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Sirius XM Radio (SIRI -3.1%) spikes lower with news out Apple will enter its space with an...

Sirius XM Radio (SIRI -3.1%) spikes lower with news out Apple will enter its space with an Internet radio servive. The company that will soon be pulling the reins with Sirius, Liberty Media (LMCA -1%), is also tilting lower.
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  • This is based off of a bloomberg "refreshed" story from 9/7 that was already known.


    P gets the damage from this. SIRI blip is a freak out buying opp that appears to be quickly returning to normal levels.


    Watch P to fight the $8 mark as resistance on this refresh of the news.


    SIRI has a moat, satellites, P and other internet radio companies have little to no moat. Very different spaces.
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  • P has been toast from inception though one must wish a pioneer well.. Some will not agree. But what about the impact on the Sirius app on iPhone? It gobbles up data plans so if Apple decides to somehow introduce its version without eating bandwith via creative subsidized partnerships- it may impact Sirius on this regard. On the other hand- the app that delivers concerts within a few hours of a concert ending (not to be confused with the live streaming capabilities) may even that out. I duhnnoh
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  • "though one must wish a pioneer well"


    That's very true.
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  • Pioneers indeed. It is funny that not one person noticed the apps I described. Demographics and mathematics for these offerings is the future model of monetizing sticky accounts, let alone the direction of the music industry, royalty issues, content ownership and revenue projections. These are not included in most analysts reports, just to start. But why bother looking into the truth if you're only playing slot machines vs investing or trading...
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  • "Demographics and mathematics for these offerings is the future model of monetizing sticky accounts, let alone the direction of the music industry, royalty issues, content ownership and revenue projections."


    Most brains are not going to process this well. Just sayin'....
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  • Material facts matter... Right? The 'paradigm' has changed, right?
    My money in a casino goes on 32 red for fun, building an investment portfolio brings much more responsibility than that, right?
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  • What exactly are you talking about?
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  • None of the projections factor macro changes of this industry. This blurb above is about Apple entering into a new space, for them. Meanwhile the rules and business model is and has been changing at a rapid pace, with clarity on only a few items material to this industry- think netflix and content rights, etc. Therefore, one of the most volume traded positions is based on numbers that are not correct, not taking into account the material coming changes. If one is an expert in this field, they get it. For active 'day traders' this is not an issue, it's a casino anyhow, for medium or long term traders this is an issue. You really don't know? Seriously?
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  • It's not that I don't know. It's that you are writing in a way that isn't communicating, at least to me, effectively.


    I don't expect things to change, though, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get anything from this so I'm gonna bow out with a smile and lock the door behind me.


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  • Fair enough, appreciate the feedback. In the end I do believe the sat industry will consolidate with the macro trends. Then I believe picking the correct firms within the 'new macro' environment will be the way to play. Those stocks are content, short-medium term, and the owners of the distribution technologies via mobile (VZ, S, Cmcsa, even FB) If legislation comes along as avg family bills approach 3-400$ per family each month with minimal competitors, the picks and opportunities change. It's fascinating to follow. Cheers, JB Goose
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  • Siri -3.1% or -1.38%. ahh I'm just going to sell my shares now.....
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  • Hope you will not regret it, Sirius at 2.79-2.80 was a screaming buy, anything under 3.00 is a no-brainer...and I'm being conservative!!!
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  • I also think that there is some selling pressure in order to bring down the price prior to earnings release; the 'shorts' want to cover their positions.
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  • Well spoken.I am in it for the long haul.
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  • Yeah, Apple's service will cost $99/mo and give you one station.
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  • I have 55000 shares of siri, how ever I bought at 3.36. thanks but no thanks to Mel. can't wait to get out with my money. khalid
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  • I am 62, planning to retire net year.
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  • This is my first comment but to all those on this blog who have shared thoughts, thank you, especially Mr. Faulkner whose opinions I have looked forward to. I have wondered for months whether Apple is a possible buyer of Sirius. Is this completely out of the question? They certainly have the cash to do so.
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  • I see almost no possibility of AAPL buying SIRI. I'd be SHOCKED if I were to hear news like that. I'd say partnership with GOOG / Android is far more likely in the near term but even then that is pure speculation.


    Thanks very much for the nice words :)
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  • Yea but it'll be cool
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  • Does it make sense for Apple to consider acquiring Apple?
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  • :(
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  • who will report earnings on the 30th. mel???
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  • thehen2,


    It should be Mel, yes.
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  • I always like to get my update from Stephen Faulkner.Seems like he is always right and knows what he is talking about.
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  • I'm not always right! (And I can't be wrong on saying I am not always right because that would create a paradox.... ;) )
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  • I never like to get my update from Stephen Faulkner because the next negative comment from him on Sirius will be his first negative comment on Sirius.
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  • Ol Blue Eyes,


    Would you like it if I started writing a bunch of negative comments? I mean... I understand you were bothered by my writing earlier in the year. You did say the following :


    "I think that it is very unfair to those SA contributors who have been earning a nice piece of change from SA for their Sirius overcoverage to suddenly have to compete for the Sirius investor's attention with all these johnny-come-latelies. I guess it's hard to keep a good thing to yourself, but really, new regulars Faulkner, Nadeem Moulvi, VFC's Stock House. And you have Crunching Numbers and Little Apple recycling ancient news from the Cramer interview under big new headlines. Perhaps Sirius investors should try to remain loyal to the SA contributors who have been overcovering Sirius for the longest time, before everyone decided to horn in."


    I believe the two regulars you are looking for now write for The Street? Had people taken their advice and dropped SIRI and bought P at year's open ... well, I'll let you make the calculations. I think those authors covered the bearish positions quite well :)


    Sorry it bothered you that others decided to write for SA...
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  • Retired aerospace engineer, twentyy-years now, and still in process of breathing. In fact, busier than all get out.


    Sirius has a great foothold and will eventually swell in value--no doubt about it. No matter what musical chairs are played by management, Sirius won't go under, or even too much further south for that matter. Northward ho, is the final call and destination for this quality enterprise.
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