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"It's not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand," says...

"It's not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand," says Foxconn (FXCOF.PK) chairman Terry Gou, suggesting iPhone 5 shortages aren't letting up. Another Foxconn exec made similar remarks last month. Analysts have reported Foxconn has enlisted a division that typically makes non-Apple (AAPL -2.8%) products to help address the shortfall.
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  • So, they can't meet demand...hence a sell-off? Makes no sense.
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  • I think the idea that people who dont want to wait will buy something else, and thus a sale is lost forever... or until the next upgrade cycle. I was going to buy an iPhone 5 if nokia didn't release the lumia this week but then I remembered the wait times for an iPhone 5 would be just as bad...
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  • So you would make a decision as to which phone you'll be stuck with for two years because of a two week wait? I guess I don't see the logic.
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  • If there is a phone that you like and are happy with that you could have today, why wait 2 weeks for a different phone that you would be happy with and like... unless you have some affinity to that specific phone your waiting for (Just like apple > all else, know one phone is more expensive... etc) I don't see the point in waiting.


    I'm not compelled to buy either phone so if I can get a lumia 920 on friday (and I like the feel/usability) then I'm not going to sign up for a 2 week wait on an iPhone 5 unless it knows how to make me a sandwhich and get a beer from the fridge.
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  • Oh, come on guys, not everybody is dying to have an iPhone.


    Two or three years ago I gave up buying iPhone 3 because here in Belgium it was impossible to get one right away. So I just bought a relatively cheap Nokia back then and used it until finally this year I got the iPhone 4S.


    Apple could indeed miss some sales to people like I was a few years ago.
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  • Apple's fundamentals are excellent with a PEG of .53 meaning higher than average growth, expected annual growth of 22% per year over next five years, a PE ratio of approx. 12 depending on stock price which is currently very volatile, which swing traders encourage with articles such as the above, re: supply constraints, so they can make profits off the volatility, by scaring inexperienced investors to sell. With it's excellent fundamentals, Apple's commitment to new innovations as stated in their annual report which creates growth in sales due to new products, large sales expected and strongly occurring for current products, a great divident ect.. Apple's share price should be steady at between 750-820, but certain groups of investors try to shake investors with stories like the above, to lower the price so they can scoop it up cheap particularly now just before a dividend is payed. There is absolutely no reason to sell Apple is very competently managed with an excellent cash flow, high projected revenue with super high sales as we are seeing be rational don't get caught up in some stories meant to create volatility in the stock, pay attention to the facts about apple not nonsense.
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  • @wigit These are two very different phones. Sounds like you don't care if you buy a Jaguar or a BMW or Mercedes. A bit strange for someone at this price point.
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  • You are right, but my point of view was a non-slighted consumer... think of someone who has never used a smartphone (emerging markets this is common).


    Obviously I know my personal preference because I've used an iPhone for almost 4 years now or maybe almost 5... been a long time since I upgraded...


    If you have never driven a car before your going to go to every dealership and try a bunch out... but if you try 2 cars out and one isn't available for 2 weeks to 2 months you are going to make a decision either wait or buy another car you like.
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  • Because the supply has shrunk (hence the excuse), not neccesarily that demand has risen
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  • Nokia Lumia 920 is being released this week in a bunch of places. Hence the Apple sell off.
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  • Exactly. Just walk into any store and buy a pretty Samsung Galaxy note 3 or whatever they call it. It's right there and it performs better at some tasks.
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  • It's simpler than that.


    The hedge funds have done the numbers and the numbers said get out at the top before the dumb money realises. Take a look at their ratios over the last few years. The trend is down, which is not very growthy for a growth stock. The result being they've been looking for an exit point and for someone to hold the bag.
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  • Who cares? Let it go much lower and then buy some. Maybe the hedgies and prop desks are margined out and getting margin calls so they have to sell.
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  • and the top happened 6 weeks ago and they just realized this? It ran up about as fast as it's sold off. If it stayed flat for the last 3 months or so, no one would be saying anything right now.
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  • I think there is a disconnect between the investors in this country and the voting masses.


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  • Right on.
    Most don't get it . . . like . . 35% of America.
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  • Demand is so overwhelming that supply cannot ramp up fast enough to meet demand thus is constantly short of product until most buyers are eventually rewarded for waiting.


    Wall Street "reasoning" is that this indicates a company failure so it is selling off AAPL. What? With that absurd reasoning I should have pursued the ugly girl because she was readily available instead of the beautiful, funny and desirable girl that everyone wanted and could not have but I finally won due mainly to my persistence, sincerity and only wanting the very best.


