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AT&T (T) will sell Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 920 and 820 for $100 and $50 apiece with contracts....

AT&T (T) will sell Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 920 and 820 for $100 and $50 apiece with contracts. The 920's price (like that of the Lumia 900) undercuts the iPhone and many high-end Android models, but is only par with AT&T's pricing for HTC's Windows Phone 8X. Reviews for the 920 (I, II, III) have been positive, but not glowing. Much will come down to the extent consumers embrace a UI that's radically different from Android and iOS, and are willing to accept a smaller app ecosystem.
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  • It is time to get on the NOK-ia gravy train. AT&T is about to make history again with the lumia line subsidizing extravaganza! People will be leaving their carriers for this deal. Wonderful news.
    Side note: I will be adding to my AT&T position as well, before this heavy a** phone goes to Verizon in a few years.
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  • The "heavy phone" is overstated... with all the comments/articles you would think you were being asked to haul an SUV around.


    The same people carry an iPad around along with the iPhone, Laptop, 2 year old, purse full of make up and random junk. That Lumia 920 man just... to much weight.
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  • Yes, I'm pretty sure if Jessica Alba can carry both Lumia 920 and iPad (the heavier one) in one hand, you can do it too! Yes we can!

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  • I recently left Sprint for AT&T, specifically for the Lumia 920 PureView camera. My family takes a ton of photos with our phone.


    It wasn't cheap, but glad I made the move.
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  • Wigit,
    The difference in weight between iPhone5 and Lumia 920 is less then a bar of Snickers. For 2.6 ounces you are willing to forgo a superb phone with incredible specs.
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  • It's 185 grams... The horror.


    Doesn't seem to be causing a problem in Europe. Pre-orders are at the top of the charts all over the place, so people are waiting for it in preference to the iPhone 5 or Samsung S3.


    I did mention to the Apple holders they were at the *top* of an earnings bubble. Oh well. Increased my meagre NOK holdings. God bless Saint Elop for the opportunity to pick up the stock at these prices. I'm sure the previous shareholders would have an entirely different view though.
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  • Now T needs to quit splashing the Iphone all over their website and actually train their sales people about different phones (other than Iphone). Although I have 5 phones in our plan we have bought the last two at Best Buy and I will never buy again directly from AT&T.
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  • While heavier might concern some, the Lumia 920 has three things going for it that, for me, put it over the top past the HTC 8x (and I'm formerly a huge HTC fan, having had 5 previous phones all from them)
    1. Camera second-to-none
    2. Wireless charging (and AT&T are also including a wireless charge pad)
    3. Nokia apps - specifically their navigation. Offline, and awesome.


    People who comment about the "lack of apps" forget that Windows Phone 7 already has over 120,000 apps that will work on the Windows Phone 8. And currently 46 of the 50 most popular apps for Android and iPhone are also available for Windows Phone 8. AND the story will only get better with time.


    Disclaimer: I work for and am long MSFT. Also long NOK. Yeah, I'm a fan. :)
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  • preorder nov 7 @ www att com/lumia920
    preorder nov 7 @ www att com/lumia820
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  • Seriously, this whole weight issue needs a rest. I understand that people want to walk around with their gadgets and not feel encumbered. Nonetheless, we're talking miniscule differences people. Even taking that into account, imagine walking around without wires! no wires for the speakers or charger, wireless NFC technology, you could be freezing your @$$ off with gloves in the winter and still use this phone! The camera is beyond what Samsung or Apple can produce, forget about failed mapping technology, better resolution and processor...oh and it's got a myriad of cute colors to choose from for all those teenage girls out there. Don't be a fan of NOK; be a fan of reality. NOK isn't going anywhere and this phone embarrasses the iPhone or Galaxy. I'm simply worried about Nokia's ability to market this wonder, but having seen many commercials on CNN and the web, I'm hoping those worries will be put to rest. Go NOKIA!
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  • Reviews of Lumia 920 positive but not glowing? The only complaint has been the weight and that's the normal whining of critics if they can't find something else to hit on. By the way, the mini iPad and iPhone 5 is too light for most connoisseurs. The Lumia 920 user interface (UI) is identical to the Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 devices which are getting "glowing" reviews from real users. You really need to go to your local Microsoft Store and watch people including kids play with the Microsoft Surface, they love it.
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  • A $10000 investment in Microsoft today will be worth over a million in 5 years.


