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Wind power generation topped 10K MW in the Midwest electrical grid on Friday, the first time it...

Wind power generation topped 10K MW in the Midwest electrical grid on Friday, the first time it has surpassed the milestone. The amount represented 25% of the electricity being used at the time. Wind capacity has ballooned in the area, which is covered by the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, since 2006.
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  • What happens to all those windmills if wind patterns change because of global warming?


    Hard to run your computer when the wind stops blowing. Someday someone will figure out the storage issue but until then it can't work without backup generation so what's the point?
    28 Nov 2012, 09:54 AM Reply Like
  • It's part of Obama's (and Buffett's) War on Coal.
    28 Nov 2012, 09:59 AM Reply Like
  • youre right we should just f it and keep digging up and burning all of our coal and will never end, right? Until it does and then what...really? It is a small victory and in order to really find renewable replaceable energy sources there needs to be trials and failures...Not too mention the measurable effects burning fossil fuels seems to have on our climate. Yeah those guys are evil trying to work for a better future...
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  • jmj,


    We will never "run out" of coal in this country while we need it - the US is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have hundreds of years of supply and add in Natgas, shale oil, tar sands, etc. and we are completely energy independent if we want to be.



    Cold fusion or something similar is the future of energy not wind driven propellers which was state of the art technology back in the 1700's.


    Good intentions doesn't make good policy - just the opposite in fact.
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  • Bad intentions make good policy?
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  • Drew,


    Meant to write "don't".


    Truth makes great policy - we have too many lies infiltrating the government at this point to have any hope of getting real answers to our pressing problems.


    A policy built upon a foundation of lies, like the global warming fraud, is like a termite ridden house - it will collapse eventually and perhaps dangerously.
    28 Nov 2012, 10:36 AM Reply Like
  • Are you serious. Including oil shale the United States have a whopping
    25 trillion barrels of oil potential. Solar Energy: do you realize that in one day the Earth intercepts 3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent, 20,000 times greater than all fossil fuels used by man collectively and you believe man's 1/20000 causes global warming. Get a brain. Solar photovoltaic power,however, is a total scam and will never be able to compete with conventional power generation. CO2 is food for plants and the biggest result from increasing CO2 in the environment is faster plant growth.
    Prof. C DeVore
    28 Nov 2012, 07:01 PM Reply Like
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