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Wal-Mart (WMT) reportedly plans to deny health insurance to new employees who work fewer than 30...

Wal-Mart (WMT) reportedly plans to deny health insurance to new employees who work fewer than 30 hours/week. The policy change will use an Obamacare loophole to shift the costs of health insurance to the government.
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  • Why would there be a loophole that would allow such a thing?


    Walmart's decision is theirs to make with part-time employees. Full-time are typically employed 40 or more hours per week, so those with 30 or less fall into the part-time category. If they are able to receive health insurance via Obamacare, then so be it.


    How many more companies will use this loophole to ensure their part-time employees get health coverage?
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  • Many Many, too many to count.
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  • Wal-Mart intentionally reduces employee hours to 30 or less. The "part-time" employees then obtain Medi-Care type govt health-care at taxpayers expense. Or Healthy Family and ETB etc...Wal-Mart simply shifts the burden of health care to the govt. because they do not pay employees enough to care for their family. Is it any wonder why Medi-care expenses are out of control.
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  • you need to learn the differences between MediCARE and mediCAID before you start looking ignorant in these discussions
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  • whoever added this "Market Comment" must be sitting back belly laughing...they got the over-reaction they were looking for.


    only a small % of companies pay benefits to part-timers. These people often go w/o coverage and end up going to emergency rooms, which these costs hospitals pass along to the rest of us. The Affordable Healthcare Act makes everybody get healthcare coverage...this will SAVE money.


    No question there is much waste in Medicare and Medicaid, but I was outraged after my father had a stroke, that the wealthy spend the money to "hide" assets so their parent gets medicaid payments. The nursing homes actually proactively distribute attorney names who specialize.


    w/r to U.S. it is the highest cost per person in the world; we rate 37th in overall quality, 41st infant mortality...this is outrageous and needed attention.


    all this socialist/communist talk is by the same people against Roosevelt w/ Social Security and Johnson w/ Medicare...our grandchildren will be outraged when people try to make alterations to their Affordable Healthcare Act down the road
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  • "Outrageous and needs attention?"


    What about our massive obesity and heart disease rates? It doesn't matter how much you spend on healthcare when you have an inherently more unhealthy population....


    Food for thought
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  • If you want to compare health care costs make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Demographics, clinging to life in the last 6 months, tons of obese people, etc.
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  • and it's exactly the processed food industry that is producing this obesity and metabolic syndrome disease outbreak (diabetes 2, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction etc.) in turn, the pharma industry makes a killing by treating all these obese people with a pill. Statin drugs good example, they are now putting children on these dangerous drugs, with many toxic side effects.


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  • Could it possibly be that Americans need to take personal responsibility for their actions and take better care of themselves?
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  • Yep. And many states will let the Fed setup the exchange and take the costs, rather than accept huge Medicaid increases. Of course, Obama will be long gone before the Fed goes off the healthcare cliff. More unsustainable promises of ever increasing entitlements.
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  • Prepare to see more and more companies fire workers and then rehire them as part time employees to get around this oppressive Obama instituted law. Tell me again how smart the American people are. Americans used to at least understand what was in their best interests. Now they are just plain stupid (or fully propagandized). Sorry.
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  • The problems started when taxes were cut & cut and cut to 58 year lows on business profits not paid to workers. This is just Conservative welfare going to top 1-5% of Americans.
    Leave it to wealthy to scam more money from the middle-class.
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  • Are you aware corporate profits under Obama are the HIGHEST of any developed country in the world ?


    How many people do you employ ?
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  • Lol, like middle class with Iphones, sports cable network, $50K pickups and SUVs, who go shopping with food stamps and collect years worth of unemployment? You mean like them? Fact is everyone has gotten greedy, but Obama and the Democrats have found a better way to feed into that greed than the Republicans.
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  • Spot on!
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  • Why is having an iphone, sports tv, and a $50k pickup greedy when you are laid off and collecting a max of $450 a week (max 99 weeks) and your private health insurance costs $1000 a month for you and your family? Seems like a really ignorant and shallow perception of what it is like to be unemployed.
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    ONE day you will regret your comment. It is called KARMA !!! Pretty sad that you think someone unemployed actually wants to be in that position. Not even sure why i am even responding to your way of thinking...But i am sure KARMA will hit you, and you will remember what you just wrote!!
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  • MACH


    Pay no attention to those who haven't walked in the unemployed shoes...Their day will come, and they will remember what they posted. It is a shame that people actually think this way of their fellow workers who got laid off, lost their benefits, and scramble to make ends meet...