    Wall Street goes contrary to any and all reason as it can force what happens in investment markets even when it is ridiculous, illogical and unreasonable in any analysis other than plain old money grubbing. That type of immoral corruption is a large part of what is ruining the overall human experience for most of us, but on and on it goes, growing every day. Too pathetic for words.
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  • I agree with every word Bobo
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  • >That type of immoral corruption is a large part of what is ruining the overall human experience for most of us, but on and on it goes, growing every day. Too pathetic for words.


    Absolutely. In the biggest corruption scandal in history -- the 2008 financial debacle -- not a single person was arrested.


    It's starting to trickle down all over the world. The common man on the street is starting to realize that if the politicians and Wall st are getting away with cheating, so should he. Nobody cares for him, so why should he care for anyone? He will do what he pleases, so what if it's wrong? That's what the name of the game is these days.


    You can never have enough police to watch over every single person in the world. The assumption is that most people will look after themselves and monitor themselves. But why should he anymore, when the people that he looks up to don't. When the best and brightest in the country don't.


    The very base of civilized society is being destroyed. Thanks to our great leaders.
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  • Well said bobbo
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  • This type of scenario reflects poorly on management for not being able to either; a. predict for demand properly, or b. predict for the demand but fail to properly execute the plan to meet that demand. So, yes, in a way, Apple not being able to meet demand is a negative thing. But on the other hand, it means their product is still relevant and desired, so its really a double edge sword. We will see how management handles this in the future...
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  • Exactly correct Sid. And let me throw this in the ring bc APPL is not w/o sin here. The Street is tired of their cat and mouse game where guidance is concerned. Perhaps if they were more in line w/reality we wouldn't have these pimple faced coke heads grabbing headlines by projecting "whisper #'s" that are out of bounds w/reality.


    Under promise and over deliver only works to a point. Then it becomes annoying. In the case of AAPL they have a responsibility to their shareholders. And perhaps they think that since 70% of their stock is held by fat cats that they don't have to care.


    But that leaves 30% to people who really believe in their product and their philosophy and we should not have to ride these waves of vast uncertainty bc APPL wants to keep a secret or cry wolf once too often.


    "Maybe they can't see their own future," is a valid conclusion at a certain point. Like when they can't meet demand. I happen to believe that they are being quite innovative by dumping Samsung and that long term it is quite good for our bottom line not to be sharing all our secrets w/the company that is stealing them and undercutting our product. But that drives up costs in the short run and perhaps leaves a few glitches to iron out. I see it as a positive.


    Nonetheless, the street does have a point when it says "if you've got no clue how you're business is going to perform in the next quarter why should we have confidence?" Blowing away their own deflated #s is not impressing anyone. Its pissing them off. And its costing small time investors sleep.


    And that brings me to my final point which is SPLIT THE DAMN STOCK! Maybe at 60 per share it won't be as dominated by $50 Billion hedge funds. Let some normal people in the game.
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  • Dean, excellent comments!


    I was day dreaming how nice a 10:1 stock split would be. It just feels like the right time to take some heat off. From a layman's perspective I feel like this would allow the P/E to spread out a little. I know it would just be a psychological effect, but when has the market ever been immune from mindtricks? If anything thing, the echo chamber amplifies it.


    Another point that the split from Samsung brings up is MAYBE they have something really innovative in the pipeline and they don't want to share it with Samsteal. The ramp up in R&D and exponential capex increases would support this, but the market has priced Apple like they're about to release the iBuggyWhip.
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  • Earlier this week there was a report on Bloomberg that Rochdale was seeking a partner due to financial difficulties resulting from an unauthorized trade in AAPL.


    I have not seen any follow up. Is Rochdale selling Apple shares and facing margin calls? If so, that might partially explain this down turn.


    Anyone know any more on this subject than I do?
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  • I think chunk of the selling pressure is investors having enjoyed a huge run in AAPL are cashing out some of their positions to avoid paying higher taxes in 2013. Once this is out of the way, unless AAPL has inventory problems leading into Black Friday and beyond, it goes higher.


