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It's tough to find any market pros to go on the record, says a fired-up Gary Kaminsky, but what...

It's tough to find any market pros to go on the record, says a fired-up Gary Kaminsky, but what they're telling clients is the election was bad news for stocks. The bull market from the 2009 lows was about stocks priced for Armageddon meeting massive central bank stimulus, he says, but that dynamic is played out, leaving the markets to deal with the reality of a weak economy and questionable leadership in D.C.
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  • funguide
    , contributor
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    politics has very little to do with stock prices. There are big issues such as EUROPE, and the fiscal cliff uncertainty, If these things get resolved we will have a bull market.
    15 Nov 2012, 01:13 PM Reply Like
  • Archman Investor
    , contributor
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    Politics in general may not have an effect on stocks, however when your leaders are threatening:
    *never ending higher taxes
    *punishing businesses
    *expanding the welfare/ entitlements, etc


    You have people looking at what they have, what they have earned, what they have built and say to themselves:


    "No, I am not going to let some millionaire criminal overlords in Washington take away what I have worked for so they can keep buying votes by handing out food stamps, free cell phones, disability income, unemployment benefits for 500 weeks, etc."
    15 Nov 2012, 01:21 PM Reply Like
  • mprofita
    , contributor
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    Taxes have not actually gone up in the current administration and I think it's a misleading leap to suggest that increases for the top 2 percent would cascade to the rest of th population. Now that republicans can be guided by national interest and not just anti Obama obstructionism, there will be an opportunity for some fundamental changes to entitlements. For example, both Domenici-Rivlin and Simpson-Bowles, however, proposed to raise the income cap gradually to a level covering 90 percent of national earnings, which at current income levels would be equivalent to about $180,000. This would go along way to preserving the solvency of SSI


    We also dodged a bullet of runaway defense spending with the Obama election and may actually have a better chance to balance the budget. The Romney balance by growth credo was alot of wishful thinking.
    15 Nov 2012, 01:55 PM Reply Like
  • Archman Investor
    , contributor
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    I always hope for the best but always include a plan for the worst.


    The problem with most Americans: they are only good at the "hope" part.


    I do not have a problem with the truly wealthy paying some more in taxes. However it never really works out that way. Washington cares about one thing in the end: Washington.


    These multi-millionaire congress people do not really want to see higher taxes. They want every cent they have. No. They may talk a good game but in the end, the rich want to stay rich. In the end, the same people who always end up paying will pay: The middle class.
    Always will.
    15 Nov 2012, 01:59 PM Reply Like
  • Rickthegeek
    , contributor
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    I agree with what you say. I will add that a huge issue is the defacing value of our dollar. Obama's goal is more debt, more spending, more debasing the value our currency. Nothing is going to change with this administration. It will be more of the same. Look forward to 20 trillion in debt, more than 45 million on food stamps, stagnant economic growth and a financial collapse. This is Obama's master plan, to make all American's dependent on the government. Even in his biography, the book he wrote, he references a 100% dependency on the government as a good thing.


    Obamacare was just the start of this government control. More and more is going to come. Now that he knows he has 4 more years, the destruction of America he seeks will come to pass. The only thing we can hope for is strength in the Republican party and for even ones in the Democrats to come to their senses about the actual goal this guy has planned for us.


    If you want to see how this can play out go to, I saw it last night and is a real eye opener.


    Please don't respond to this blog with statements that Obama is good for this country. You will never convince me.


    15 Nov 2012, 02:22 PM Reply Like
  • mikezboray
    , contributor
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    Completely disagree here.
    Obamacare and the end to the Bush tax cuts will put a drag on the economy. Increasing taxes will pull money out of the free market. Growth with spending restraint was the only way to go.
    15 Nov 2012, 02:50 PM Reply Like
  • Rickthegeek
    , contributor
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    Not sure what you mean Mike.
    15 Nov 2012, 03:03 PM Reply Like
  • phorque
    , contributor
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    You know what the Messiah says about that: "You didn't earn that."
    16 Nov 2012, 12:22 AM Reply Like
  • rayb2222
    , contributor
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    look up the history of tax rates before talkin of higher tax rates
    4 Dec 2012, 08:49 AM Reply Like
  • The Patriot
    , contributor
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    But arent those all about politics ??
    15 Nov 2012, 01:22 PM Reply Like
  • uli35
    , contributor
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    things will get resolved
    (Europe as well as D.C.)


