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Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR -7.3%) takes a hit today on reports that Cerium Pharmaceuticals...

Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR -7.3%) takes a hit today on reports that Cerium Pharmaceuticals has been granted an FDA orphan drug designation for Synacthen Depot, a synthetic equivalent of Acthar.
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  • and I could file for one tomorrow, and have an orphan drug status in a week. Pointless, not approved. Company just incorporated after principal owner let go from Sigma Tau. No staff. No office except a residential house. Yes, this may be a threat in 5 years.


    made a nice headline for shorts though.
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  • Walter White has a better operation that this Guy. As far as a's less than 10% of their sales and for this fool to start doing clinical trials he will have to get some serious money to get it going. He is most likely doing what Walter does so well in that house he runs this large medical company out of in order to get some start up money. These little articles posted on QCOR have done so much damage it's unreal. Shorts will do anything to create a bear raid on a stock. It's criminal.
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  • NOT approved = hospitals, doctors, etc. can not use it without breaking the law.
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  • For more info see this link...

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  • I'm wondering who sold the huge volume this morning, feeling bad for them losing a lot of money
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  • This was a buying opportunity! I bought when the stock was under $22 this morning on NOTHING other than misinformation.


    This is NOT the same drug - the molecule is different. It is a reduced length drug wich is injected. It is approved funnily in only 3 countries (GB, Australia, and something) but mostly not even in the EU where Sanofi operates.


    Mike is correct, one needs to go through the complete process and get the drug approved actually. Good luck with that. 5 years is rather optimistic I think. Maybe it doesn't even work well.
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  • There is toxic compound in that drug, benzyl alcohol. No way it will be approved.
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  • It is a commonly used preservative in protein drugs at <1% concentration.
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  • I was being kind with the 5 years, or maybe just a bit weary. I think I've gone through the whole difference between


    Generics - would require the same manufacturing process Questcor does, and Questcor has some protections here.


    Synthetics - 24 Amino Acid, reduced length chain, that is mainly approved for 1 shot adult adrenal sufficiency testing, in most countries, and a few other low dose quick treatments, in others.


    Acthar - 39 Amino Acid full chain, which based on the new research in Nephrology, those other Aminos may be playing a larger role than previously thought, or maybe not... that is why synthetics would need to be tested.
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  • Yes. It is a new entity and needs to go through Phase II and III for EACH application. Ok, that guy in his basement will just need to get a hold of about 500 million dollars for each application and run the trials in about 5 years each. Simple. I could do that from my basement ;P
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  • It was a great buying opportunity as they dumped over 2 million shares in half an hour while they leaked misinformation. Same trick all over again did not seem to work very well the fifth time.


    I was not as fast as Mr. Truffelpig, but I picked up a whole bunch more.


    All of us were waiting for this to happen. Now there is nothing (real) blocking QCOR from taking another quantum step up towards its true value.
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  • So let me get this straight. All you have to do as a short seller is draw up and initiate your option contract, run a detrimental rumor and rake in your profits. That's a nice gig! Is it unlawful? Can we find out who is responsible and see if they or any of their circle of associates benefited from the misinformation?
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  • What is new about it. Didn't even Cramer says publicly that this is exactly how hedge funds operate? Due to the social media frenzy this BS becomes even self feeding. I mean even AAPL is selling off to a PEG of probably 0.5 or so by now........AAPL is only growing 20% annually now..........sigh........ only sold 1.5 million minis the first day its out ---- PANIC PANIC PANIC (LOL LOL LOL)
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  • The market is crazy now. Good job report ---> panic sell ended this week. A mistake ---> QCOR dive 15%... I am so tired of it.
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  • Now I think I understand the real reason why people have taken to the sidelines with their money. Like me, they are philosophically opposed to short selling. But in the market place that you describe TrufflePig, being a short seller would be the most lucrative way to make money. It must be growing in popularity. It's got it all. Appeals to greed. Ease of use. And plenty of available opportunities.


    Hmm, maybe I should try it. Oh, that's right. I suck! I have a conscience. Damn!
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  • LOL... that darn AAPL.


    If you point the camera lens at the sun, it won't take a good picture. It can get scratched when you handle it. I know we wanted thinner and lighter, but this is too light, so not worth the money.


    Did I miss anything Doug Kass said, on live tv, and in his articles?
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  • Michael Webb, you might be right but the short seller has to pay for the shares. Also has to pay the dividend :) - good for the company. The time horizon of the short seller is therefore limited while you should have 5 years in mind. Let them rott. Squeeze the lemon and drink the lemonade.
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  • Another over reaction to some mis-information. Let's all hang in there with Questcor.
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  • A lot of misinformation ....great opportunity to buy, since it will have no effect on $QCOR. misunderstanding?sourc...
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  • Now all: put you shares in a non-margin account! The broker can not lend them out then. Do not sell when panic sets in. Stuff cotton in your ears, close your eyes and wait one year! Christmas 2013 will be a good one :).
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  • Does anybody here know whether Acthar's orphan status covers only IS indication or all the conditions for which the drug is indicated?
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