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"[Windows 8] was very difficult to get used to," says a user who installed a preview version. "I...

"[Windows 8] was very difficult to get used to," says a user who installed a preview version. "I have an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, and they never got used to it. They were like, 'We're just going to use Mom's computer.'" Microsoft (MSFT) needs to hope such complaints, which are echoed by some reviewers, just amount to initial discomfort with a very different UI. Meanwhile, CEO Marc Benioff, in typical hyperbole, is declaring the OS "the end of Windows" (for enterprises). (also: I, II)
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  • Maybe your 8 year old should be learning to write by hand.
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  • There's a learning curve, no surprise.
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  • Its a touch enabled interface, if you install it onto a computer without touchscreen, you might as well just use windows 7.


    You could by a new touch enabled lcd screen as a cheap upgrade options or wait for the newer hybrids to come out.
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  • You might as well just use Windows 8, because it has a touch-first UI and supports legacy input devices such as mice and keyboards. Not to mention Windows 8 and Windows RT both have a desktop.


    If Apple did this, the world would stand and applaud this bold, new UI.
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  • I've been a Mac user since 1985 (yeah I was one of the first to drink the kool-aid) and am constantly amused by every new release of Windoze. Microsoft for many years has been trying their best to emulate the Apple OS and interface. Seems with every release, they take two steps backward for every step forward.


    Don't even get me started on their server OS. I wouldn't wish administering an MS based server on my own worst enemies. Course then again, that's what keeps many people employed. Spending day after day trying to de-bug what MS passes off as on OS.
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  • and yet windows is still the preferred OS for business. By more than a large margin....
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  • Ah yes Apple the Technology Nazi......I you can't beat em in the market place ......sue em.
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  • From dos to windows... how much was from dos to mac?
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  • Your comment suggests you forget where Apple got their GUI from - Xerox.


    Microsoft server OSes are THE dominate servers in business. Administering their servers are a breeze (administrators are/should be technically savvy people) and Microsoft has immensely improved the command shell with PowerShell - nothing in the UNIX/Linux realm has an equivalent.


    Since you're a Mac user since 1985, you're probably just a barista who thinks to much of himself because he uses Apple products.


    You are an obtuse piece of flotsam who appears to know nothing about client/server OSes.
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  • >>>You are an obtuse piece of flotsam who appears to know nothing about client/server OSes.<<<


    Yo numbnuts... I'm not talking about some nerdy lame MS office server that allows all the office sheeple to access their bidness software etc. I'm talking about the real sh!t (Linux/Unix based deriviatives) that drives our nation's commerce, you know... like the OS's that Amazon, Google, and E-bay use in their daily business dealings. They all use the same OS as I use for my business. Stuff has been running rock solid for years and years. MS isn't even a player in the "big boy" market.


    God forbid anything mission critical ever have to rely on an MS operating system, we'd be in a depression of all depressions.
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  • My company has 2 sys admins running 160 servers. Linux requires 8 to do the same job.


    Our iPad support of 30 iPads takes more person-hours than supporting our 160 server + 350 desktop PCs.


    Do a time-cost analysis, and you will be shocked. We did.
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  • >>>Our iPad support of 30 iPads takes more person-hours than supporting our 160 server + 350 desktop PCs.<<<


    I call BS... but then again, it sounds like you and your company are located in Obama's magic land of unicorns and fairies.


    You do know the reason why Wall St. uses Linux/Unix boxes to trade on and run their HFT algos... right? MS boxes couldn't handle the load. London Exchange tried playing the MS game and got tired of all the crashes.




    Like I said... if we had to depend on MS apps to run our mission critical infrastructure, we'd all be standing in bread lines.
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  • I didn't know the Amish used computers.
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  • Consider the first article is written by a bigger Linux fan than anyone out there. Also, consider that 80% of the article is talking about Linux replacing Unix systems, not Windows ones.


    Also, consider NASDAQ:
    20 Oct 2012, 02:46 PM Reply Like
  • NASDAQ only uses/used MS server to run their back office data collection. MS servers were never ever used to run their trading platforms. LINUX/UNIX is/was still their preference for running/executing trades, as it is for most other exchanges.