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  • Quite a bold prediction MSF, hope your right I'm long at a little over 30.
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  • I've had the Lumia 920 for about a week now and I can confidently say its the best phone I've ever used by a large margin. Taking pictures in low light even blows away most DSLR cameras without a tripod.
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  • Eh... How did you get your hands on one?
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  • Should Ask Jessica Alba... better yet... let me go ask her.
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  • HUH? where do you live??? you cant buy it yet??
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  • As long as I have much needed important apps with Microsoft ecosystem I don't mind its size compared to android or IOS ecosystem. As long as we have quality apps, lets be less concerned on quantity of apps. I think Lumia is going rock the mobile world
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  • only analysts and fanboys get hooked on the quantity... and so far its the only major knock against WP8 that I can find consistently across reviews.
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  • I think its pretty incorrect to say that the price is only par with HTC 8X as the same price is only on the 8GB version of HTC 8X and the 16GB version of 8X costs $199. The Lumia 920 has 32GB of memory!


    This is really a great deal! My only worry is what it will do to the bottom line of Nokia...
    6 Nov 2012, 02:57 PM Reply Like
  • Since we are not given the numbers that the carrier/provider subsidy breakdown it is very difficult to figure out actual margins as of now. The acceptance of this phone and the ecosystem (hate that word) is absolutely critical to MSFT and NOK if they want to gain market share with WP8. I am elated to see it offered at a competitive price. Let's cross our fingers and hope we do not have any problems with the launch.
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  • Wow! Terrific news for NOK -- let's not worry about the margins yet. The important thing is that Nokia will hold its own against budget WP8 producers and simply have to hang in there until the W8 and Wp8 world takes off -- earlier indicators are promising. Is anyone actually going to buy an HTC phone if they have a side-by-side look at the Lumia 920? And the Lumia is a better value? I don't think so.


    All the very best,
    6 Nov 2012, 05:14 PM Reply Like
  • Nobody *wants* an HTC. Like Samsung their devices are clones but unlike Samsung they don't push the envelope *anywhere*. You would only buy an HTC anything (windows or android) on the following circumstances.


    1. It's the only thing offered.
    2. Your budget is tight and it's much cheaper.
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  • css1971,
    The argument is subjective and therefore your statements are irrelevant. What people 'like' is a personal choice. A phone is a big investment in the US your more than likely going to have it for 2 years or 18 months (upgrade time from 2 year contracts iirc). So 90% of consumers buy the phone they feel most comfortable with, and yes there are plenty of people who 'like' HTC phones.


    I'm not one of them personally, but I know a few people who love their HTC's.
    7 Nov 2012, 08:25 AM Reply Like
  • Lumia 920 is amaizing and the most innovative phone by now. it's not light but it feels very comfortable in hand. It's heavier because it's better in all aspects: better battery, bigger screen, camera with optical image stabilization, wireless charging, the body that protected against scratches. Come on it has the same weight as Galaxy Note but Note is bigger, looks funny and requires cover otherwise it will be scruched very soon so i makes it even heavier.
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  • I'm not sure this will necessarily bleed iPhone users - at least not yet but it's priced just right to hurt the lower cost Android phones badly.
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  • i held the i5 of a co-worker today , nothing special, too lite IMO, its 4 g, thats all, nothing special, you might as well keep your I4 or I4s..I5 just not worth the trouble of upgrading, felt like a piece of tinfoil in my hand.
    7 Nov 2012, 05:20 PM Reply Like
  • I ordered my lumia 920 glossy white today. will arrive nov 9.


    Genuinely excited about this phone. Feels like when I first got the iphone 1 or the Samsung Focus. Something new to explore.
    7 Nov 2012, 05:25 PM Reply Like
  • Currently, I have a cheap prepaid piece of crap that is only slightly better than my Apple 4. Why do I have this piece of crap? Because I'm waiting for the best phone on the market, Nokia's Lumia 920.
    8 Nov 2012, 09:12 AM Reply Like
  • If your prepaid phone is better than the Apple 4, Apple is in big trouble.
    8 Nov 2012, 03:17 PM Reply Like
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