    Have to say, at such an expensive price (investor capital to buy shares), this stock is going to ruin some holidays unless it rebounds with a vengeance.
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  • I have personally discussed stock splits and stock buy backs with Apples investor relations. They will not really comment on a split although I think it's necessary and good for investors in Apples case. It would remove this extreme volatility and bring back the stock price somewhat. I'm personally and tired of the high stock price...It really isn't cool anymore an I veiw it as arrogant. It is this arrogance that creates haters. I would prefer a humble approach. Investor relations tells me that the buy back program has been accelerated and that 2 billion dollars has been release for share re-purchase. They also state that Apple can buy back stock in the open market at any time they see it to be a favourable thing to do.
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  • This topic is like talking to a six year old;23 variations on the same theme.Short AAPL and find a new bone to play with.This criticism is becoming worn.In other words,as Emerson said;"Your voice rings so loudly in my ears that I cannot hear you".lalalalalalala
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  • And AAPL continues to have MORE problems with the supply getting ahead of design and sales - One would think that by now AAPL would have lined up suppliers in Indonesia and Thailand and Brazil if only to have more leveraging power over their Chinese mainland workers....
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  • The whole market is selling off. why would you expect AAPL to not ?
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  • Because . . . . . it's Apple! Contrar extraordinar.
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  • Ssshhhhhh! I was being entertained.
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  • I'm planning to buy $5K worth of AAPL when it stops going down.


    Will somebody let me know when that happens?


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  • Just buy it now. I don't believe in trying to buy the bottom. Just get in there if you believe becasue a turn around can happen in an instant and you will miss the boat. The fisical cliff issues will remain for awhile longer and can likely take the stock lower but Apple could also do something to reverse the down trend. It would take much...A china Mobile deal maybe, buy back announcement, stock split, positive report on sales for the current quarter, the shorts stop the greed and decide to reverse the rally, TV product rumors, etc. You have 20%+ upside potential in a short period of time so be happy with that.
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  • BTM---I think you are very astute. What is this the crybaby selloff?
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  • Apple is about to provide a dividend of 2.65 dollars on
    Nov. 16, to all shareholders on record Nov. 12. A PEG, of .53, a ratio that suggests higher than average ongoing growth for Apple, in their most recent annual report Apple made it clear they are committed to ongoing R&D and new innovations key to tech growth, Apple has a 5 year expected earnings growth of 22.5% per year, a huge demand for all their products, Apple is operating in a growth sector. Stories of supply constraints which may be genuinely true to an extent, but only place a short term couple of week delay on purchases but not on long-term revenue are released at pivotal times such as just before a desirable dividend such as now, by various interest groups to lower the stock price by getting needlessly anxious investors who don't understand value investing or Apple to sell. This has been happening as of late, Apple's fundamentals are excellent, the ratios speak for themselves, Apple is in a growing sector, tech overall is in it's early stages, Apple will certainly continue to grow perhaps not at 60% annually as it had, but higher than most sectors.
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  • My records from TDAmeritrade indicate Nov. 7 as exdate. Which date is correct?
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  • Nov 7th is the ex-date or last day to buy the stock in order to get the dividend, but it takes three business days for it to settle. So November 12th is the record date mentioned above.
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  • Some of this must be post-election tax related profit taking to avoid higher capital gains rates next year. Once it subsides it should set AAPL up for a nice rally during the holiday shopping season assuming Tim Cook was right on the earnings call and iPhone supply issues are solved soon.
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  • Agree with this analysis. However, I give Cook an "F" for his supply chain management. Supposedly, this was his strength, but he swung and missed this time around.
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  • An investor could sell at profit and buy back the same day to "lock in" his taxable gain.
    Here is what I'm concerned is happening. Apple was priced to perfection at 705. Now people are realizing that the treadmill Apple is on is going faster and faster. More competitors are competing for Apple's share. Apple has refreshed virtually all their products, so what is the catalyst for the stock to rally? China Mobile seems all there is. A blowout 1st fiscal quarter? Great, but what's next? The market always looks ahead.
    Remember, Google could do nothing for five years and it would still have a viable business model. If Apple did nothing for five years, it would be a Sony. The market is starting to see this.
    Although I am long Apple, I'm beginning to get discouraged.
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  • Which is more blameworthy, a cautious forecast that has you having backorders or an overly optimistic forecast that has you with warehouses full of unsold product?


