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Apple (AAPL) announces the iPhone 5 will go on sale in China on Dec. 14, and the iPad Mini and...

Apple (AAPL) announces the iPhone 5 will go on sale in China on Dec. 14, and the iPad Mini and 4th-gen regular iPad on Dec. 7. That gives Apple a little over 2 and 3 weeks, respectively, to rack up (authorized) Chinese sales of the devices in FQ1. The iPhone 5 launch was widely expected, given regulatory approval and China Telecom's (CHA)  pre-orders. Separately, Apple has begun selling the iPhone 5 unlocked in the U.S. at prices ranging from $649-$849. (PR)
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  • iPhone 5s?
    30 Nov 2012, 09:07 AM Reply Like
  • Why is aapl not at 600 yet with announcement?
    30 Nov 2012, 09:11 AM Reply Like
  • probably because this was all expected and priced in with recent runup
    30 Nov 2012, 09:24 AM Reply Like
  • That's right good news means lower stock price.
    30 Nov 2012, 09:27 AM Reply Like
  • Although I have no sympathy for you, I do generally care about helping people. Please research how the market works. One of the best exercises is to use Yahoo Finance charts and to plot the news events on a stocks lifetime chart to see how stock prices are affected by news announcements.


    The quicker you start realizing that 99% of future events are already factored into a stock price before you know these events have even happened, you will start to understand how to choose investments. Then you can begin to learn balance sheets and financial metrics to understand what makes a stock more attractive.


    And then...(this goes on forever...)
    30 Nov 2012, 12:10 PM Reply Like
  • thanks for your concern racchole. but a price of 700 would be considered priced in for this announcement because AAPL is way undervalued at this level.
    30 Nov 2012, 12:35 PM Reply Like
  • For AMZN bad news = a higher share price, welcome to the wonderful world of manipulation
    30 Nov 2012, 09:38 AM Reply Like
  • thats a high price for a phone
    30 Nov 2012, 09:48 AM Reply Like
  • Yup. A nexus 4 or a GS3 is a much more compelling value when considering the offerings in the unlocked market.


    It's ok though because the apple fanatics will scoop it up and make aapl stockholders lots of money :)
    30 Nov 2012, 10:17 AM Reply Like
  • It's not just a "phone". It's a blazingly fast pocket computer with an amazing screen, elegant design, rock-solid opsys, unsurpassed quality and reliability, unmatched eco system and outstanding service. It has the largest APP selection available. It also connects to multiple network types and, yes, you can also make phone calls with it, as well as email and internet browsing (and thousands of other things). It out-performs my desktop system which cost three times as much. If you want the best of the best, you have to pay a little more.
    30 Nov 2012, 10:26 AM Reply Like
  • are you still here chopchop. Go back to Korea where the thief's like your paymaster Samsung dont pay attn to private property rights.
    30 Nov 2012, 12:22 PM Reply Like
  • Well, it might not be just a phone, but it is just like every other "phone" on the market.


    Can you do your job with just an iPhone? If yes, can you do it as quickly and efficiently on the phone rather than a desktop or laptop, or even a tablet?


    Can the App store grow your company's revenues, perform BI reports, or how about build test and development server environments?


    It is just a phone. Phones have become computers, yes, but they remain phones.
    30 Nov 2012, 12:25 PM Reply Like
  • And a complete waste of money :)
    30 Nov 2012, 12:25 PM Reply Like
  • That may be racchole, but people love the iPhone and Apple products and Apple is selling them like crazy. As a shareholder, I don't care what people do with the phone as long as it's selling well and profit margins are fairly stable as volume will make up for any small declines in profit margin.
    30 Nov 2012, 12:42 PM Reply Like
  • Samsung is a waste of money. I have two dead Samsung products in my house and do not know where to send them for repair. One is a blue ray player that is barely two years old. I am certainly not wasting a single dollar more in anything starting with s&@/###.
    30 Nov 2012, 02:02 PM Reply Like
  • Wow all that but yet it doesn't sync up with my 2013 Ford Edge while my wife's Galaxy does...
    30 Nov 2012, 02:38 PM Reply Like
  • Yawn.... too bad the rest of the world doesn't see your viewpoints, Rocback

    30 Nov 2012, 03:40 PM Reply Like
  • @ daveqwerty


    If your iPhone outperforms your desktop, you must be running a Pentium 4-era device.
    30 Nov 2012, 08:08 PM Reply Like
  • "If your iPhone outperforms your desktop, you must be running a Pentium 4-era device."


