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RIM (RIMM +0.8%) will finally launch its long-delayed BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30,...

RIM (RIMM +0.8%) will finally launch its long-delayed BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30, along with the first two devices to use the new OS. RIM will carry out simultaneous launch events in multiple countries. (PR)
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  • Only a year after becoming irrelevant...
    12 Nov 2012, 08:10 AM Reply Like
  • LOL, a company with over $10Billion in sales, $2 Billion in cash, 80+ million in customers is irrelevant.


    the only thing irrelevant is your comment.
    12 Nov 2012, 08:41 AM Reply Like
  • This comment was sent from my BlackBerry.
    12 Nov 2012, 08:52 AM Reply Like
  • Well if you look at IDC's 2012 q3 shipments, you will notice that BB shipments are down 34% y/y while iOS and Android are up 57 and 91%. BB is a distant 3rd and will probably be overtaken by WP8 soon. I dont see BB10 changing this trend. Everyone begs for a third ecosystem. I see that becoming WP8, not BB10 especially with many enterprises switching to iOS which was the last bastion of hope for BB.
    12 Nov 2012, 08:56 AM Reply Like
  • Ah save it Troll. To 80 Million users world wide, RIM is far from irrelevant.
    12 Nov 2012, 09:04 AM Reply Like
  • Haha. Coming from a person who only has 2 comments of which both are about how everyone else is wrong about RIMM...
    12 Nov 2012, 09:16 AM Reply Like
  • What do you expect from an Apple fanbot?


    At least RIMM is innovating and the new BB10 OS will show that. Compare that to the stale interface that hasn't changed with Apple since the first iPhone. . .
    12 Nov 2012, 12:14 PM Reply Like
  • I think RIMM is in a better situation than NOK because they own the hardware and the platform. Sure NOK makes some nice WP8 hardware but I see Samsung, HTC, etc having a major part of the WP8 sales. It will be interesting to see if RIMM can make a dent in iOS and Android sales because Microsoft is having a tough time. I haven't used BB10 but I hope for their sake that it is much further along than the playbook when it was released.
    12 Nov 2012, 12:27 PM Reply Like
  • Have you researched anything about the BB10? I mean anything. Because if you did you would not be saying anything trying to tie the BB10 launch as another Playbook fiasco.
    13 Nov 2012, 02:07 AM Reply Like
  • And now, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts.
    12 Nov 2012, 08:56 AM Reply Like
  • Lets be realistic for one moment ...if apple stocks is in trouble since the last launch ,what does those rose'd colored glasses say about
    us shareholders of RIM...Lets talk facts not just talk...
    12 Nov 2012, 10:42 AM Reply Like
  • Selling software to hardware customers is like trying to sell refrigerators
    to the escimo and cant even spell it right to boot...
    12 Nov 2012, 10:51 AM Reply Like
  • This is great news! Just recently analysts (Peter Misek for one) re-calibrated their estimates based on a March 2013 BB10 launch. This earlier launch will add significantly to early Q sales estimates.
    12 Nov 2012, 11:54 AM Reply Like
  • I've said over and over that Peter Misek was way off - I think I made at least 3 or 4 comments about this.


    The other bearish analysts (Pacific Crest?) are also in for a rude reckoning... Early previews for BB10 are almost universally positive, as oppose to the lukewarm reception of Win 8.
    12 Nov 2012, 12:18 PM Reply Like
  • I will purchase two BB10's. I have been waiting a long time but do possess some patience. I will purchase their additional products (tablets) as I am still a real business person that does not have time for gaming phones. Real men use BB's.
    12 Nov 2012, 01:29 PM Reply Like
  • some analysts are dinging rim because of all the shorts. i be happy if rim can trade at what aapl has lost in the last 8 weeks. iam long rim but i use a windows phone because i like the squares.
    12 Nov 2012, 02:43 PM Reply Like
  • Prem Watsa is probably pumped up about this news as his average buying price on all of his ~52 million shares in RIMM is in the higher teens. If he sees such high value in this company even at his average purchase price, anything under $10 should be a steal.
    13 Nov 2012, 12:33 AM Reply Like
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