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The iPad mini has gone on sale today, but without the long queues and frenzy that normally...

The iPad mini has gone on sale today, but without the long queues and frenzy that normally accompany the launch of a new Apple (AAPL) product. That's possibly because the specifications aren't as good as in the iPad, while the models on sale don't include the chips that support high-speed cellular Internet. Those are due in a couple of weeks.
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  • Apple gas many growth prospects
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  • Apple launches a product to extend an existing line and the opening weekend they project sales of 1+ million units. Analysts call it a soft opening (or a mini opening).


    Google sells 600,000 units in a month and analysts shout about how huge the Nexus 7 is.
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  • This
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  • However, for Apple iPad sales are either of first or second importance(after iPhone). For Google Nexus 7 is just an eyeball grab without really affecting earnings directly. Sure, Google would love for Nexus 7 and 10 to approach Apple iPad sales figures, but they are not going the earnings are not going to suffer either way.


    For Apple, iPad is currently driving earnings.
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  • Divtra - It's called margin. Apple actually makes money on their products. Your Nexus margins don't move the needle so therefore play little role in earnings.
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  • Margins aren't the point of the nexus devices and they never have been. They're devices to help get users onto android. Google are making devices they thought were necessary, which the manufacturers might not want to make, possibly because the margins might not have appealed.


    Android's not directly about money either, it's a power play to get Android into the mobile (tablet and phone) market so they're not locked out in the future. Tonnes of android phones are being sold, so from that point of view its been successful.


    I don't own any google stock, and I'm not a fanboy of anyone, but I would be interested to see what Google's 5/10 year plan is and how all of this fits together. It might be a way to push people to buying cloud storage and apps, combined with some ad revenue, but that's just my speculating.
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  • The Nexus is a huge money pit for Google, they will never break-even on them. The whole point of the Nexus tablets is to jump-start development on Android tablets. Google is hoping if they can get enough tablets in the wild developers will start making apps for the platform the way they did with Android phone.


    Given enough tablet apps, Google hopes people will be drawn to Android as a tablet platform.
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  • I haven't seen numbers that show that google are losing money on nexus devices. Do you have any proof? I'm not saying they're not losing money, and I don't follow it that closely, but now I'm curious to see some evidence that this is the case.
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  • The numbers I've seen suggest the Nexus is a break-even proposition. The parts and assembly are roughly $160/ unit (there are teardowns). Add in shipping, ASUS' profit (they certainly aren't doing this for free), and Google might make a few dollars per unit. Barely enough to cover the cost of developing the thing and the cost of capital. If Google were in the business of selling Nexuses, they would be a poor investment.
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  • People said the same about Microsoft and the xbox.. they sold it at a loss for years to gain market share. Google has even deeper pockets.
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  • It's a bad example. xBox has done nothing to slow Microsoft's decline. Even though xBox is a 'successful' market leader, it contributes less than 10% of Microsoft's bottom line on the best years and often far less than that. ( income is in the lower left).
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  • Google has a great business model: Lose money on every device but make it up in volume. If Apple took a few billion spare dollars and bought a pile of Nexus tablets and crushed them, it would probably take Google down.


    There have been low lines at Apple stores since they've encouraged online pre-orders. My local store persuaded me to pre-order my iPad 3 online and to take delivery at home, "to escape the madness/" I did, they delivered it ahead of schedule, and I'll never stand in a line again.


    But boy, did you see those long lines of people trying to buy a Nexus or a Samsung SIII? We have to fight our ways through them to our local Apple store.
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  • Wake up Tim Cook announce a 2 for 1 stock split and a 10B per quarter stock buy back ... GB is getting impatient
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  • Long lines in Tokyo but of course the media would rather ignore that story.

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  • How do you get away with just making crap like this up? It's pathetic. And trying to compare an iPad launch to "new Apple products". Slick way of comparing it to the iPhone, which we all know it's not.


    There were 550 people at the NYC store as of 7:55am. A store that people didn't even think would open or have shipments because of Sandy. Show me any other company in the world that would have had a demand like that.

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  • AND they sold out in one day at the 5th Ave. store.
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  • I live in Norfolk, VA and just walked by the Apple Store in the local mall. At least 400 people in line.
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  • Norfolk, keeping it real. VA for life (And Apple too)
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  • "There were 1,000 people in line in Saskatchewan!"- Apple Drone
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  • Hey cograts 33up, your first comment on SA is worthless fandroid drivel.
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  • Thank you for the welcome.


    For the record I'm not a fandroid (whatever that is). I just saw an open opportunity to make a snarky comment regarding the absurdness of counting how many stores we see with lines outside of them. Sampling error much? The discussion of Apple on this site (outside of the relevant news postings) is no longer investing based but purely speculative on both sides (but mainly the bullys); not to mention a healthy dose of rabidly emotional people who mistake themselves as investors (at least of the fold who make positive returns).
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  • The comments about how many stores with lines in front of them is more or less a response to the inane 'analysts' comments about lack of lines. I guess you think it's cool for overpaid journalists to parrot random line counts but not forum goers?
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  • And it looks like Samsung is still behind the scenes at AAPL, putting their chips in the new IPad mini

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  • at least there was a line.


    not that many people lined up for ipad 3 either.


    and how about that Microsoft Surface? did anyone see a line at the Microsoft store?


    i think many people that were hesitant to buy ipad because it was at least $400 will now be even more compelled to pay $330 for the ipad mini, since you get almost the same experience as the $400 tablet if you hold the tablet closer to your eyeballs.
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  • MSFT was stupid. Anyone who wants a surface is probably waiting for the Window 8 Pro model powered by Intel early next year.
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  • More selling off on soft news. Apple only introduced the iPad Mini to expand their addressable market to pick up some cheapskates and keep the competition on the defensive.


    I'll stick w/ the theory that Apple is at or near its bottom presently and will begin to heat up on Black Friday. Nothing really matters until the Q1 earnings report, but you need a rather strong constitution to ride out the dog days.
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  • It's apple picking time - may the best apple win!! Time will tell that AAPL is a strong buy now
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  • Holiday season is approaching - it's officially apple picking time for thanksgiving and christmas - may the best apple win - the rest of the competition will die with time. Apple is like Hermes... Surface is Coach, Nexus is H&M and Kindle is GAP... Happy shopping!! Long AAPL =)
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  • Every day a new horror message. Mr. Cook, you are killing my money....AAPL again -0.9% !!!!
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  • Tom - I hear you and I understand how you feel, as an investor myself. But you've gotta keep it for the long haul. Apple is down .9% today, but it'll be up .9% in no time, then another 5%, then 10%, and then you'll have a day like Priceline is having today - 10%, or 60 some points! Patience, kemosabe.
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  • Why do you say "Mr Cook"?


    He's not the one telling everyone the sky is falling. Apple can only control the bit where they make cool stuff and sell it. How journalist report it is beyond their control.
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  • Isn't the 200 day MA around 586? Yikes!
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  • Looks like Apple is poised to close below both it's 200 day SMA (588) and EMA (581). Didn't think these would hold because they have been widely watched as areas of support.


    I think we are close to a bottom though at the July earnings gap down in the 570-580 area and would like to see a close above 580 today or Monday.
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  • AAPL innovation has lost momentum. Where is the support?
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  • The "small lines" headlines were exposed as a sham by Fortune:

    3 Nov 2012, 12:38 PM Reply Like
  • Half of lines at Surface openings was either Microsoft employees or paid peons.
    3 Nov 2012, 10:24 PM Reply Like
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