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The Obama administration delays a decision on whether to prevent a liquefied natural gas export...

The Obama administration delays a decision on whether to prevent a liquefied natural gas export license for Cheniere Energy (LNG), saying it needs more time to review a complaint that an environmental assessment did not go far enough. LNG's Sabine Pass is the only project so far to receive conditional Energy Department approval to export to countries without free-trade agreements.
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  • What?
    Can I complain that the ACA didn't go far enough in assessing the damage to the economy it may or may not cause so that it's enactment is delayed until 2016?
    17 Oct 2012, 10:58 AM Reply Like
  • How about an "environmental assessment" to assess the damage done by Ben and the Fed.


    Is the environmental damage resulting from export to countries without a free trade aggrement different than exporting to countries with one? Pure political BS.
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  • Makes Obama's protestations in the debate last night that he's pro-energy look rather absurd.
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  • hmmm since they were discussing keeping our energy prices down in the debate, pray tell how exporting pipelines such as this one or the keystone will aid that, this is about fetching higher prices around the world. They seem to be polar opposites of what BOTH candidates were touting last night
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  • Obama's actions PROVE that he's anti-US energy. And yet he LIED to us all during the debate last night by saying he's pro Oil & gas! His actions are the opposite of his rhetoric! Amazing what he gets away with.


    The liar-in-chief has NO morals and is reprehensible!
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  • Indeed, there is a LOT of lying in debates... on both sides.
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  • Debates are form over function, that's why I don't watch them. Obama is a great orator and he can get away with saying anything. Just like all the demigods of the past.
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  • I watch them still for the entertainment value, at the end of the day I don't want a smooth talker I want someone who will get stuff done.


    May the odds be forever in your favor!
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  • It is sad that the debates often seem to come down to 'who said it better', rather than who is correct (or worse yet - who is said to be correct during the debate and later, to a much smaller audience, said not to be correct).
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  • There are a lot of corporate interests lined up against the US exporting LNG, fear of higher NG prices.
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  • Bingo! Higher prices are the only thing which will keep what momentum is left behind Nat Gas exploration.
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  • It won't matter too much; within 1 to 2 years pricing will come down in Asian markets as multiple projects and pipeline capacities increase (Japan/China are increasing pipeline and deliveries from Russia/Central Asia, and Australia Indonesia and others are boosting export capacity).


    Everyone is trying to boost capacity to demand areas concurrently... this will have an interesting end.


    Meanwhile, NG to LNG conversion and the cost of transport boost US NG pricing far higher than its current Henry Hub price, so there is only a very small window in which (LNG) and others can possibly hope to operate to sell product at a slightly higher price in other markets.
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  • They hate oil,and gas. Anyone that votes for him ,cuts his/her own throat. Had a feeling this would happen.
    Been trading since 1980.
    My first vote for a Dem was 1960,JFK
    My last vote for a Dem was 1960,JFK
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  • Political positioning? My guess is that his muffing the 1st debate was no accident - Obama wants to build a dramatic crescendo.


    Don't be surprized if, by some strange quirk or administrative brilliance, right before the election, that they suddenly 'realize' that it's a good thing to do after all.


    Unless of course, his friends in Big Oil have managed to have him set up a 'level playing field,' read: let them leave the starting blocks at the same time as LNG. Or why not give them a head start...?


    Just take a deep breath and close your eyes. Because nothing logical or fundamental is guiding any of this. There's not really much ado about investing here. It's more like, 'step up & place your bets - you might get lucky...'


    If Pluto and his buddies don't pull the carpet out from under us before then. It looks like a rough ride ahead in any event.


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  • That complaint by the Sierra club says the DOE review didn't answer questions about gas production's effects on air emissions, water quality and geology. How can a complaint about how gas is extracted hold up a decision on exporting it? If a coal mine collapses, we don't halt coal exports. Its the administration playing to the environmentalists, little more.
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  • Wait 'till after the election (if he gets re-elected) and he will turn down the permit or delay it to infinity.
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  • The Fact of the matter is---- BO is nothing more than stinky thinking. He is not and never has been for NG. Look at the millions of tax payer $ he has given away to solar & Battery Co's that failed and failed BIG [Solyndra & A123]. Best thing we as the American electorate can do is say it was a BIG mistake---and get rid of him and Send him back to Kenya.
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  • This is my only stock...I'm not a stock player or a big fish in the investing game...I have been watching/buying this stock for two years and am pretty deep in it....I'm not budging and will ride it out. I plan to sell after it reaches $110.00....and then retire. Yes, I'm a one trick pony but my 401K is my base....this is just for spending
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  • user357076
    I guess you don't believe in diversification. IMO, a bad move.
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  • There is not even capability to store anymore oil in cushing or NG, what the hell does it matter if there are more permits, so we can increase exports and what raise prices?? Yeah that will be great for our economy!
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  • If Obama is reelected not only will LNG be approved, but so will the TRP pipeline...I think this is a sure thing. Remember the Dems have their share of crazies as well as the Rpublicans: just not as nuts. It should happen; after all it is the future in ebergy.
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  • "Tell Mr. Putin I'll have a lot more flexibility after my re-election"
    18 Oct 2012, 11:23 AM Reply Like
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