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Nokia (NOK -3.7%) has unveiled the Lumia 510, a ~$200 (unsubsidized) Windows Phone 7.5 model...

Nokia (NOK -3.7%) has unveiled the Lumia 510, a ~$200 (unsubsidized) Windows Phone 7.5 model aimed at emerging markets. The 510, which sports a 4" display, 5MP camera, and 800MHz. Qualcomm (QCOM) processor, is the cheapest Lumia model yet. But it's still more costly than many of the low-end Android phones that have been eating into Nokia's sales in emerging markets. Nokia and Microsoft have said they want to eventually offer $100 Windows Phones. (debt offering)
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  • Geez...slice those already thin margins even thinner, why don't cha!!
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  • The plot thickens with smart phone prices falling like rocks, Lumia 920 at $150 sells out at Best Buy and twice in Italy, Surface at $499 sells out without keyboard and Smart Glass console for XBox announced for W8 and WP8 devices. Me thinks Apple's revenue and profits could face some real compression in 2013-14.
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  • Steve Cook just announced that the iPhone 5 is Apple's fastest ever selling product.


    And you know Apple isn't reducing prices on its newest phones. The margins are beautiful. The sales are beautiful. Apple REALLY knows how to make money for its shareholders.
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  • @dvl: except the stock started tanking after the iPhone 5 launch and took and even deeper dive just today after the mini et. al. was launched.. yeah, just beautiful.
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  • lol
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  • @Deep....


    Boy, if only you had a penny from Apple for every rediculous comment you are posting about Nokia on Nokia's page. If you hate Nokia so much, why did you subscribe? Trying to show how unconfident you are in your AAPL investment? Well I think everyone has already noticed that!


    I'm glad that Apple is selling so many iPhone 5's! Really. Because every time they sell their iPhone, they get a new unsatisfied customer who is going to be ready to move to a concurrent firm. Check the Internet, they have graphic bugs, factory scratches, iOS6 issues (I'm personally very disappointed of having updated my 4s!), black stipes, microphone issues, maps and so on and on. It must be the most unfinished phone ever! They sold 5 millions of them? Great! How many iPhones did they have to replace? We will never know, but the Web is extremely indicative on that matter. And what is going on their supply chain? In Europe they are just beginning to send the iPhones, they sold on their site at the end of September. How professional is that?


    I can only tell one thing about Apple... The same people who were standing in queues for Apple products, like if they were living in communist Russia, will spit on Apple as soon as concurrent companies, like Nokia, will start to innovate. Since Jobs, Apple lost its innovative magic. No one is impressed by their mini-iPads or large screen iPhone 4's. What people are waiting for is the innovation, they want to be impressed, to be surprised, cause Apple made them used to that, with years of its tremendous and successful policies. But the trend will vanish very soon without its secret ingredients and the mob of Apple-fans will find another tech companies to cherish and to defend on the Net. Apple can't even keep its presentations secret anymore. We know when they are going to make a presentation and what they are going to present. I think that the Apple's bottom line was the fact that photos of iPhone 5 were available on the Internet weeks if not months before the keynote. I miss the old Apple, but as an investor, I just move on to a more perspective investing opportunity. And I don't see a better candidate to take the Apple's place, than Nokia.
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  • another classic Luke comment "high Road" not
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  • Davidoff, you have no idea how I feel about Nokia because I've posted at least 25 times that I love the COMPANY but can't stand the MANAGEMENT.


    It is completely foolish to invest in ANY company with poor management. If Apple's leadership began to be as horrible as Nokia's management then I'd say the same thing about Apple.


    No matter how angry Nokia cheerleaders get about my honest, objective posts there can be no denying that the financials of both companies back up everything I say.


    As long as Nokia cheerleaders post hype and fantasy about "the future" I will post facts and figures about "the present".


    The market and me have been right about Nokia for at least eight quarters and that will not change anytime soon.
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  • Luke, do you really want to compare single day stock dives between Nokia and Apple over the last few quarters?


    I recommend against that. ;)
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  • DVL, just because you cannot stand the management doesnt mean that others are thinking the same.
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  • dvl, I wasn't comparing NOK and AAPL, I was commenting on the near constant decline of what 13% since the iPhone launch.