    Garbage posting not even worth my time, but i had to get it out as i have family who , under this recession, are struggling to keep a roof over their heads..Some people just disgust me..
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  • I T unfortunately there maybe bums trying to life of everyone else. It is sad to say, they will not make the honest effort to train for a new job and make it happen. They keep the paperwork in motion so they stay eligible for assistance its totally disgusting and I hope they get caught one day. We have plenty of public works projects that should be done. Best Wishes and good luck to those that are in need!
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    Of course you always have people who are lazy, but just look at our economy. We have close to 400k WEEKLY being laid off and no where near the amount of jobs needed for those WHO need to work to pay the bills.


    Add to that once you are in your fiftys the opportunities diminish. My family member worked 25 years for one company, and then was laid off. He has sent out over 1k resumes with no luck.


    That is why this country is passed the tipping point, our fiat dollar will die, and holder of PM'S will garner the wealth transfer. Kicking the can down the road won't work forever..


    It's just the sheeple don't recognise how bad of a position our country is in, debt wise, education wise, etc...Time will tell !!!
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  • Machiavelli,


    I know what it is like to fail in life - fortunately I did most of it while I was young.


    I fully support having unemployment insurance for the man that runs a piece of equipment for 17 years and then is told the plant is closing and he has to try to find a new job. He will need time to find a similar job or to be trained to do something similar and I have no issue paying taxes to help he and his family through a difficult time.


    But I respectfully disagree that being unemployed when your 23 or 27 and single and are abled-bodied is a hardship. And I know what thats like!!! I would extend that to many situations in life.


    One of the biggest issues we face is the changing expectation of adults to provide for themselves. In 1980, we still saved over 10% of our incomes - why? Because people expected that they were the primary person responsible for themselves and their families. Today - its not the same - people think they should spend all their money and have Ipods, Pads, Phones, 50K trucks, etc, etc. I have many employees that by all appearances must be earning much more than I do!!! And that is fine - its their choice. But if/when something goes wrong then I would respectfully say they should be prepared to face the choices they have made. I don't say that to be evil or hateful or rude. I'll contribute to the local charities that they might have to turn to. But I object that somehow I should regularly (through taxes) dig deep into my pocket to pay for folks that CHOOSE to live a certain way - when I choose to live what I believe is a responsible lifestyle.


    And I don't think my views are ignorant. And I'd even put forward that in some ways we teach ignorance by not allowing children to see the results of bad choices. When I was young you saw some suffering (in relative terms) - and you were told it was a result of drinking, sloth, laziness, drugs, etc - and you realized even at a young age it isn't a good life. Today my daughter sees unemployed people living the same lifestyle - enjoying life just as much - and seemingly not having a lot of worries (and I'm not implying that is the situation for all - but I see many younger people not generally interested nor worried about work). Not a good development IMO.


    And just to point out in practical terms what I'm saying. I've never paid 50K for a vehicle (I could). I lived for a few years when young without any tv (because I couldn't afford it), I still do not have a mobile phone and no smartphone, Just two years ago I broke down and bought a cable "package" (with internet included). And while I'm not one of these super rich people - I've done well and live a comfortable lifestyle. I don't think its ignorant to suggest others - living with less assets and income - might consider living a different lifestyle rather than expect taxpayers to fund said lifestyle.
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  • davidbdc, nice strawman off the bat pointing out 23 and 27 single able-bodied unemployed collecting benefits. You first have to have a job to collect benefits and the maximum benefits barely cover the expenses of one person which doesn't last for your entire life as I said it only is for 99weeks max. You wrote this big long boring story about how awesome you are and how much you give and how you resist spending and how everyone should be like you. Dude, it is so obvious you are trying to make up for your missing empathy chip but I'm not surprised considering most folks here with high comment counts on SA are sociopaths.
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  • So because I spend some of my free time posting at this website I lack empathy? Thats a remarkable determination.


    Lots of 23 and 27 year olds collect unemployment benefits, I see them every day. And unemployment benefits are there to help during a difficult period - they aren't supposed to provide the same living. And people should also rely on their own savings, their families, their neighbors, their communities if the situation calls for it.


