the caps) for digital graphics. Apple releases their products in the U.S. first so the first leaked graphic pages may be in english and dollars. Apple usually adds the correct symbols... $, €, £, ¥
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  • Yes the model names are listed in German? That doesn't follow.
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  • Their margins can't be that high with this doohickey. Amazon admits it's selling the Kindle at break even. I doubt Apple is so much better at manufacturing that they have a 40 percent margin when Amazon has none.


    They must be counting on making their money through services. What are those and how much can Apple make from them? I can readily see how Amazon does it, but not Apple.
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  • As a hardware maker primarily, AAPL has deals with its suppliers that AMZN couldn't dream of striking, mainly because of volume. Discounts and pricing lock-ins available to AAPL are a function of the volume they purchase and use, while AMZN doesn't have that track record nor number of components needed to order. Margins are reflected that way. Plus there are economies of scale with AAPL and its factory deals, while AMZN is a newcomer and can't get the same deals.
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  • Are you nuts? Apple profitably sells apps, music, movies, tv shows, and ebooks through iTunes. They have a stronger ecosystem than Amazon.
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  • Peter Oppenheimer, Apple CFO, stated on the F1Q10 earnings call, on Jan. 25, 2010, that the Apple App Store and iTunes stores are basically run at break-even ( See excerpt from call below:


    "Peter Oppenheimer - Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President
    ...Regarding the App Store and the iTunes stores, we are running those a bit over break even and that hasn’t changed."


    Apple tolerates low-margins on content sales, which carry significant royalties, in order to enable sales of their high-margin devices.
    15 Oct 2012, 01:17 PM Reply Like
  • Seems like the opposite of the AMZN model where they use at-cost devices to reap profits on their content
    15 Oct 2012, 01:19 PM Reply Like
  • Last I checked Amazon doesn't make much in the way of profits. They get plenty of revenue though.
    15 Oct 2012, 01:43 PM Reply Like
  • Amazon does what? Amazon has a P/E of 330! They keep growing and never making a profit. The last quarter Apple sold about 17 million iPads and Amazon less than 3 million Kindle Fires. So maybe Apple can save some bucks. I suspect that the iPad Mini will be very light and thin like the iPhone5, with long battery life and a very fast processor. Retina display?
    We'll know in two weeks.
    15 Oct 2012, 04:08 PM Reply Like
  • Amazon isn't reaping profits. I will grant you that is an interesting business model. Perhaps they can qualify as a charitable institution.
    18 Oct 2012, 02:32 PM Reply Like
  • Agreed Gensearch,
    Interesting, in that it doesn't seem to be a "for profit" business....Charitable, Unless you are Circuit City, Best Buy, Borders, or Barnes and Noble, or someone who wants more choices and likes to actually see and try the products.....I like the low prices, but they are like the black hole of retail...
    18 Oct 2012, 02:59 PM Reply Like
  • Unlike most of the analysts I think Apple should have left well enough alone and not come out with an iPad mini. Margins will be less and how much is it going to cannibalize the sales of the iPad 2 and 3? I would have preferred a larger iPod touch with a larger screen than an iPhone but that you could still put in your pocket rather than a me too 7" tablet.
    15 Oct 2012, 12:52 PM Reply Like
  • Just wonder how 7" iPad will cut 10" sales.
    15 Oct 2012, 01:29 PM Reply Like
  • if Apple is able to sell every single iPad that they produce at the price that they asked for (which appears to be the case due to the backlog) and consumers are patiently eagerly waiting, then I don't see how 7" will cut into 10" or any other models for that matter.
    It's got the demand, it just needs to beef up the supply.... a headache that all of Apple's competitors wish they have.
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  • It's closer to 8" and it's under $300. Could def hit 10" sales
    15 Oct 2012, 01:56 PM Reply Like
  • Different customer....the screen is much smaller, you can say only 2" but you can tell by looking at the mock ups, the size difference is a lot. Also, I would not buy a non Hi-Def product....the new Pad is directed at the no compromise Apple customer, and the mini is directed at the people who might consider the competition....


