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Einhorn vs. Chipotle, Round 2: Greenlight Capital's bearish stance on Chipotle (CMG +1.2%)...

Einhorn vs. Chipotle, Round 2: Greenlight Capital's bearish stance on Chipotle (CMG +1.2%) doesn't budge an inch with the firm continuing to hold on to its view that the new menu from Taco Bell (YUM +0.2%) will be a major drag on the restaurant chain's sales. A survey by the hedge fund found a high percentage of Chiptole customers sampled the Cantina Bell menu after its launch, with 50% rating it equal or better fare. (Greenlight Capital letter .pdf)
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  • Seriously? Taco Bell better than Chipotle? I have sampled both and Chipotle is streets ahead on taste. With Taco Bell it may LOOK like meat, but can't be sure what you're eating!!! I'll choose Chipotle any day over the Taco Bell (where's the beef?) meal.
    24 Oct 2012, 03:42 PM Reply Like
  • Yeah...I have to agree. I would bet money this "study" was never done. Just more hot air to milk CMG for a few more bucks.
    24 Oct 2012, 03:53 PM Reply Like
  • Suggesting Einhorn is credible (as the inference is here) will be dangerous to your wealth. His interests can not be congruent with your own.
    24 Oct 2012, 04:36 PM Reply Like
  • Has Einhorn truly researched CMG??? Doubtful. He's just gloating at the power he seems to have to manipulate other people's money. I own stock and also eat there often....reason for buying stock. He's not going to back down because he would have to admit he is wrong, wrong, wrong. Sure would hate to be Mrs. Einhorn as he is a tyrant.
    24 Oct 2012, 04:36 PM Reply Like
  • I don't think he would be labeled wrong. I think he stated he was short in the low $300s. That is a nice return for a few weeks "work".
    24 Oct 2012, 04:48 PM Reply Like
  • I honestly don't see how you guys could even suggest Einhorn is a fraud. The idea that someone at our level has put more research than Einhorn who is juggling probably a position in the tens of millions is laughable.
    24 Oct 2012, 09:12 PM Reply Like
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