    so market will go up - soon I think - since it is badly oversold right now
    15 Nov 2012, 01:23 PM Reply Like
  • Ray - Kitchener
    , contributor
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    Buddy, give your head a shake. How do you solve the debts around the world? You don't. You kick the can down the road, until someone pulls the plug. The markets will pop if the fiscal cliff is kicked down the road. Nevertheless, the problems will still be there. We need to clean house, before there is renewal. It's called bankruptcy.
    15 Nov 2012, 02:07 PM Reply Like
  • Abraxix
    , contributor
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    "We need to clean house, before there is renewal. It's called bankruptcy. "


    Bankruptcy, personal or fiscal, is stroke two of the bankster's two-stroke engine. Stroke one.......pump out as much fractionated debt as possible, getting fat on the fees, then Stroke back, for pennies on the dollar, all that human misery.
    15 Nov 2012, 07:30 PM Reply Like
  • hearsayit
    , contributor
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    The perception that taxes, regulatory, and health care costs will increase for corporations will affect stock prices. Obama's administration has demonstrated that more of this is coming. With Romney there was hope that regulation and taxes would be reduced to improve the economy. Obama feels that increasing taxes and government spending will improve the economy. Given that Obama’s approach didn’t work the 1st 4 years and he shows no signs of changing direction. The market must price in the probability of 4 more years like the last 4 years. Given the above, there is a lot of support for the statement that “the election was bad news for stocks”.
    15 Nov 2012, 01:31 PM Reply Like
  • 1234gel
    , contributor
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    Politics will always be mere discussion when applied to markets, however political action that is driven by political theory can, and often does, kill the economic engine that drives the economy, and thus the direction of the markets.


    During the past decade we have seen plenty of malaise as derived from political action, to wit: the 2006 financial crash which followed the housing crash - all caused by governmental regulations and incentives; current economic conditions, all caused by governmental meddling. It goes on ad-infinitum, and the source is always the same - poor governance influenced by political theory that is flawed.
    15 Nov 2012, 01:48 PM Reply Like
  • Ray - Kitchener
    , contributor
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    Politics have everything to do with the market. Fiscal and monetary policy create the environment for business to either flourish or flounder. Greed and disparity in business impact fiscal and monetary policy. It is a vicious circle. If it all worked as it should be, governments would have balanced budgets, there would be no unemployment and all would flourish. Unfortunately, we have extremes. Greedy CEO's who make 50 times front line employees, employees who work 70 hours per week, and lay offs galore. Then you have incompetent governments who promise / spend / promise / spend, etc. Then you have the Fed who just prints & out of thin air. What do you get? The mess we are in.
    15 Nov 2012, 02:01 PM Reply Like
  • Ray - Kitchener
    , contributor
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    Just to add one more comment. Texas Instruments lay off 1,700 workers today. Result? Analysts upgrade the stock price. What about those 1,700 families. They work hard and get the boot. Did the CEO lower his salary to help? Not likely. Greed. Add to the unemployment line. The entire system is broken.
    15 Nov 2012, 02:22 PM Reply Like
  • Rickthegeek
    , contributor
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    Hey Ray, I saw this movie last night, everyone you know, relatives, family, people you work with, needs to see this movie. It details the path Obama plans to take in the next 4 years. It is a real eye opener. I have no affiliations with the maker of this movie, none. I only wish more people knew of this. Please go to
    15 Nov 2012, 02:34 PM Reply Like
  • Rickthegeek
    , contributor
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    2016themovie dot com
    15 Nov 2012, 02:35 PM Reply Like
  • Lswystun
    , contributor
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    Someone is voting for these Loons.
    15 Nov 2012, 04:14 PM Reply Like
  • warrenrial
    , contributor
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    Unfortunately the country will be doomed as Obama and his socialists get their way.
    15 Nov 2012, 05:17 PM Reply Like
  • bill75252
    , contributor
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    Boehner is questionable all right.
    15 Nov 2012, 05:47 PM Reply Like
  • CTRoberts
    , contributor
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    It is staggering how many of these commenters simply do not understand that it is not a problem of not enough revenue… it is a problem of way, way, way to much spending! And the curve is going vertical! We can not return this country to prosperity by increasing revenue because the pols will spend every dime they can squeeze out of the top 50%ers and still barrow 40-50% more to buy votes. It's going to take a civil war to change this trajectory… bring guns.
    15 Nov 2012, 11:27 PM Reply Like
  • raulnj48
    , contributor
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    It amazes me that so many don't understand economics. So many don't follow current events, yet spout strong uninformed opinions. In case you were in a coma the last few years, Obama has stopped one war, he is ending another war, and he has offered to reduce entitlement spending by $10 for each buck of new revenue. Duh, I don't know either, but I would guess this helps to reduce government spending. Ya think?
    16 Nov 2012, 06:55 AM Reply Like
  • Ray - Kitchener
    , contributor
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    So you understand Economics? This is Economics 101. Printing $ will only increase inflation and destroy the value of the US$. Lowering interest rates pushes people to take major risks in the markets and it leaves them at the peril of Goldman's, JP Morgan, MS and the like. All Benanke friends and Obama's choice to lead monetary policy.