    I prefer to be selling everything I make rather than warehousing unsold inventory.
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  • Huh! Google has Motorola they won't be able to sit around for a year let along five. And the rest makes no sense.
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  • Google is a web site....if people dont use the website and go to another website whats the business model worth then???
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  • LOL


    You'll probably be a passenger is a google-powered driverless car in a few decades thinking to yourself how silly it was to think google is just a website...
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  • I passed the google car each of the last 3 days. I'm starting to wonder if Google is pulling off one of the biggest coupes in history with their car. My thought is they are merely collecting street data to perfect their maps not necessarily trying to actually put driverless cars on the road.
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  • Narrow minded people think that Apple is just going to sit there and do nothing to maintain growth. If you owned this business and had 120 billion at your disposal would you just sit there and live off of your existing products until they are obsolete? NO. You get out there and make sh*t happen. This company has more potential than anyother in the history of man and people keep wonder how much bigger can it really get?? The answer is a hell of a lot bigger becasue it can do things that others can't. If you believe in the phase the rich get richer that you should agree with me. Ask the Republicans what they think about that phrase.
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  • Horace Dediu provides some relevant insights into Apple's capex spending in an article and also a presentation he made at IBM:


    Apple is, in my opinion, building capacity at the lowest capex rate it can (10 billion/year) and yet still satisfy demand on a reasonable (not expedited) schedule. Foxconn will eventually figure it out and meet the extraordinary demand. While this will show up as slightly compressed margins for a quarter, once they reach warp speed in manufacturing, margins will return to normal. The market is figuring this as the end of Apple. I see it as the inevitable contraction before expansion.


    And there's also the year end capital gains problem in the mix as well.
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  • Does than this mean that Apple will sell only 27M iPhones in 4th quarter (Apple 1st) - I mean if the situation is the same that should be it right ?
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  • no...they will sell more than 27 million...
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  • OK does anyone know how much iPhone 5's can be produced per day ?
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  • It better be 500k to hit analyst expectations for qtr.
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  • Doesn't really matter, the people who are buying iPhones, are choosing iPhone 4 over the iPhone 5.


    e.g. Look at sim free phones. IPhone 5 is way down the list in terms of sales, 20th? With fewer stars too, 4 vs 4.5 for the previous version.



    Notice how the Samsung Galaxy Ace which looks almost identical to an iPhone is number 3 on the list but only 170GBP? There's your margin leaking away. People don't buy an iPhone for an iPhone they buy it for fashion, and fashions change. Particularly when the new device isn't as good as the old one and the old one is being knocked off by Samsung.
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  • Css1971.... Your link is a UK based seller of phones that, in my opinion, provides no support to your claims whatsoever. Nice try though. My concern is not iPhone vs Samsung, I already know the winner.
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  • Btw, your UK site indicates iPhone 5 w/16g is best seller, then iPhone 4s w/16g and in 3rd place was iPhone 4S w/32g. Then Samsung followed the above 3. Was misinformation your intent.
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  • I find it amusing that people take such comments at face value. One has to wonder why exactly the product is supply-constrained? is it due to a solely an excess of demand? is it due to the greater than expected difficulty in its manufacturing process? is it due to a higher rate of return? it is in the interests of AAPL and all its affiliated suppliers to chalk up such issues due to consumer driven demand. It thus becomes a marketing ploy and a way to protect reputation. To discover the true story, one needs to delve deeper.
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  • stop speculating on the news and watch the charts, 5-min, 15-min etc.
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  • IMO, if you can not walk in an Apple or provider store by Nov 20th and get an iPhone5 I will be concerned about qtr numbers. I guess we will be left guessing if they are or not able to push out 500k a day. Long aapl.
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  • I've heard from some friends in Austin that it is less than hand to mouth on A6 chips from Samsung.
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  • Russ.... Does that mean limiting the availability of the chips to Apple?
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  • Well, yeah. If Apple can't make enough phones there's glitch somewhere. The subcontractor can assemble all the phones the world needs, so that's not likely the problem. That means it must be a component. Displays? They were a problem a while back, but the two suppliers swear up and down that they have everything under control. Memory? Battery? Case? Circuit board? What else is there? Samsung was in shake down mode on 32 nm a few months ago. Just because Intel made 32nm look easy and is now "demolishing" 32nm capacity, doesn't mean that it is easy for other manufacturers. Remember the A5 chip was 45nm and physically huge.
    So, I could believe that Samsung is having trouble make enough A6 chips. Samsung could have a quick fix...or never get it fixed.
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  • Thanks. Appreciate the info.
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  • That might be the old comment from Hong Hai, and people tried to put it out again to drive the stock lower. If Apple still can't fix this and drive up the volume today, what will happen when it launches iPohne5 into 100 more countries by the end of the year? Apple should not be so dumb to keep this production issue open. On the other hand, if Apple is suffering from Foxconn for not being able to make enough, why Foxconn's stock was upgraded just couple days ago?
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  • This supply issue is to drive the stock lower, investors just need to review Apple fundamentals which are excellent, and not pay attention to unsubstantiated stories in the press, right after the iphone 5 launch the same was said re: foxconn, but sales of the iphone 5 have been high. Apple is in a growth sector, period being information technology which is growing globally as the global economy is transitioning from the industrial to the knowledge economy, combined with that Apple makes well regarded, high quality products with an iconic, trusted brand they will always as long as they maintain the quality they will have high sales.
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  • I think that Apple needs to do a lot more marketing promotions. Though Apple already well established its brands and market awareness. It still need to do heavy marketing and PRs, particularly so many bad news around Apple for now. Look at Samsung, spending big bucks on TV commercials to promote its cell phones and tablet. Where is Apple? Apple does not shy on money to do so! Market promotion is never just for the product itself, rather, more importantly, the company image as well.
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  • Yup, looks like AAPL is going out of business! Better go out and buy the very best computer (MAC) made on this planet and an iphone which is the very best smartphone on this planet. Better get these items before they go under! Sorry for the deserved sarcasm but every time AAPL dips all the "naysayers" pop out of the woodwork. Granted this is a hell of a dip but in my opinion it presents a hell of a buying opportunity. Follow the smart and big money - AAPL is a buy!
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  • By iPhone you mean iPhone 4S, which was the best phone a couple of years back. Simple truth is Apple is past peak IPhone. They jumped the shark with the iPhone 5. All down hill from here.