    You can believe whatever you'd like about myself. It doesn't change the lack of personal responsibility that exists more and more in our society.


    Unfortunately, folks like yourself seem to be the majority and will continue to believe in the simple slogans used to justify more and more government dependency - where no one is blame for their lot in life - and only the government can make things right. And anyone like myself that speaks up is simply personally attacked.
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  • LOL! Don't worry, davey, there are lots of guys out there just like you. Your passive aggressive response was also expected. LOL!
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  • I T there is 1 chance to turn this around. We are in a time frame where inventors with help can change things in a big way. It is are last hope of going deeper in to Armageddon in better shape. Wish us luck we can not afford to lose this last major War. The World will be changed for ever. This will be like the Yucatan Asteroid event. Best of luck we can really use it.
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  • LOL is your response completely devoid of anything except personal insults.


    No need for either of us to reply to each other in the future.


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  • No need to tell me what I do because you don't deserve any respect.
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  • MACH


    BINGO!!! Nice call......Has many employees but no cell phone? no cable ? Tell me how you run a business today without a cell phone? Yell loud??


    I own a business and need two phones!!


    What a farce...I was laughing reading it !Had no clue of the 30 hr minnimum for benefits but treated his employees ok....what a joke..
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    You got busted, just take it like a man..and no, the young generation of that age isn't abusing anything. I have a daughter around that age and she has a Teaching Degree. Since theyre no full time jobs now in teaching she is going for her Masters AND is the lead substitute teacher in her high school.


    So don't go knocking the young generation. It is the older generation that allowed all this crap to happen from Nixon to the POTUS right now.


    Take some blame..
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  • I don't need to yell at anyone. I have solid managers and good employees. And I long ago realized that I don't need to be consulted every hour of every day - nor do I want to be.


    And I don't believe I made any statement about minimums for benefits.. .. Nor did I blame young people for our country's problems. And if you read some of the comments I generally make here at SA, I actively support having those who are responsible for the mess take the medicine for the mess.


    But thats ok. When faced with any type of common sense I guess its easier to insult, distort, and denegrate as opposed to explaining how you might be correct.
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    Stop, stop......No cell phone but run a business now with managers??


    Did i say yell at anyone? You didn't even get it...


    Do you think the readers don't see through this mess you write?


    Next i am gonna read your the head of Citibank.I am done responding, why waste time....Let the readers decide!!!
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  • You said "Tell me how you run a business today without a cell phone? Yell loud??


    And amazingly enough businesses existed before the advent of cell phones and the internet.


    But I do appreciate that you will not respond to my posts in the future as insults generally don't contribute to the forum.
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  • "But I do appreciate that you will not respond to my posts in the future as insults generally don't contribute to the forum. "


    Neither do lies !!!
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  • terry pay your own damn medical bills and leave the taxpayers out of it.
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  • And the winner is davidbdc.
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  • Winner davidbdc.
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  • Whenever Terry starts a comment with "the problems started when" you know you are going to get some political sour grapes statement.


    The problems really started with Adam and Eve. They would not listen.


    Now if you are a evolutionist the problems started in the muck.
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  • RJKRJK To call Americans really stupid is really harsh and abrasive. It is unfortunately also true. The good folks who voted for Obama have no idea, not a clue, what they, and the rest of the country are in for. They will find out in the very near futures.
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  • Its truly remarkable to me that people don't realize how screwed up things are.


    NEVER, in my entire time in business did I think about whether someone should be full time or part time based on anything other than what the business needed, or in a few instances what the person desired.


    This shows how many pigs are at the public trough. Its disgusting. Walmart (and other large entities) already get free roads, free traffic lights, free real estate, zero real estate taxes, free re-zoning, free everything from local and state governments - and I"m supposed to now compete with the addition of free health care paid by the government for their employees?


    Folks - take it from someone that has seen it firsthand. I've spent decent amount of time in parts of the world where freedom didn't exist for decades. FREEDOM and LIBERTY dwarfs anything the government will promise you. The USSR had large enterprises - all staffed and run by......those in favor with the government - ie Communist party members. We aren't too far way from the same situation here in the USA - public employees plus the politicians plus the financial elite plus those totally dependent gives you close to a ruling majority.