    Let me ask you, why has the market not got excited about all these new launches of Apple and rallied the stock? Why in the face of these important catalysts has the stock continued to go down.


    I'm not trying to be provocative here, I would like to know your thoughts.
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  • @Deep,


    Gosh, if that's your way to show love, I'm starting to worry about your wife and family! Could you tell me what's the point of making any "honnest and objective" comments with some stupid and senseless catchy slogans about Apple on Nokia's page?


    I can't say that Nokia's management is as horrible as people say. It was an average board for a leading company that is being traded on stock market. People just don't care, they are here to take a couple of decisions and go play golf till the evening. But now, Nokia's management woke up, they realize that the situation changed, they are more alert and they take the right decisions in order to keep the life style, they have got used to. They make great phones, put a huge accent on young customers, develop a brand new OS, sell everything they have in Europe and move to Asia. The only thing I'd like to see is more marketing, but on the other hand, I don't think that a commercial could change anything. The other day I saw an ad of the new Sony smartphone and of a Samsung tablet. The commercials were beautiful, but I would never buy any Asian products. I trust much more the undercover marketing which is almost impossible to detect. And of course I'd like to make you notice that without Elop, Nokia would probably be another Android phone maker, while now they might have the best OS on the maket. Steve Wozniak told many times that WP is at least as good as the iOS.


    So I take your expression that it's foolish to invest in any company with poor management and I'd like you to tell me what did the Apple's management have done right since Jobs is gone and how is it better than Nokia's management? They are successful thanks to Jobs and even though they try to show that Apple is still the same everyone noticed that it isn't the case anymore. Last time I checked, when Jobs was fired from Apple, the blooming tech company got completly broke and when Jobs came back he made of Apple what it is today. Now they recycle Jobs' previous projects, they pay dividends, they sue Samsung, they make an iPad mini, they didn't make anything new in 2 years now and they do what markets ask them to do without thinking about tomorrow. They are basically doing everything Jobs refused to do. So how can you say that you like a company's management, if one single man was leading the whole institution? Cook is nothing more than an average CEO, saying that he's following Jobs' policy and doing everything to keep his place by making huge concessions.


    You were right for the last 8 quarters? Wow... That's really impressive! Who could have imagined that Nokia would go down with its Symbian products? Hope you made at least some cash by shorting NOK, cause being right without making any cash doesnt really matter.
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  • You shouldn't short a dividend paying company with debt that isn't immediately due in the next couple of quarters.
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  • Who cares what "the market" thinks IF and only IF the company is vacuuming up profits and stuffing the balance sheet with cash. As a shareholder that is all I would care about.


    If Nokia's stock price performed the same BUT Nokia was earning (for example) 50ยข per share every quarter EBITDA then I would be an extremely happy Nokia shareholder.


    But, as it is, the market is accurately discounting the shrinking cash balances, cash flows, unit sales and operating margins that Nokia is exhibiting which is why the stock price matters for Nokia but not for Apple.


    When you really think about it since Nokia has no problem with product quality then poor management is the only difference between the two organizations.
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  • The market is selling off, however, Microsoft and Intel are up.
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  • go nokia!
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  • Can I have my 920 yet.... I don't want you to rush as I will compare it in store to the iPhone 5 but I don't like to be patient when my current phone is nearing 4 years old....
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  • I expect them to sell at least 2 million 920s worldwide in q4
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  • I try to hid my excitement... but I can't help it my first cell phone ever was a Nokia and I'm happy they have produced something that is (if nothing else) competitive.
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  • Nokia has very good brand recognition and loyalty for handsets. One of my nieces is in that camp. She was PO'd that Nokia did not offer a good smartphone when she made the transition (to Apple). That loyalty really should help the transition to smartphones in third world counties if Nokia can offer a cheap, quality product. I am suprised they did not offer Win 8 though. That may be the big mistake.
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  • I think we should thank Microsoft for that... On the other hand, who cares actually? When you buy a $200 phone (without a contract of course), would you care if your phone had WP7,5+ (an updated version of 7,5) or WP8? If you want a WP8, just wait for Lumia 920 and put a better price for it. However with this phone the targeted customers are people who simply can't afford a 920.
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  • Wonder if Apple will entrance the cheaper handset market in time with the looming competition of Win OS as they gain traction ??
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  • yawn....
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