    P4 ran from 2000 to 2008. I know that seems like a long time ago to someone your age, but it is not inconceivable to still be using a desktop from that era. I have an AMD Athlon XP 3200+from 2003 running Windows XP at home that I still use from time to time. It is the last wintel box I will ever own. Nine years feels like a lot when you're in college. It feels like "a couple years ago" when you get older.
    30 Nov 2012, 08:18 PM Reply Like
  • @Ashraff: "If your iPhone outperforms your desktop, you must be running a Pentium 4-era device."


    No. I'm no dinosaur. P4 is a distant memory.
    1 Dec 2012, 11:15 AM Reply Like
  • Way too late to make a difference in Q sales.


    Getting an EPS over 12 would be a challenge.
    30 Nov 2012, 10:32 AM Reply Like
  • 12.00? BAHAHAHAHA!!! What a tool. Try 16-20
    30 Nov 2012, 10:38 AM Reply Like
  • I am surprised this kind of obvious trolling is allowed here.
    30 Nov 2012, 11:07 AM Reply Like
  • "Getting an EPS over 12 would be a challenge."


    It would be, except its PE is already 13.27. Did you mean forward PE? Getting to 12 would add another 115 to the share price and get AAPL back to 700. I don't see that as bad news.
    30 Nov 2012, 11:16 AM Reply Like
  • The run up will depend on the sales trends in China.
    30 Nov 2012, 12:44 PM Reply Like
  • ArmChair - they'll sell the heck out of it for 2 and 3 weeks... it could make a difference plus it should give an indication as to how strong the market will be...
    30 Nov 2012, 02:37 PM Reply Like
  • Does the newly available unlocked iPhone 5 run both GSM and CDMA? Anybody know?
    1 Dec 2012, 07:08 PM Reply Like
  • You try looking at Apple's website? lol


    "The unlocked iPhone only works on supported GSM networks, such as AT&T in the U.S. When you travel internationally, you can also use a micro-SIM card for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S or a nano-SIM card for iPhone 5 from a local GSM carrier. The unlocked iPhone will not work with CDMA carriers such as Verizon Wireless or Sprint. Limit two per customer. "
    1 Dec 2012, 08:19 PM Reply Like
  • Thanks for that.
    2 Dec 2012, 08:23 AM Reply Like
  • Chopchop0, in the Apple Store, looking at the Technical spec of the iPhone 5 Model A1429 it appears that it can support both GSM and CDMA where as the Model A1428 only supports GSM. Also, when you go to order an unlocked iPhone 5, it does not ask for which carrier you want, which implies that it would do both.
    2 Dec 2012, 09:24 AM Reply Like
  • I highly doubt that. My guess is that you will have the option to buy an unlocked verizon, ATT or sprint version. If you buy the Verizon version you will have CDMA service but will it will only work on edge network when used with GSM (at least here in the states). Same would go for an unlocked ATT (on other US GSM Carriers) except it will not support CDMA. It would be too costly for apple to provide a phone with freqency support for high speed internet on all carriers. Its not only the chipset technology (CDMA/GSM) but it has a lot to do with the frequency the carrier uses for their network. Hence the reason you cant use a verizon phone on sprint (different frequencies).
    Heres an example: If you purchase a blackberry bold 9900 from verizon you can unlock it for free but data will only work on edge network with ATT and Tmoble. If you unlock the ATT version you cannot use it with Verizon and it will only support edge on Tmoble but if you travel to Canada you can use it with 4G service from Rogers because they use the same freqencies as ATT. Simillar scenario will hold true with the iphone. Hence the reason why building custom phones for carriers in China is a big step for apple as the Chinese market is huge. The question will be whether the Chinese stick with there home brew manufacturers or buy USA (but made in china!?). If I were to guess I'm going to have to say that iphone will sell well in china but may not sell as well as some investors would like). Regardless, I think apple is really going to focus developing more revenue from services like cloud computing and audio/video streaming. None of the other manufacturers have the infrastructure to to do they same at this point and I think they will be limited with growth in these areas. In my opinion these services and itunes will be one of the keys to Apples future and continued success. Even if they loose some of their market shares in sales (at some point people are going to realize that they can only buy so many iphone/ipads/ipods in a 5 year span) these services should continue generating lots of revenue with little overhead cost.