    So now the government will subsidize health care for supposedly the biggest and baddest corporate entities..... all paid for by folks like myself. Brilliant.
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  • Obamacare is probably in need of tweaking. So why would anyone think it would be perfect. The former system was certainly a disaster.
    Quit complaining and or learn what is going on and help make it perfect.
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  • No actually the former system wasn't a disaster. It provided for most of the medical breakthroughs the world has seen in the past 50 years. It extended lifespans by over a decade and has improved quality of life. That is NOT a disaster.


    The issue was one of affordability for those without insurance. Because of the system of reimbursement prices stopped bearing any relation with reality. Doctors spend more on people to process paperwork than they do to actually provide care. That leaves the person that shows up and wants to just receive care and pay facing monstrous bills.


    Reform of the system was very possible. Why not try letting insurance companies offer regional health insurance plans? Why not put regulations in place to limit emergency care bills - and to also allow hospitals to send folks to urgent care facilities instead of the emergency room. Why not try some sort of national catastrophic insurance to protect against cancer, heart disease, etc?


    Why decide to scrap the whole thing and try to take it all over. Where is the federal exchange for health care plans? Will they meet their own deadline to have it up and running? No


    And as for your comment about quit complaining - thats exactly what big brother wants - just shut up and live according to the way "we" tell you.
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  • Vonda.........
    It is too bad the thumbs down button is gone.
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  • Tweaking, he says. 2200 pages of stuff with small print. Better yet scrap it and start all over and allow the voting public to comment ( but not vote ) on it before passing. Oh, and don't forget to include a chapter on tort reform to make managed health care a more affordable program.
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  • As far as I know, Walmart has never offered health care to part time employees. What is new here, is the magic number of 30 hrs/wk, which comes entirely from Obamacare legislation. Now part timers not only don't get health care,but have a hard stop on hours/wk.
    In the longer run, I expect all employers to drop health care entirely, since the cost of the fine for not providing it is about 1/3 of the cost of providing. I believe that is the intention of this horrible legislation: to deliberately shift all coverage to the federal government, ending up with a single payer system arrived at through the back door.
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  • I don't have any intention of dropping coverage. We have a solid health care plan and it pleases my employees that we do. I can't imagine that Obamacare will offer the same re-imbursement to doctors so it will become even more valuable to my employees.


    But there is no way that this should be allowed to be a government provided competitive advantage to large entities.
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  • Congratulations. I wish I thought there were more like you, but I don't.
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  • Walmart is going to find that Costco is what is happening in the consumer world. Ever so slowly people will shop more at Costco and not at Walmart.
    It is called bad PR for Walmart.
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  • The people that shop at Walmart could care less how Walmart deals with their employees. Most care only about the price of the goods sold there, and Walmart will continue to be competitive. Besides, you miss the point: Walmart didn't provide for part timers before Obama-care, and Obama-care doesn't force them (nor should it IMO) to do so now.
    No-one chose Costco over Walmart based on their employee health care policies before Obama-care, and won't now.
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  • Unless the people who work at Walmart also shop there, which probably is the case.
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  • Vanda...after reading just two of your comments, I'm wondering if you understand basic economics. The household income of the typical Costco shopper is 50% higher than that of WalMart. Costco won't take market share from WalMart because WalMart shoppers simply can't AFFORD to shop at Costco. They are "worlds" apart, no matter what you think is "happening".
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  • Yup, all those poor people at WMT buying IPads and IPhones (WMT and Sams club sell both)
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  • While that may be true, they really don't compete with each other. Costco competes more with Sam's club (part of WMT). WMT exists for your basic staples and a larger variety of goods than what you'll find at either Sams or Costco
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  • How could this be a bad PR move for Walmart?


    They have found a way to provide healthcare for part-time employees.


    Again I ask: How many other companies will follow Walmart's move?


    Not sure how Costco entered the discussion. Are they using the loophole to provide healthcare for their employees also?
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  • Far more "poor people" are buying groceries, clothes, and household items at Walmart than they are buying iPads and iPhones. How can one tell whether a shopper is wealthy or "poor?"