    Like I said... if we had to depend on MS for anything mission critical, our entire country would be in a depression to beat all depressions.
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  • Nasdaq facebook ipo. What was it running?
    21 Oct 2012, 06:43 AM Reply Like
  • LINUX, and yeah they got slammed. I'm guessing there were a few server admins looking for work after that debacle. Bet it never happens again though.
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  • How about the Kraft glitch? And BATS ipo?


    Date Exchange Breakdown
    8/1/2012 NYSE Technical error at Knight Capital Group roils prices of 140 stocks on the New York Stock Exchange
    5/18/2012 Nasdaq Nasdaq fumbles Facebook IPO, creating mass delay in order confirmations and losses as high as $200 million
    3/23/2012 BATS BATS withdraws IPO after "software bug" causes a plunge in its shares and a trading halt in Apple
    2/13/2012 NYMEX Electronic trading of U.S. oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange halts for more than an hour and CME Group's Globex platform freezes due to "technical issues"
    2/2/2012 TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange suffers major glitch in cash-share trading, preventing morning trade in some 240 shares and instruments
    1/17/2012 JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange halts equity trading after network glitch
    11/30/2011 TSX Toronto Stock Exchange glitch freezes trading of companies whose symbols start
    with letters M-Z, affecting high-volume stocks
    10/27/2011 ASX Australia's stock market suffers technical failures that halt trading for
    four hours
    10/26/2011 NYSE NYSE Euronext's calculation of stock Euronext indexes in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon suspended due to technical problem
    8/25/2011 Euronext Euronext says dissemination of France's CAC 40 index suspended due to technical glitch
    8/10/2011 Euronext Euronext's dissemination of European stock indexes suspended due to glitch
    8/5/2011 FTSE LSE Publication of Italy's blue-chip FTSE MIB index halted for the second time in two days
    8/4/2011 NYSE NYSE Euronext hit by a glitch that Euronext affects indexes of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon
    7/29/2011 NYSE NYSE Euronext hit with a glitch as Euronext technical problems halt dissemination of indexes based on European share markets
    5/6/2010 All US Dow drops 1,000 points in minutes as markets multiple stocks print prices of $0


    so much for the mission critical theory.
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  • >>so much for the mission critical theory.<<


    Yeah uh huh... now imagine a world if MS servers were running our financial markets. All the traders would be back on the floors shuffling chits like they were back in the 1920's.


    FYI... a lot of what you posted is due to specific software programming glitches... nothing to do with the OS or hardware.



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  • az, my point is that no system is fail safe. Most of those exchanges experienced errors while running some variation of Linux and not MS software like you already pointed out.


    Your previous post made it seem like those linux system rarely ran into any problems, I just pointed out that glitches do happen ,thats all.
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  • LINUX/UNIX and the derivative OS's that run on those type boxes are pretty rock solid. I've been running UNIX boxes for years (and now LINUX) with nary a problem. Now when you start loading poorly programmed software on those systems, there's a potential for problems as has been referenced. As for the boxes themselves, sure they can get pounded into the ground as what happened during the FB fiasco, but it's very rare any problems (sans any MS crap) that can be directly attributed to the OS or hardware.


    What's funny, MS even runs LINUX/UNIX (or they used to anyways) for their "mission critical" apps. Years ago we used to be developers/partners with MS on their commerce server, so we got the "real" inside look into their operations. We toured their marketing departments... place was full of Macs. Their data centers were full of UNIX boxes. We got tired of all their corporate BS and told them to take a hike. They kept wanting us to pawn all their poorly programmed internet crap on their Fortune 1000 clients, even when their clients had no idea of what the internet, or what it's potential was back then.


    MS has always been a late comer to many markets. They were late on their browser, late on their GUI desk top systems, late comers to the server market. In fact I can't off the top of my head come up with anything (besides DOS) that they've ever had that was an innovative idea, or were first to market with, that's not a copy, or a re-hash of somebody else's work.
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  • Clearly you were burned at some point and have somehow taken out a personal vendetta that you're still waging after 15-20 years. We get it. We can move this discussion to Slashdot or wherever you'd like to talk about why IT departments do what they do -- how they pick between Linux/UNIX and Windows, although it's clear you've made up your mind.


    Bringing this back to the topic at hand, how does this tie to Windows 8 or even Windows 2012? What's your timeframe on the $250 billion in market cap going to zero? Which Linux/UNIX company are you telling us we should be looking at instead of Microsoft?
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  • This is a LOL hit job on Microsoft. It's not journalism, it's an iAd!
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  • A few interviews with consumers, a few interviews with analysts...and that is enough to declare "the end of Windows for the enterprise." I seriously doubt that the 1.8 billion PCs are going to go Linux or Mac because of a learning curve.