    Obama. He did not end the war in Iraq, he moved it back to Afghanistan and then moved in on Libya. I have to ask why? Why did he support the rebels in Libya against Gaddafi, yet no support for the rebels in Syria. Far more people are being killed by Asaad than Gaddafi. Why? Oil maybe?


    Government spending? Let's see. He has taken the deficit from $10 Trillion to $16 Trillion in 4 years. It would have been more, however he had Benanke lower interest rates. What happens when rates rise to combat inflation and they will. He won't be able to afford the interest, let alone all his spending plans. Duh, ya think?
    16 Nov 2012, 10:21 AM Reply Like
  • kmi
    , contributor
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    Ray, you are very poorly informed to be coming on so strong.


    "Printing $ will only increase inflation and destroy the value of the US$"


    Makes it obvious you really have no idea at all whatsoever is really going in the Fed.


    "He did not end the war in Iraq, he moved it back to Afghanistan."
    True, he moved it where it shoulda been, killed Bin Laden, all while reducing the exposure of US troops and assets.


    "then moved in on Libya. I have to ask why? "
    Because we killed French, Italian and other ally troops in Iraq.The nature of military alliances is that they are two way streets.


    "yet no support for the rebels in Syria."
    You may have missed the change in US foreign policy, but we no longer fight for Democracy and all that's good in the world. We fight to support national interests. There are none in Syria.


    "Government spending? Let's see."
    He saved the economy and for that matter the world, from a complete collapse.


    "What happens when rates rise to combat inflation and they will."
    Of course interest rates will rise. Eventually.
    16 Nov 2012, 11:18 AM Reply Like
  • Ray - Kitchener
    , contributor
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    Poorly informed? Let's use the facts and then you can dispute what I stated. Does the value of the $US decline the more money that is printed if not kept in check with GDP? Yes. Will it increase inflation? Yes. Did he support the resistance in Libya versus Syria? Yes. Has he not taken the US deficit from $10 Trillion to $16 Trillion? Yes. Is he truly trying to solve the deficit and debt problem? No. He is kicking the can down the road and will let some other poor soul fix the problem. Is that leadership? No. It takes guts to solve this problem and although difficult, must be done or the US will be Greece or worse very soon. So - who is poorly informed? The question was "Do politics affect stock prices"? They sure do.
    19 Nov 2012, 10:14 AM Reply Like
  • PalmDesertRat
    , contributor
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    took some sds and qid profits today at 61.79 and 34.13
    16 Nov 2012, 11:43 AM Reply Like
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