    This isn't about Apple or Costco, it is about Obamacare. Let's bring the focus of the discussion back to Obamacare and this loophole.
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  • The basic mistake being made by the liberals is that better health insurance will mean better health care which will lead to better health for the general population. There are so many derailing factors in between that none of this will likely ever produce the desired result. None of this will change human nature, that no matter what you do, there will always be a top 20% and a bottom 20% in society. The communists ran this experiment and proved that government control cannot make everyone feel the same, think the same, or perform the same. Our republic was formed on the basis of individual liberty, to succeed or fail, with a minimum of government interference. How we got to the point of cradle to grave guarantees is an astonishing breech of faith by the American people. We have reduced the need for individual responsibility by distributing it over the entire population via government led social engineering. What you end up with is even more irresponsible behavior. As Thomas Jefferson wrote:


    "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."
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  • Restaurant chains like Olive Garden and Red Lobster has already stated to cut their full time workers to 29.5 hours...Others will follow!
    This Obamatax is going to blow up one day!!
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  • WalMart is a solid Republican/Welfare company.
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  • Go back under the rock.
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  • I would guess that because Walmart is a Republican/Welfare company that no Democrats or people not on welfare shop there.


    This makes perfect sense to one person, apparently.
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  • How much did Walmart contribute to Obama's campaign?
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  • Remember the lie that you can keep your present insurance coverage and Obamacare will not impact it?
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  • Six Waltons Have More Wealth Than the Bottom 36 % of Americans.


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  • And the problem with that is? They built the most efficient merchandise distribution system in world history. In so doing, they did enormous amounts of good for people who likely would not have been able to afford many of these goods otherwise. They also provided employment for millions of people.
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  • They inherited it all. Most all workers are on food-stamps. The jobs were created in China,Mexico. Cosco has better pricies,and pay all workers more than WalMart.
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  • C A S Mr. Walton early on hired a supply specialist that was experienced from WW2 so that was his smartest idea and as we have seen its been great for there bottom line ever since.
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  • Some goyisha family from Arkansas becomes the world's greatest retailer and there is h*ll to pay for.
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  • "Cosco has better pricies,and pay all workers more than WalMart."


    Classic "let them eat cake" comment. COST has "better prices" on bulk, high margin items that most WMT customers simply can't afford to purchase in bulk. Same reason the dollar stores thrive in recessions - people buy smaller amounts and live hand to mouth. COST pays better wages because their customers are better off. The two are simply not comparable.
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  • If only Americans were not so greedy and keep shopping at Walmart. Greed at every level.
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  • Another reason I will never step foot inside a Walmart.
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  • Another drive by media "huffington post" anti Walmart propaganda post.


    I've owned insurance agency in Ky for 30 years and 30 hours has always been #of hours for part time cut off for health benefits for ALL companies..not just Walmart.How easily the sheep are led!
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  • DTB


    I also owned a company and we had the same state law for health benefits!!
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  • Why is Seeking Alpha publicizing this drivel. It's an Obamacare loophole that MANY companies will exploit. No one mentioned Darden Corp and their well-known restaurant chains that will shift MORE workers to PT to avoid this.


    It's a loophole that makes sense. Why would you want to cover part-time workers that likely have other forms of coverage (teens, seniors on medicare etc). Also, you'd raise the cost of keeping those part-time workers employed thereby leading to HIGHER unemployment. If you want to know what GENEROUS benefits can do to an economy, go look at Greece or Spain. The unions there have ensured that only tenured people still have jobs while YOUTH unemployment is 25-50%.
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  • Wal-Mart is the retail wing of Communist China, with sweetheart deals on bulk manufacturing and all they had to do was drive mom and pop stores out of business to sew up massive supplies at a far lower cost than are available to smaller retailers.
    American jobs have vanished off Main Street, American jobs have gone to China and Bangladesh, living wages have gone down to the point that taxpayers have to pay the food portion of a Wal-Mart worker by way of food stamps but for some reason this sits well with Republicans while the heirs to Sam Walton sit on $250 billion and profits are at record highs.
    If you were to have access to the prices that Wal-Mart paid, and you had a mom and pop store, you too could offer low prices as China is prepared to sell at a loss to drive sales and recoup through smaller retailers.
    Wal-Mart is as anti-American as can be and they are decimating Main Street,
    There is no excuse for a company that has so much profit annually to keep taking from the workers and expecting everybody else to foot the bill through their taxes.
    Greed seems to have no limits and they even have the audacity to demand tax cuts so their portion of food stamps contribution is far less.
    America. With companies like Wal-Mart dictating which family run businesses will fold under their pressure, America is screwed.
    The irony is that conservatives pay lip service to the small business owner, pine for the halcyon days of the 50s and community but cheer on the destruction of the communities they live in by unfitted merchants of greed. What ever happened to love of country and looking out for the underdog, caring and compassion for your fellow American on the right hand side of politics?
    There is even gloating at the prospect of poor people being exploited and ripped of emanating from the right.
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  • I don't have a problem competing with Walmart. They offer basically everything but with no service.