    I am guessing that the mini will eat into the competition far more than its own products...
    15 Oct 2012, 02:32 PM Reply Like
  • Different markets. People shopping for a Mercedes E-class don't walk into the showroom and buy a C-class or an A-class. F150 buyers don't walk out with a Fiesta.
    15 Oct 2012, 04:21 PM Reply Like
  • totally agree, different customer target. if anything this alleged iPad mini will bring in new customers who would have shopped for a Kindle or ...
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  • Internal Source, As a car guy I'm finding your automotive analogies very apt and to the point.
    16 Oct 2012, 10:04 AM Reply Like
    This is a German screenshot - so all prices are in EURO!
    The US$-prices should be up to 25% higher - if the prices in the shot are real - maybe they are only placeholder for the prices to be announced later!
    15 Oct 2012, 01:50 PM Reply Like
  • If pirota (who complains about Apple pricing) can afford an Android phone he can afford an iPad Mini (at least the smallest version). So what's the issue then? [big smile]
    15 Oct 2012, 04:22 PM Reply Like
  • The android tablet probably allows for things like extra memory and microHDMI and USB connectivity hopefully.
    15 Oct 2012, 04:30 PM Reply Like
  • Actually, the android tablet allows for the iHate Apple hobby these two have to continue without cognitive dissonnance...
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  • I was wondering when chopchop0 would get some love too.
    16 Oct 2012, 10:06 AM Reply Like
  • Then you'll like Nexus 7 $99 price point.
    19 Oct 2012, 07:14 PM Reply Like
  • An iPad Mini at the rumored price point is the correct move for Apple. Apple wants to get that lower price point buyer and is offering an entry level model tablet. A lot of parents aren't willing to spend $499 plus for a classic iPad, but $249 for a Christmas gift? Very reasonable and it's an iPad! This should sell very well. Now the more price sensitive buyer can get an Apple. I like it.
    15 Oct 2012, 10:04 PM Reply Like
  • Right on and canaballization is really not a concern but evidence of a good direction, someone quoted steve jobs recently as saying something like its better to cannabalize our own products than to let the competition do it!
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  • Steve Jobs: "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will"


    I view it as what the best innovative companies do, face the fear and press forward, or be left behind in the dust....Apple's top selling device used to be the iPod, did they canabalize themselves when they released the iPhone? Just think what would be lost if they did protect their iPod?
    18 Oct 2012, 12:53 PM Reply Like
  • right on, thanks for the quote ronin!
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  • maybe also a cannabalization of google stock..... halted wtf......huge miss I guess those margins do count lol....
    18 Oct 2012, 12:55 PM Reply Like
  • How's that guy who thinks PE is for amateurs? Stocks don't trade on earnings anymore do they? lol


    Google has been going crazy over the past few months, and I guess everyone finds out today if it was justified....


    ...unfortunately AAPL resonates somewhat with GOOG, so it's getting pulled down with it....par for the course though....
    18 Oct 2012, 01:09 PM Reply Like
  • halted by google not a circuit breaker buy aapl here this is a gimme
    18 Oct 2012, 01:25 PM Reply Like
  • Cramer is going to take a hit, recently saying that he likes them both, but at the moment, he likes GOOG better than AAPL....that was a bad call...but most of us already knew that, right?
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  • AAPL and GOOG are both about 10% off their all-time highs. Kinda even at this point.
    18 Oct 2012, 01:57 PM Reply Like
  • Come on Chopchop,
    The call was only a few days ago....from that call, AAPL is about even and GOOG is WAY down....and they halted the stock....this may not be over yet....
    18 Oct 2012, 02:00 PM Reply Like
  • Cramer made that call last month, not that I defend Cramer. He finally decided to get bullish on V and MA in the last week LOL
    18 Oct 2012, 02:06 PM Reply Like
  • Cramer just last week got on the Goog bandwagon........he always seems to follow the herd
    18 Oct 2012, 02:38 PM Reply Like
  • Yup. I love V and MA and have owned them for years. They are kind of sleeper stocks on his show, and the fact that he's highlighted them now is making me nervous.
    18 Oct 2012, 02:49 PM Reply Like
  • Cramer does need 3 mittens for that boner of a
    19 Oct 2012, 02:25 AM Reply Like
  • @Ronin


    Sept 24th on Mad Money:



    AAPL was 690
    GOOG was 749.


    Both are down big
    18 Oct 2012, 02:09 PM Reply Like
  • No chopchop,
    I'm not referring to that was recent.....
    I'm too busy right now to hunt it down for, you....
    18 Oct 2012, 02:27 PM Reply Like
  • 1 year return on GOOG: 27.94%



    1 year return of AAP: 105.69%



    Pretty close.
    19 Oct 2012, 08:36 AM Reply Like
  • Yeah thank god for the first three months of the year, otherwise AAPL looks like a dog ;)
    19 Oct 2012, 01:46 PM Reply Like
  • I'll buy shares from the fact I did at 613 what a present.....I might sell em back to you at 750 @xmas
    19 Oct 2012, 03:11 PM Reply Like
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