Stop worrying about the election, the fiscal cliff or the state of the economy for that matter,...

Stop worrying about the election, the fiscal cliff or the state of the economy for that matter, advises John Bogle. Investors need to stay focused on the long haul, regardless of market conditions, Bogle says. Good business will survive, so focus on investing rather than speculating. “Get out of the casino, own corporate America and hold it forever.”
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  • Interesting Times
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    Get BO OUT of the office and i might consider coming back to the casino, i mean stock market!!!


    Still like my precious metals better anyway..Might be passed the tipping point after last nights debate...Who lied the most?
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  • dcl3500
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    The markets are doing great, profits are incredible, yet everyone wants him out office. Sorry, but we are doing well and I don't think I am greatest investor in the world, so, I hope he gets to stay so I can have another 4 years like this.
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  • Interesting Times
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    DCL..Maybe this will change your mind!!


    I read somewhere that there are over 5,000 new regulations pending the President's signature. He is holding off until after the election before lowering the boom. Nearly every new regulation coming out of DC will increase the cost of doing business for US corporations. The executives are merely letting workers know that they can vote however they want but it the cost of business goes up, as they expect to happen if the Prez is re-elected, then labor costs will need to be reduced to offset the increases wherever possible. In some cases, it will become unprofitable to keep a plant operating if the costs of doing so under new regulations becomes too onerous, thus the plant will be closed. That is just how they see it all unfolding. The workers can vote however they want. The management is just letting them know what should be expected if the government keeps going in the same direction. There are some companies ready to fire everyone (and some that already have) simply to avoid the costs of Obamacare. Of course, they'll allow former employees to come back as contractors. But that is one of the realities that so many people are missing. Millions will lose their company healthcare benefits if that law is allowed to go into full effect. And it won't help the million employed by McDonald's or any other major employer that primarily employs part-time workers because those companies have already been granted exemptions. People will lose healthcare that they won't be able to afford to replace and will then be charged a tax penalty by the federal government for not having coverage. And I'm not making this up.
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  • 2MuchDebt
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    Obama, or government more generally, has little to do with corporate America's profitability. Corporate America learned valuable lessons from the recent recession that have nothing to do with government, including implementing more lean cost structures, and these lessons magnified profitability as demand returned. Unfortunately this is the kind of mind set many people may have come election time. There is a great divide, however, between corporate America's profitability and the well being of its citizens. The increased number on welfare programs highlights this great divide as more people have become addicted to government assistance and have the "entitlement" mindset. Obviously there are many people who are out of work and working hard to get a job and I feel for those people. So before you vote (and I don't care which way you vote) understand that Obama and his support staff don't deserve too much credit or too much blame for the profitability of America as a whole. Corporations will generally find a way to be successful and profitable. It's just been more difficult under the Obama administration.
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  • warrejt
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    "I read somewhere...."


    You read somewhere? Best to not believe everything on the internet.
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  • Interesting Times
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    You trust this guy vote for him. If that open mike with the Russians did not convince you then nothing will!!! Don't trust everything out of BO'S mouth...


    " I do agree. Obamacare kills the smaller ones where we have 50% of our working people who are left. Devastating for growth. Just devastating. But to the larger ones, like CAT, F, IBM, VZ, T, Obamacare it is not even a factor. The bigger ones are actually self insured and just pay companies like Etna to administer and ration out the resources to keep costs under control. Not a totally bad system actually. About the same as Medicare which works pretty good for our precious old folks. What Obama is doing will destroy Medicare BTW. He is cutting payments to those "rich" doctors and "greedy" providers way below the real cost. That will result in cost shifting and also denial of services to the people who need them the most. It's all messed up on so many levels" A QUOTE FROM ANOTHER CHATROOM FROM A GUY WITH A TON OF EXPERIENCE..HERE IS HIS BACKGROUND!!!


    " You are exactly right IT. Exactly. I have over 30 years experience downsizing and consolidating manufacturing plants. Very large ones. Mostly due to the inefficiencies caused by a combination of: 1) Incompetent and dishonest management, 2) Unions, and 3) Misguided government regulations and policies "
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  • holydawn
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    Hmm, would you feel the same way if your capital gains and dividends were taxed 40+% instead of 15, would you be willing to risk your money in the stock market then for that kind of reward? If that proposal does happen, it will be interesting to see if that affects day traders and they hold stocks just a bit longer to avoid a bite like that! I mean, there's no way day traders could be unemployed, right? And, since a lot of older workers get or keep jobs basically to get health insurance since they aren't able to retire or are old enough to qualify for Medicare, they may be content to have Obamacare and not work, yes? So, in effect, this could create jobs for young people, oh my I know I oversimplified several complex issues there, but why not?
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  • freefdawatchlist
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    Who is John Vogle ? R u investing your own money or public money ?


    If you invest your own money then let us know
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  • Lakeaffect
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    The article in the link refers to Jack Bogle. Don't know why SA would change the name like that.


    I'm seeing more and more mistakes like this at SA. It's getting so the site is becoming like Yahoo Finance.
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  • Interesting Times
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    You are 100% correct. It even says Bogle later in the article..
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  • Be Here Now
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    There are lots of errors in market currents articles that would be caught and corrected by a competent editor. Many look like finger checks that I would make. My impression is that nobody checks what is published.
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  • 1980XLS-2.0
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    Jack talking his book.


    How long 'tll C, BAC shareholders that bought in 2007 get paid?


    You might be older than he is.
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  • Whitehawk
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    Wisdom for the Day: Bogle might want to read "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator." The markets have always been a casino in the short run; the long run is left to investors. Tortoise and hare, tortoise and hare. Let me add Mr. Bogle that value investors are short sellers: when they smell overvalued they act to get a fairer price.
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