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Goldman Sachs (GS) thinks banks may start lending again, citing Bank of America (BAC +3.5%),...

Goldman Sachs (GS) thinks banks may start lending again, citing Bank of America (BAC +3.5%), Wells Fargo (WFC +2.8%) and PNC Financial (PNC +3.5%) as painting "an improved loan demand picture, with expectations for organic and market share driven growth in 2011 across various loan products." Regional banks up sharply: RF +6.3%, FITB +5.7%, STI +3.8%, KEY +3.4%.
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  • Yay more bullish "bank" news coming from a "bank".


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  • More clueless drivel from the Top 50 commenters


    GS are slightly late but they are correct


    Buy banks.
    9 Dec 2010, 12:49 AM Reply Like
  • Good idea doc...perpetuate the cancer known as current big banking by feeding it. Wake up with some ethics and morals and someday you may become a "top 50 " too. However, I am not holding my breath, and, in fact, preclude you will remain a Keynesian Bernanke boot licking troll.
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  • All of the sudden people have collateral?


    Or could it be that GS is (gasp!) biased towards financial stocks?


    Of course if things were bad they would tell us, right? Like they did in 2007 when everyone in the street was telling us to ignore Whitney, Roubini and the rest .


    Asking a Wall St. analyst about banking stocks is like asking a politician for his chances in the next election.
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  • Yes. They are have capital out the wazoo. That's a technical term.
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  • Thanks doc. We, the clowns at SA, can always count on your insightful scholarly comments. Keep up the good work!
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  • Great day for banks stocks.
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  • In the real world this is BS but I guess someone needed to make some news to encourage some trades they could front run.
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  • Then maybe the Fed has been buying enough of their MBS holdings, at inflated prices, to free up enough cash beyond government reserve requirements to nudge them into a little more aggressive lending.
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  • For all you sourpusses out there, here's a helpful hint for making money that works nearly 100% of the time and, also, produces significantly above-average returns:


    Find the sectors that are unloved --no, hated-- like banks, insurers, commercial realty, residential realty, etc. Then, don't try to cherrypick individual winners; instead, spread your investments among four-to-six issues in each chosen sector (never more than 5% in a single name), then, sit back and watch. You'll be happy.


    P.S. The above is even better if the selections chosen have significant yields.
    9 Dec 2010, 08:59 AM Reply Like
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