    What I do have a problem with is the giveaways. Kmart was the first to move into our community.... They leased CRE same as everyone else. They lasted about 12 years.


    Walmart then moved in - they got rezoning - FREE and EXPEDIATED. They got new roads - FREE and EXPEDIATED. They got free traffic lights - FREE and EXPEDIATED AND Without any traffic flow studies which are supposedly required!!! Then they got 10 years of ZERO real estate taxes. Then they got reduced real estate taxes for the 15 years after that. Then they decided they needed/wanted a second exit onto a local street. Supposedly against the zoning laws - Hey lets just waive that one also!


    That I have a real problem with. If I were to set out to do the same it would take me years and a heck of a lot of money. That is not free enterprise/capitalism. And it happens in town after town. Let them buy their own land - pay their taxes - pay for all the required studies and permits - pay for the new roads - pay for the traffic lights - pay for all the same things every other business pays for. I greatly resent that its my tax dollars the town and county spend to allow a competitor to move in and try to take business from me. And why does it happen??? Because they bribe the politicians - plain and simple (and I don't give a damn if its considered legal - its still a bribe).
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  • [The irony is that conservatives pay lip service to the small business owner, pine for the halcyon days of the 50s and community but cheer on the destruction of the communities they live in by unfitted merchants of greed.]


    Post of the day.
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  • Well said. "There is no excuse for a company that has so much profit annually to keep taking from the workers and expecting everybody else to foot the bill through their taxes."


    Taxpayers are making up the difference in costs of living. and it is entirely their ideal to do so all year long. Plus the part-timers they are hiring presently for the holiday seasons {some of which will replace current full-time workers} are also still on the Government til.
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  • " One of the greatest fortunes in the world, built on human misery and public subsidy." Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, Ca. on Wal-Mart.
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  • This is a true story. A WallMart about 40 miles away from where i live was hit with over 150 violations. They had rats all over the place!! Eating all the food , opening the bags in the back, even eating the food in front of the bakery...


    We all expected them to be shut down, however magically they passed and were allowed to operate...That was a real head scratcher here.


    I swear i would never buy any meats, or food from ANY store of theirs. Soap, Clothes, Medicines, are fine.....FOOD...NO WAY!
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  • Corporate profits are higher because of low $. A scam Wall Street doesn't tell you. Wall mart is the front for Chinese to funnel money out of U.S. To solev the problem raise their corporate tax to pay for the health care.
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  • The last laugh will be on china when the final reckoning comes.... they'll have a stack full of paper and we'll have a bunch of chinese made goods
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  • There is no 'last laugh' in this unfolding train wreck.
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  • CHOP


    Problem is i think they are already taking that paper and buying PM'S with it. So who gets the last laugh??
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  • Good point, although I think with the way this domestic energy boom is shaping up, they'll be begging us for oil and nat gas in a few decades for their exploding middle-class with all of their cars, using all the gold bars they can muster.
    1 Dec 2012, 09:07 PM Reply Like
  • That fracking for gas is going to be a problem unless they clean up how to get it...Most communities are voting against it, toxic water!!!
    2 Dec 2012, 03:44 AM Reply Like
  • Never have I seen so many of the well to do so envious of the poor for the handouts that they have to live on.


    Something is really amiss.
    1 Dec 2012, 09:18 PM Reply Like
  • Never have I seen so many of the poor so well to do.


    Something is really amiss.
    1 Dec 2012, 09:35 PM Reply Like
  • Wyatt, only you would call food stamp card of $4.00 per day as well off for a worker at WalMart and many other American companies, while the owners have 10's millions in offshore bank accounts.
    1 Dec 2012, 10:16 PM Reply Like
  • Honestly, it is really hilarious when dudes like Wyatt Junker hammer home your point immediately after your post.
    1 Dec 2012, 10:38 PM Reply Like
  • Wyatt


    You also will regret what you might think is humor...Millions of Americans on unemployment would rather be working. I hope you one day have that funny feeling in your stomach when your told you are no longer needed!!
    1 Dec 2012, 11:20 PM Reply Like
  • No American should be asking for equal standards of living because it would be hypocritical to stop at the US borders. American poor people massively better than the poor of other countries all the while making bad choices and feeding all kinds of bad habits.