    It took me 2 days to find how to do everything I needed to do in Windows 8. Maybe 2 weeks to totally leave Windows 7 behind.


    Nobody is going to remember the learning curve come this time next year. 16 million daily Windows 8 users have somehow gotten over the learning curve.


    I went long MSFT today.
    19 Oct 2012, 04:22 PM Reply Like
  • Me too. Win 8 just needs you to explore it a couple of hours. Its easy and slick
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  • Apple is the most bestest says a 5 year old that lives down my block. Lets put this breaking news on the feed for all to trade on....
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  • Still long both AAPL and MSFT, if I had some cash, I'd buy more of both.
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  • Right, because there is zero learning curve with Windows 7. ;)
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  • Of course I base all my due diligence and testing on the experience of 8 and 10 year olds... you know the ones that just learned how to add and subtract... or if your in the public education system tying shoe laces.
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  • As a senior citizen, I usually find new technology difficult to implement but as my wife's brother got Windows 8 in advance we got to give it a try. It took a little getting use to but what a fantastic experience it has proved to be. I truly think the day of the mouse and mouse pad are numbered. So much easier to navigate with touch screen ( like my iPad). The grandkids installed it on their computers (not touch screen) and loved it. They got the hang of it so quickly. Now, of course, they want touch screen capability, which I'm sure most people will want once they have a Windows 8 experience. Not only will MSFT benefit but PC and mobile device sales should sky rocket.
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  • Given that pre-adolescents are not only the most technologically savvy members of our society, but that they also do most of the spending and decision making in their households, I can't justify holding onto MSFT any longer.


    Could they not get the opinion of someone who installed Windows 8 on their NON-aging laptop? This article is just moronic.
    19 Oct 2012, 04:54 PM Reply Like
  • once you get past the new start screen, it's all the same crap as Windows 7


    you still have your desktop and traditional programs you run from desktop.


    Since most people don't read the manual or watch tutorial videos, it will take them 10 minutes of discomfort to find the shutdown button and other apps icons.
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  • dos to windows... enough said...
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  • Agree with pman6. I installed a Beta version on a lap top with a touch screen. The touch screen was worthless on Win 7 but really comes to life with the Win 8 Metro interface. You can go to a screen that looks just like Vista or Win 7 and use the mouse and keyboard. If you are at a desk top this is probably where you really want to be. In my experience the Metro interface only works well on tablets and presumably a smart phone. I think it was intended to be a system which can handle both tablets and desktops. If MS can get the whole cloud thing worked out so you can look at the same data on you smart phone/tablet/desktop using similar operating systems, then I will go all Windows on my next smart phone and tablet purchases. I think the Surface Tablet/Laptop will be ideal hardware for this OS.


    Also has this joker even used Win8 on a touch screen? Is this article really based on secondhand hearsay from a 10year?
    19 Oct 2012, 05:31 PM Reply Like
  • Metro is obnoxious and annoying on the desktop. Just Say No.


    Microsoft can EASILY can solve the problem by providing a 'Click to Turn Off Metro' option. But they prefer to force it on anyone who buys a new windows pc in hopes of promoting their failed attempt at phones.
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  • Windows 8 DOES have this option in the beta version. Have you REALLY used Win 8 or are just repeating something that you heard. Kind of like the person who wrote the article.


    It seems like there are a lot of people out there who haven't used Win 8 beta but have a strong opinion.
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  • Rubbish (I live in Baltimore,MD...not England)!


    I got used to it after several hours and used it for 2-months straight. All the people that are complaining better get used to, because the new UX is here!
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  • My 5 year old twins think it's a great system ... maybe their IQ's are low as this guy's kids
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  • You can switch to traditional desktop view simply by hitting the Windows key, but if you don't have a Windows key it is still very simple to do. These kids aren't very smart, or is it the father?

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  • Windows 8 = Windows Vista = Windows ME == turd to be avoided.


    Why would any fist major version of Windows be any different from the last first major version? I mean MS has always wanted you to pay to be a beta tester for major revisions.