    Hope this somewhat clarifies things.
    3 Dec 2012, 11:50 AM Reply Like
  • Ashtarir, thank you for kindly responding. Looking at the AAPL website, and the frequencies the A1429 works on, it looks to me like it works on the frequencies for GSM and the frequencies for CDMA. That's the source of my confusion. Does LTE somehow allow the merging of the two technologies (CDMA and GSM) to allow a factory unlocked (as opposed to a jail-break unlock) iPhone A1429 to work on both CDMA and GSM, since it seems to list all the frequencies of each? When you ask the people in the AAPL store, they say "I'm told to tell you that they work on only one technology or the other", their phraseology leading you to believe they want you to read between the lines. Please tell me why, if the A1429 works on all these frequencies, it would not work on both networks. And I have read some blogs that say the unlocked CDMA phone does indeed work on both networks. And why does the website not ask which technology you want in your unlocked iPhone 5 when you go to order one? Thanks for your patience with explanations; I'm no engineer.
    3 Dec 2012, 12:17 PM Reply Like
  • The LTE technology for Sprint, Verizon, and ATT is simillar for all three companies. The freqencies that they broadcast on are however different and could again be the limiting factor with service capabilities. Without haveing the no sh*t specs for each phone and doing research on the freqency spectrums of wireless providers around the world it would be a very hard to answer this question with 100% assurance. Regardless, the iphone 5 still has to support edge, cdma, and 4G services for all the providers. With out doing the mentioned research I would think that the apple is manufacturing their phones using LTE, GSM, or CDMA hardware with freqencies specific to the service provider its built for and additional GSM freqencies for global use. If you travel outside the country with any of the unlocked iphone 5 you will more than likly be in the same situation as before unless you find a company that uses the same freqencies as your US services provider. Apple is only selling unlocked phones to make more money, keep up with competition and also provide people with the luxury of using the same phone overseas even if there are limitations (don't forget that the data limitations go away when you're on wifi).
    If this hasn't confused you enough there's another LTE technology currently being developed called TD-LTE which significantly outperforms the current LTE networks in the US. CLWR, which sprint owns about 55% of, is planing on offering this service by 2015. CLWR and some of the worlds largest wireless providers are working together in a global initiative to push this technology using very simillar freqencies to reduce semiconductor manufacturing cost. Softbank which has annouced plans to buy 70% of Sprint has already turned on this service in Japan and is using the same frequencies that CLWR plans to implement. So I wouldn't put much thought into the capatibility of an unlock phone right now because it could all change in the next year or two. I'm willing to bet my money on TD-LTE as it has huge advantages over existing LTE technology and there are some huge names (specifically in China) that are pushing to standardize it. Its kind of like the Blueray and HD DVD battle many years back. HD DVD had a huge lead in sales over blueray but blueray quickly became the standard due to its large data capacity. If this technology does become popular you may finally see some benifit to buying an unlocked phone for global use.
    3 Dec 2012, 04:03 PM Reply Like
  • Holy crap. Why can't everything just settle down, so I can figure things out. Before I can even figure out today's technology, there's something else on the horizon. I have a 3GS locked to ATT, and my wife has my old unlocked 3G. I'd like to replace them both with the iPhone 5, but which to get? She's from the Philippines, and I occasionally travel to Brasil or Spain. Thus my thinking on purchasing unlocked iPhone 5s, so they will work overseas. But in this country, there are many more CDMA carriers to choose from. Ideally, if the unlocked iPhone 5 would work on both technologies I could get two and find the least expensive provider here, and swap out sim cards when overseas. But everything is so complicated!! Oi. Thanks, Ashtarir, for your responses, but I am as confused as ever about which way to go. Tempted to just hang on to what we have and see if the NEXT generation iPhone will in fact do what I want. What do you think are the chances of that? In the meantime, these two phones are definitely out of date, technology-wise. Oi.
    4 Dec 2012, 11:31 AM Reply Like
  • In my opinion you will have better luck with an unlocked ATT vs Verizon or Sprint. I would look at the carriers in the areas you plan to travel and see which ones would be most compatable with the US carriers. If anything you should call apple customer support directly and ask them about compatability with the carriers you plan to use overseas. I wouldn't be surprised if you find carriers that use the same hardware as our US providers. On a personal note I recommend using what you have and spend the extra money on an iPad 4 instead. Its much more useful for magazines, books and the web.
    4 Dec 2012, 01:57 PM Reply Like
  • Ashtarir, thank you once again for taking the time to respond. I guess today I will go ahead and order two unlocked iPhone 5 64s and see how they work out. In terms of iPad, earlier this year I purchased two iPad 3s, one for myself and one for my wife. You are right, they are wonderful for magazines and the web.


    Thanks again, and happy holidays to you!
    5 Dec 2012, 09:15 AM Reply Like
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