    You want fair? Start shipping wealth and materials to Africa and Asia.


    Otherwise you are just a hypocrite.
    2 Dec 2012, 01:06 AM Reply Like
  • The 'poor' have been continually revised up the economic ladder to the point to where, now, they are almost middle class by a 1958 standard. Actually, today's 'poor' would be considered wealthy by a 1958 standard, what with their futuristic TV phones and huge wall flatscreens and free food that magically appears in their cupboards with the square piece of plastic in their wallet, the cheap housing, free infant formula and diapers, endless UI checks, disability claims, SSI etc. etc. None of which existed back in 1958, let alone 1935.


    So, today's left, along with the Washington/media complex which has been redefining what it means 'to be poor' have reclassified it so many times that it is actually quite a well-heeled group.


    Why do they do this? Because history is always the same as the upper 2% along with the power elites join forces to knock the upper middle down with the middle and move 'the poor' up into the middle so there are only two classes, the bourgeois and the proletariat. Sound familiar?


    So 'the poor' are used as agitprop to expand the middle class by incorporating them into it by using the upper middle and middle to finance the operation. So they bring those two groups down and the lower one up and they all share misery together as all incomes fall together.


    Then, we are left with our little nirvana of the state of the super elite and ... the rest.


    Meanwhile, until we get there, all 'the poor' are revised to 'be poor' and 'look poor' while living like kings as the goal posts are moved and the agitprop ever advances to get more people to pay in to the system. Its an old tactic, but works every time.


    Hatred, class warfare, balkanization, demographics set upon demographics, anything used to divide and conquer and its working right on cue.
    2 Dec 2012, 02:03 PM Reply Like
  • rationed healthcare is just around the corner. All that wonderful expensive technology will be for naught.
    1 Dec 2012, 09:25 PM Reply Like
  • Someone always will pay for health care. If Walmart covers these employees, you can bet on higher prices for their goods. That will not help the store and could lead to lay-offs. If the government covers them through medicaid, you also pay in a different way.


    American health care has undergone a many changes recently and some of these have added to costs. Example: hospitals and health care providers are now huge for-profit corporations doing their best to grow the bottom line, many wonderful new technical advances and medications have been made but they are costly. Then there's the huge cost of litigation which has skyrocketed in a few decades.


    Everyone needs health care coverage and we may be gradually moving toward socialized medicine. Our system currently has many middle men and therefore higher cost than it otherwise might. . This, depending on one's insurance and status may result in better care, but it is a cumbersome system loaded with bureaucracy and inequity.


    Politics and time will dictate the future, but based on the last election, a unified, broad- based system may be only a few decades away, for better or worse.
    1 Dec 2012, 10:16 PM Reply Like
  • H P for the worse in the case of the poor and the shrinking middle class. Nurses spend close to 70-80 on paperwork not nursing there patients. Does not luck good to me I have spent to much time getting treatments in patient & out. The rich will have there private hospitals and clinics to go to. That is the likely scenario going forward. Best Wishes
    1 Dec 2012, 10:53 PM Reply Like
  • Yes, US healthcare is most expensive in the world, with overall outcomes somewhere at #37. What isn't addressed is the fact that protoplasm in US is poor to begin with - poorly educated low and middle class as well as high obesity rates. So while overall outcomes are not be good, outcomes for every single pathology found are excellent. US treatment outcomes for cancer are near the top if not the top in the world. US outcomes for heart attacks surpass almost every country in the world. As a medical care provider, I wouldn't want my care provided anywhere else in the world.
    1 Dec 2012, 11:46 PM Reply Like
  • Then you as I should know, that our healthcare system has been seriously misappropriating funds to treatments of little incremental benefit where instead they could be focused on more effective therapy.
    The free market has not worked in healthcare because the incentive structure in the pay for performance world is to "do more", not to strive for better outcomes. Until that changes we will still be throwing away a ton of money rather than focusing on treating the lifestyle conditions that created the "poor US substrate."
    2 Dec 2012, 09:23 AM Reply Like
  • Right on about money misappropriation. But it's actually easier to address than most think with just two approaches:


    1) Address medicolegal issues that generate so many unnecessary workups. If done correctly, that would reduce costs of medical care by my estimate at least 10 percent. And some states solutions, while limiting medicolegal issues have actually covered up real medicolegal cases.


