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An Apple (AAPL) TV set hasn't arrived yet only because of challenges in making the Sharp IGZO...

An Apple (AAPL) TV set hasn't arrived yet only because of challenges in making the Sharp IGZO LCD panels Apple wants for the device, according to Gene Munster. Most prior reports (I, II) have suggested content deals are the main holdup. Munster still thinks an Apple set could launch in a year, and sport an MSRP of $1.5K-$2K. But he's been predicting one would arrive for quite some time.
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  • Apple TV (iPanel) will surely come in the spring. The issue of a fifth-gen iPad would upset too many buyers who have seen two new iPads (3rd and 4th) in 6 months. A product to replace the iPad during the spring is granted and it will be the TV.
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  • Aren't Sharp going bust?
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  • Apple will take care of them
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  • Sharp will be bailed out by the Japanese government in the worst case scenario. It might be an interesting play for PE firms for turnaround. In any event, the infrastructure is there to produce the panels.
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  • It's all about the content.
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  • @sduris u r rite again cheers....long aapl dis and some other stuff,,,,
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  • Hey ST - what's up, my friend?!
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  • Hi Sduris........not too much just getting over being loopy on l-trytophan ...... now .just playing. a little whack-a- troll...( :-{)->
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  • I give you permission to beat up all the AAPL-haters here. :)
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  • must be full moon they are out tonight....
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  • I want to see Apple align with one of the cable companies. This is thinking outside the box and no one speculates about it, but hey man this is Apple, king of the jungle.
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  • they will not do it until they get it right!!
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  • What would be the point? What are we talking about here? A tv with an apple logo on it, or an apple device to replace yor tv? The former would be rediculous, the latter is not going to happen, since the content makers are unwilling to give up the distribution to apple.
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  • TVs are commodities and Apple tends to stay out of the commodity markets. If they can't differentiate significantly, Apple won't enter the market. Either they will come out with something new and significantly different, or they won't bother.
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  • To me its pretty obvious. A true itv would be one in which you had ala carte programming on demand through itunes. However for this to happen, the networks that produce and distribute content would have to give up way too much control and profit to apple, like the music industry had to. The situation is different now, the tv and movie studios are not in the same dire straits the music industry was in when the ipod came out.


    Instead, I think that MS has the clear lead in reforming the future of tv. I already use my xbox for netflix, watching movies and it is also a set top box for my cable company which offers on demand features. More importantly, tv networks have already begun to release windows 8 apps which will allow for ala carte on demand programming, combined with features of smartglass and kinect.
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  • The xBox is pretty impressive. I'm not sure a lot of non-gamers are buying it though. They are supposed to be putting out an xBox branded DVR/ Apple TV competitor which will be interesting.
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  • the former could catalyze the latter, if they make a physical tv do it well and it sells they could have a better bargaining chip with regard to content.
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  • hmm....interesting... tail that wags the dog...
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  • just a reminder SJ said he had broke the code!!!!!!
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  • When it comes to using China IP5 release and sales as a boost to AAPL by the rose colored diehards, here's little more dose of reality:



    Good luck betting on the "blowout" Q.
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  • Yes, all we need is a bigger tablet the size of a TV that does 95% of the same thing, and 100% of all the things that can be done more efficiently on the pads, phones, and macs. Since TVs are a somewhat of a new technology (lol) with that price maybe it'll look 'cool' and be made of titanium?


    'Innovation' baby!
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  • maybe rim will innovate before the
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  • As a long-time Apple investor, I follow pretty much every tidbit of Apple news, research and the various analyst reports. As such, let me say this - although I respect Munster for his viewpoint, he's been wrong a LOT. In fact, he's been wrong a LOT more then he's been right. A whole lot more. Therefore, I'd take the information he has presented here with a grain of salt. Until there is more positive indications that Apple TV is right around the corner, I wouldn't hold my breath. My best guess is sometime in the 3rd quarter 2013. Who knows? But I'm pretty sure no analyst out there really knows for sure either.
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  • I wish I could at least replace my cable-card TiVo with an Apple product (even if I were to stay with my overpriced cable operator).
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  • I think an Apple TV makes sense if done right, and I am certain Apple feels that way now as well. I trust that they are looking into all ways to expand their product offerings while maintaining their focus on brand, premium quality, and innovation. I trust that they will make the right decisions.
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  • First they should do is create working technology to recognize hand gestures via video capture, it's far more cumbersome work as some might expect. If think they should buy some company that have made giant leap in that kind of research. Maybe I've missed some news.
    The iTV is gonna be rule breaker if it will have all the applications and possiblites of iPad in gaming and web browsing without any kind of remote.
    I saw Samsung TV in my friends new flat and hand detection is in the beginning here and very difficult to use (you have to rise your hand), though possible.
    By now I think Misek is pusshing AAPL higher by all costs.
    28 Nov 2012, 07:12 AM Reply Like
  • I'm not sure hand gestures are the way to go. It's a hugely imprecise way of doing things, particularly when most people are going to have a smartphone handy which can be much more precise.
    28 Nov 2012, 07:15 AM Reply Like
  • The pen for communicators was also a must in the beginning, but then it was replaced by human thingers. It's just a metter of time. Interfaces go smarter and human friendly.
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  • I agree the mini will double/ become the remote.....
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  • As an Apple investor and living in an Apple house, I am anxiously awaiting iTV or iPanel. I would like to hitchhike on JG 2000's comment referring to TiVo. If Apple could enhance their Apple TV with some of the recent TiVo features, accessible from any Apple mobile device, iPad, iPhone, Apple would have a killer product. Like other comments, I cannot see Apple announcing another TV monitor even though the retina display would be an improvement over HDTV, but HD is still dependent on the content providers and cable companies.
    29 Nov 2012, 03:01 AM Reply Like
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