    Nothing new here, just wait for Windows "2013" or "9" or "Z" or "Titanium" or "Pluto" or whatever they call the next version of 8 with all the bugs and usability issues worked out.
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  • To say there's nothing to your argument would be untrue. Windows "9" will almost definitely be better than 8. But I think about it this way instead:


    (Windows ME wasn't NT kernel and was a mistake, but a necessary mistake because all hardware vendors weren't ready to move to NT. I skipped ME and ran 2000, but had a scanner and DVD drive that only worked on ME.)


    Windows Vista was better than XP. Security and feature-wise. But it was a rough adjustment, and the performance was pretty bad -- Microsoft focused almost on engineering & security, and compromised the user experience a bit. Mistake, but better than the XP spyware for many. Since Vista, my PCs have never been compromised. And blue screens are extremely rare today because of the work in Vista.


    Windows 7 was better than Vista. Microsoft fixed the performance issues, smoothed out the rough edges of Vista's security model.


    Windows 8 does introduce new user experiences. Based on feedback, these user experiences will most likely get better in Windows 9. This is the nature of the software business. For some people who only use Windows on a desktop, aren't techy, and have no need to keep up with the latest... maybe, just maybe there's an argument. But for so many of us -- Windows 8 is more: the performance is better, the disk space is better, the font smoothing is better, the tools are better... and most importantly, Microsoft has unified the tablet with the desktop for a single experience. So many of us will try it because the learning curve and occasional roughness will be worth it, and put us in a better position when Windows "9" does come out. And there's nothing to indicate that it is anything as bad as ME or Vista - the performance is decidedly better than Windows 7. Skipping it is up to you, but you may miss out on the improvements for a while.
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  • "Windows 8 = Windows Vista = Windows ME == turd to be avoided."


    "Why would any fist major version of Windows be any different from the last first major version? I mean MS has always wanted you to pay to be a beta tester for major revisions."


    Toyota Camry Mark IV=Mark III=Mark II= Mark I


    This is the way with commerce. Sometimes the way forward looks like a step backwards, but over the long haul products improve.


    No one has to pay to be a beta tester. Either you buy a computer with Windows 8 or pay a bit less to get one with Windows 7 installed.


    It doesn't make a lot of sense to upgrade a computer from the OS it came with unless there is some overriding reason like a program that can't run under the old system, or unless you are a business that has business reasons to upgrade. People with non-touch screens have no reason to upgrade to Windows 8 and worst case scenario is that you brick the computer while attempting the upgrade.
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  • Wow. Such pouring of emotion! Here are my experiences.


    1) Resisted going to the Wordperfect version that allowed use of the arrow and mouse....point and click. I was so good at DOS and wordperfect commands without the mouse.
    2) Resisted converting to MS Word for several years until I went to a larger company that did not have WordPerfect. And I felt so out of place for resisting the change.
    3) Resisted going to Windows with the point anc click features....felt like a dinosaur when I saw what I was missing.
    4) I just converted to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9....and learnt what I was missing on both. I have not been hit by a virus that had become so commen an experience. My computer runs so much faster too.


    That is me. As for my kids, I gave my younger one a laptop at 6 years old a laptop in 2006 and taught her (1) how to turn on the laptop and turn of the laptop (2) how to turn on Paint and play on it (3) How to start internet explorer to its default google screen and type any word that she wanted to look for.......and don't know how they learn everything else. Today I feel awkward when I see them type like robots and when they tell me how to do something without ever reading a manual.


    Bottom resist is keep up with Microsoft is smart....Microsoft engineers are not dummies....we can criticise or choose to use Windows Xp or Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you don't like Windows 8, keep using Windows 7 or Windows Xp, Windows 9 will be here soon....maybe you will like that.
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  • I'm tired of having to learn where everything resides with each new update
    They definitely need to do something about Outlook on a Mac
    I'm waiting for someone to steal their business.
    20 Oct 2012, 03:15 AM Reply Like
  • As an investor site, I think it is important to point out that Windows 8 is a bet, and that some users may be slow to jump on board, just as with any release. It isn't like on October 26 all 1 billion PCs will be upgraded.


    But I find it odd that SA keeps adding this to the newstream and nothing about Surface selling out or the positive news & reviews. I assumed that this was a place to see all news, both sides of investing. It seems not...


    Here's just one on this topic alone:
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  • someone is full of BS ... hmmmmmmmm
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