    The new best smartphone on the planet is the Nokia Lumia 920 btw.
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  • Is AAPL a buy now the way it was at 700? lol Even then, people were pushing the "it's cheap on a P/E basis minus cash argument"
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  • This sell of makes no sense. Apple has no demand issue, rather a supply which is a goof problem to have. I am sure Apple will resolve the issue soon if it has not resolved yet. When that happens, which I am sure will happen soon, the launch of 100 more countries by the end of the year will be another great story.


    From the fundamental point of view, if one looked at Apple's P/E or any other related financial indicators, combined with its market position, and continuing revenue, EPS growth, I can't understand why is such a sell off. Please point out for me one such growth company with such a low P/E. The market must be crazy to beat up such a company.
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  • AND YET against this huge avalanche of "compelling" reasons to "buy the dip" the downtrend continues. Cash, P/E growth, etc. But also supply issues, market share, Google, Samsung, tech bubble.


    The trend is down, until the trend changes, AAPL stock will continue to drop and you shouldn't own it until it reverses direction, unless you are interesting in losing money. Period.
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  • You know you should have said that 20% ago. Not that anybody listens.
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  • Owning doesn't cost anything, you lose money when you SELL and lock in the dip.
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  • Not enough workers available.
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  • I see alot of squabbling between the VPs. Hence nothing gets done. This happens all the time when the parents dies and the kids fight each to death over the lagacy. Eventually, the business folds.


    This is the state of apple at the moment. Good ideas, good product, but can't sell it.
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  • Tim Cook indicated in the earnings call that he was very pleased w/ the dramatic increase in output of the iPhone as the month of October progressed. The FoxConn Chairman says that they're not able to produce the phones fast enough to keep up w/ demand. That's a problem that all companies would love to have. It certainly beats the alternative. I'm guessing that Apple has started using other companies in addition to FoxConn and keeping the squeeze on FoxConn at the same time. Of course, who knows?
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  • Apple selling off has little to nothing to do w/ the supply constraint. This is old news. Apple is selling off because it's pretty easy pickings for the short sellers in the near term. They're still finding weak longs to shake out and stops to trip. Once the iPHone 5 was released after a big run-up in share price in anticipation it immediately began selling off. The share price is now slightly below where it was before the big run up. No one talks about how much value was added, but when the value gets taken away for about a net zero in a short period of time everyone acts stunned.
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  • i held the I5, nothing special, you might as well keep your I4 or I4s, his 4g is a tad faster, but so what, nothing innoative about, rather boorish....child like phone
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  • I have owned every iphone model to date and although the iphone 4S was a great product the iphone5 is superior by a long shot. You have to own the iphone5 to understand how the little differences are a big deal. I use 2.5 times more data now that I have the iphone5 becuase it is so lighning fast on LTE that I can't put the phone down. Others that upgraded will agree.
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  • "Held": LOL, good one.
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  • Provided the stock can trade around where it is now, almost a 2% yield is fantastic. You're lucky to get .25% with a savings account.
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  • One has to wonder - I was bearish since the media, analysts, and AAPL investors had dollar signs in their eyes the size of 80s boomboxes.