    2) Negotiate drug prices on the national and state level, the same way the rest of the world does it. This would reduce treatment costs by at least another 10 to 20 percent.


    There you have it, 20 to 30 percent savings. By the way, obamacare does nothing to address these at all, which is the reason most doctors despise it. Instead it takes primary aim at cutting reimbursement at specialists - which will likely save less than 2 percent of healthcare costs - and likely make the whole system a lot less efficient.


    But all of this requires smart decisions that go against biggest money grubbers in DC, so don't count on it to happen.
    2 Dec 2012, 01:30 PM Reply Like
  • Around half of our money is spent on Medicare and half of that is in the last 6 months of life. People just need to die in this country like they do in other countries and that would make us look better in a hurry.
    2 Dec 2012, 04:05 PM Reply Like
  • Which is #3 on that list - poor end of life choices on part of everyone. No doctor wants to offend anyone and suggest that care should be withdrawn - especially at the bottom of the economic barrel - people find that 'insulting' for whatever reason.
    3 Dec 2012, 08:51 AM Reply Like
  • That is awsome.


    I hope they control costs.


    I like the prices at Walmart.
    2 Dec 2012, 02:01 AM Reply Like
  • The smartest people are out there running businesses trying to stay a jump ahead of the morons running the circus in Washington. Looks like the folks at WMT win this round. Good for them!
    The down side is that all these part timers will undoubtedly become or already are O-dude voters lining up for more free stuff courtesy of the tax paying producers.
    2 Dec 2012, 02:10 AM Reply Like
  • yup.
    2 Dec 2012, 08:11 AM Reply Like
  • May I never be too good for Wal Mart.


    *Chest fist bump 2X + peace sign*


    2 Dec 2012, 02:29 AM Reply Like
  • Such a fine upstanding company as Walmart - forced into not living up to the responsibilities of any ethical employer by the evil Affordable Care Act. We need to find out what else the Administration has been up to that has made Walmart pay poverty wages to begin with, resort to bribery in Mexico, have their lead executives resign in disgrace in China over work and product safety issues, been found in violation of foreign investment laws in India, charged in the UK with illegally transferring profits out of the country to avoid taxes - and of course lie through their teeth before during and after all of the above. Pity those who have to work for such a foul unAmerican enterprise.
    2 Dec 2012, 03:35 AM Reply Like
  • People can complain all they want about what Wal-Mart is doing, but they are doing nothing more than protecting their profits. Like it or not, business is about profits first, and anything else is secondary in importance. When the profits stop, so does every other part of the business including the low paying jobs. There are other models of enterprise where profits are not required. Examples can be found under ‘Non-profits’ and ‘Socialism’.


    This (Un) Affordable Care Act is about to become the most destructive economic force this country has ever seen.
    2 Dec 2012, 07:28 AM Reply Like
  • I love how silly liberals get angry when legislation affects behavior. That's exactly what they try to do. They try to affect our behaviors, and habits based on legislation they pass.


    They don't like our diets, no sugar, salt or soda for you anymore. Problem solved!


    Not to mention, people are so stupid in that they get mad at companies for doing things they legally can do. Walmart is not breaking a law, and this new legislation allows for this to happen. What's the problem?
    2 Dec 2012, 08:31 AM Reply Like
  • I don't love silly neo-cons. Actually they are quite ridiculous.
    3 Dec 2012, 01:44 AM Reply Like
  • Heard some moron in a hotel lobby complaining that Costco was going to borrow money to pay a huge dividend before the end of December and in his view they were "screwing the government."


    I don't know where to start with that mentality.
    2 Dec 2012, 04:07 PM Reply Like
  • Before pre-school I would assume. You learn that from your parents very early in life.
    3 Dec 2012, 06:34 PM Reply Like
  • What he should be complaining about is that the head of Costco spoke at the Democratic convention and has been running around saying everyone should be paying higher taxes...... but I guess its just everyone else that should be paying higher taxes!!!
    3 Dec 2012, 07:21 PM Reply Like
  • TVP down the drain till civil war after WWW3 with Russia and China. You can't cure that kind of stupid. Yet with smaller computer implants we will be able to help people with many different types of health issues. It can't come soon enough for me.
    2 Dec 2012, 11:29 PM Reply Like
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