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Back in the game? Citi's Deborah Weinswig tips off that the late start J.C. Penney (JCP) got off...

Back in the game? Citi's Deborah Weinswig tips off that the late start J.C. Penney (JCP) got off to for Black Friday shopping didn't hurt it as sales of home items and footwear came in strong. In that same vein, The Dallas Morning News reports the department store chain showed strong traffic trends on Black Friday. A question still left unanswered: How successful was the J.C. Penney button promotion aimed to drive shoppers to the company's rather quiet website (online sales down 37% Y/Y)? +1.2% premarket.
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  • Gmom3 and Bob Haller's comments had convinced me for the first time in my life to take part in Black Friday at JCP in Washington, Pa. I was not in line at 6:00 AM but arrived at 10:00. The store was very busy. Lots of customers, many associates and people patiently waiting inline at the check out counters. I was told that the special sale items were gone but we found many really good values all over the store.
    I bought a pair of Alfred Dunner pants (27.00) exactly like a pair that I purchased three days earlier at another store for $34.99. A good buy? Well, better than that. A ten dollar gift card made my JCP pants $17.00! I made two other purchases and they were also special buys. It was a good day for me and I think for JCP
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  • About the buttons... I came home and put the codes into my computer. The first one was not a winner. The second one, a message came up and said there was an error but the elves were told. I heard nothing more. Now I am a minor stockholder in JCP and that didn't bother me. I hope it doesn't happen too often or those little buttons will just give people something else to comp[lain about!
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  • Read the facebook comments MaryLa, there have been many complaints everyday since Friday about the button codes not working. There have also been many complaints that all of the advertised items were not available online since the moment the sale started, and the exact same items were advertised today for Cyber Monday and were still not available.
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  • George: I think today's conference call covered the problem with the overload of inquiries on the button site. I was thinking they thought the problems were getting worked out. I know a customer won one of the trips in the southern part of the state. Most wins customers told me about today were gift cards worth $5 to $25. However, one customer told me that she won $200 worth of Cephlalon pans. The prizes I have been aware of are awesome so no wonder so many people are trying to get on the site. I am assuming it is similar to when I would want to do voting on a live reality competition tv show. Sometimes I simply can not get on line to do that due to the huge rush of too many people to call or sign in.
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  • Soooooo...cyber communications overwhelmed JCP's web site??? Seems Ron J should have planned for that contingency given his prior experience in that business. Any other retail CEO might have been excused for lack of computer expertise but not a former APPLE executive!!!
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  • Well, if Ron J's previous experience in the field has anything to do preventing the overload situation, then I would have thought that the individual stores would not be continuing to experience all the tech problems we have with the registers, and the other devices being introduced. Whatever the problem was, it has been resolved on the button site as far as I have heard. People just want to complain.
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  • Gmom3 said "People just want to complain."


    Why not when you have a reason to? When a retailer promises they should deliver, we have many more places to spend our money and have an expectation to receive what is promised.
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  • What did they promise that wasn't delivered? I understand there was a glitch of some sort but that has been worked out. I think more of an example like the folks who waited in line at KMart Thursday to be first in line to get the big tv's advertised only to find out that there weren't any AT ALL have legit complaints. Having at least a few available for sale is under the control of the management. Running into not being able to get on line for a day or two is not a promise being broken. I don't see those other companies who lacked the special priced merchandise to draw in customers responding with "oh, we are sorry we didn't have what we promised in our ads, but we worked on the problem and you can now come in and pick up your on sale tv" If the folks complaining about the buttons win one of those prizes, I wonder how many are going to not claim that prize. I am sorry those folks were unable to get on line in a timely fashion. The promotion continues through December 24th so its not that they won't get their opportunity to check for a winning button.
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  • Even so there are many complaints (Facebook) still today from those who received the buttons. Complaints range from no reply emails (many say they have been waiting 6 days for an answer) and invalid numbers, to those who won are are not getting confirmation emails to claim their prize. Some complaints are even that when they do receive the confirmation it is too late to claim their prize because it expires after 48 hours. As of yesterday there is a dedicated email address for button issues but all people are receiving is an automated response, no help.
    There are still complaints that all of the advertised items were not available online since the VERY MOMENT the sale started on Black Friday. Why were those EXACT SAME ITEMS advertised for Cyber Monday and still not available if there was no supply on Black Friday? That does not mean they ran out it means they never had them to begin with for Monday.
    Just repeating what your customers are saying, that's what your employer needs to address.
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  • Folks, the point is JCP again has disappointed customers, employees and shareholders!
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  • Thank God for gmom3. I hope when JCP recovers they give her a super bonus. Common sense is such a relief! As for the buttons...Why is there anything to complain about since they are given to customers? They are FREE.
    As for Facebook... I wouldn't repeat anything I read on there but I know JCP has to keep in touch with the young ones and you can find them on Facebook.
    I never dreamed I would find myself answering comments on SA. I follow JCP on here to learn what and when I will again see some dividends and hope JCP recovers completely after a needed update. Mr. Penney began a solid ethical business that was a fine example in the retail business and I hope it continues to be just that. One thing I am learning is that a lot of stockholders should research the nominations on a proxy before they vote. I am one that will vote only after researching the slate carefully. If more people did this there would be more experienced JCP on the Board and upper management.
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