    Look there comes a point where the sell-off becomes overdone. The run AAPL had was incredible and in turn the sell-off is incredible. I wouldn't be the least surprised to see AAPL pop north of 40-50 bucks in one day on some random triple point gain for the Dow.
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  • umm, should a supplier be out there saying this stuff to begin with?


    was he commenting on his pown business or what? and if he was, he should have provided more context and facts. The execs at Apple should be pretty upset about this. it scares everyone and does not convey real information, like how much they are actually supplying. We can't tell if demand is astronomical, or if it's normal demand but the phones are more difficult to produce. it may be that the amount produced still allows them to beat on earnings, or not.


    most senior execs know not to make casual market moving remarks like this, especially about a client.
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  • Bingo!
    Most retailers would never put up with a supplier making comments to the market.
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  • I don't have an iPhone and will never buy one, but why is Apple plunging more than Amazon? Makes no sense whatsoever.
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  • Apple's plunge is starting to feel orchestrated. The amount of negative news coming out is unnatural. Sometimes we forget that there are people who trade in stocks like Apple for a living. They're not in this to protect our long positions. If it's to their advantage to take the stock down and keep riding it up and down, they'll do it in a heartbeat. Apple has lost more market cap since September 21st than the entire market caps of companies like McDonalds, Verizon and Amazon.


    Steve Jobs dies and the stock price barely moves. There aren't enough iPhones being to produced to meet overwhelming demand and the stock gives back 20%? Give me a break.
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  • Apple is a great company, with good to great products. That being said, the world is catching up with them, and at a better price. The Lumia 920 is at least as good a phone, and at $99 it is too good to pass up. (Obviously I-Phone is WAY superior when it comes to apps though. On the other hand, most people I know have a ton of apps installed but very few use even 5 apps on a regular basis) I have an i-pad & i-phone, but my next phone will be Windows phone, and no way I will overpay for another I-pad.


    Now Apple is having supply constraints and quality issues. Let's face it, Samsung is right, Apple is your parents generation company.


    I still think Apple stock is quite reasonably priced though. If they do not come out with a new blockbuster technology on a scale of iphone or ipad it is hard to see how it takes a giant leap forward though. Also, and I am not happy to say this, but the dimensions of the new i-phone just make it look kind of goofy and cheap.
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  • I disagree with your opinions. The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks goofy to me. The iphone 5 display is the perfect size to use with one hand. Apple is not "your parents company" it's actually the opposite actually. You obviously have poor taste becasue the Lumia is "mickey mouse" compared to the above mentioned phones. It's cheap and it shows. The Lumia is good for europe where the majority is on a budget. The iphone 5 is class.
    7 Nov 2012, 10:57 PM Reply Like
  • Tried getting hold of an iPhone5 from Verizon Wireless the most I could do is sign a contract and wait 3 weeks before I would get hold of my prepaid order.
    I do not why Mr. Tim Cook would authorize a product launch without the necessary inventory to back the launch.
    7 Nov 2012, 11:18 PM Reply Like
  • A person must constantly remind themselves that the successful investor never stops evaluating if their emotions are at play...fear and greed. This can be hard to impossible to do. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. If you are in a terrible rainstorm at sea getting soaked despite the fact you are in a high quality boat, is the answer to jump from that boat to a raft? Markets react to many variables outside of an individual companies fundamentals/forward looking expectations. If a person thinks that daily/weekly/monthly trends in price are Mr. Market making astute, precise and accurate re-evaluations of companies..... then they don't understand the short term trading aspect of Mr. Market. This aspect is highly non-understandable, and you have a group of "pros" spouting "reasons" for Mr. Market's daily behavior. The only thing a rational sane INVESTOR can do is to buy great companies, and stick with them. You reduce transaction costs and you increase your chances of realizing a long term capital gain.
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  • I agree fitness, I do my research very carefully and select the best managed with very experienced people which is very important, I look at all financial fundamentals, growth of the sector, demand for products and services ect... I also consider environmental responsibility, which Apple is continually improving. Most of the life cycle of their products can be recycled or is made from recycled parts this to me was very important considering they will be selling 100's of millions of these devices, and we must be sure to recycle all of them when no longer used, anyone with children understands this value, as we must leave the world in better condition for our kids then when we arrived! I bought unilever also sound fundamentals, excellent CEO and stellar environmental standards. I have made some good money from unilever, my only concern was they still despite new technology available that works better test on animals, but that will change as investors request it.
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