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Windows (MSFT) notebook unit sales fell 10% Y/Y on Black Friday, claims NPD, which recently...

Windows (MSFT) notebook unit sales fell 10% Y/Y on Black Friday, claims NPD, which recently estimated a 24% Y/Y drop for the first month of Windows 8 sales. Windows 8 gear made up 89% of notebook sales and sported an ASP of just $368; touchscreen devices made up only 3% of sales. Mac (AAPL) sales were flat Y/Y while Android (GOOG) tablets saw a 177% increase, though their ASP plunged to $151 from $219 (no doubt thanks to the Kindle Fire/Nexus 7). TV units rose 4%, but revenue fell 6% thanks to falling ASPs. Total consumer electronics sales fell 5.6%.
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  • That's because they can't innovate anything but end up trying to copy others. A podcast called stock analyst podcast did a review of the company that I thought was good. It may be of interest to others.
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  • Kinect has certainly been innovative. Surface pro is the only true enterprise ready tablet. Windows Server, Lync and System Center are innovative, even a touch enabled enterprise os with metro style interface is innovative. The economy is in a terrible state, unemployment is growing and people are worried about the fiscal cliff and our government over taxing its citizens. In other words times,are tough and money is tight, thus people don't spend on items they can put off for better times.
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  • China has had an excellent decade or more by copying. And Japan and Taiwan had their days in the 80s and 90s. And it is done with very little money spent on innovation. Innovation is expensive. So what is your argument against being successful by copying.


    I say that is the way to go, if you can get away with it
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  • I suspect a couple of things are happening:
    1. Windows 8 is still pretty new, and people are waiting to see if they should risk buying.
    2. Inventories of non-touch-enabled notebooks are being pushed out the door at lower prices, and
    3. People are waiting for the full wave of touch-enabled devices to be available, as word of even more options are coming. (Like Surface Pro)


    Disclaimer: Although I work for and am long MSFT, this is not my area of expertise.
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  • @Kevin,
    Your first point I think is the most important, after the Vista disaster (if you can call it that) MSFT did irreperable harm to it's image and now the legions of XP users that went Vista then straight back to XP are wary of anything that MSFT claims is 'different'.


    It'll take time but I think Win 8 will be a winner in the end, I haven't bought mine just yet (waiting to save up for 2 SSD's to go along with it) but I like what I've seen so far.
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  • Win 8 is competing against two very functional operating systems, Xp and Win7. It is going to be tough to justify a $40 expense to upgrade to Win8 especially when your PC and laptop do not have touch hardware. And besides one does not use Win 8, one uses Office, internet explorer and other programs that are already there with Xp and Win7. Also upgrading software means that you need a faster hardware with more memory to get the benefits of the new technology. The success of MSFT oprating sustems should be seen as combined sales of all operating systems and installed base. And when you have an installed base of around 90% there is only one way to go....down especially when competing against freeware.


    Win 8 adoption will be slow but will eventually take off as the tablets for enterprise are introduced.
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  • Anil - While your opinions are valid (because.. they're opinions. ALL opinions are valid. :) ) I have to correct you on one point you made.
    "Also upgrading software means that you need a faster hardware with more memory to get the benefits of the new technology."


    Usually that has been true. But the stated hardware requirements for Windows 8 have not changed from what they were in Windows 7. And in fact, the memory footprint of the running OS is actually smaller in Windows 8 than in Windows 7.
    5 Dec 2012, 08:44 AM Reply Like
  • MSFT is rated as a great place to work, but there is a large Ballmer toad squatting at the nexus point of development there. That said, I am not knowledgeable how much direct influence (or not) he had w/Win8.
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  • "Mac (AAPL) sales were flat Y/Y while Android (GOOG) tablets saw a 177% increase"
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  • Comparing PC sales which are in decline market wide to tablets which are in an upward trend?


    Seems pretty silly to me. 2 different markets trending in opposite directions...
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  • Mac is not a PC, right ?
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  • You do know what PC means, right? (No not politically correct)
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  • Yeah I know, but Steve Jobs said that it's Mac vs. The PC, so I suppose that Mac is not a PC ...
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  • Somehow... I feel like I just got trolled...
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  • A Samsung troll......!
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  • I am very interested in a Windows 8 laptop but if I'm going touch screen technology I want a touch screen laptop. When I went shopping for a unit after the release of Windows 8 there is very little selection out there. There are plenty of laptops with Windows 7 and they will upgrade to Windows 8 at a very reasonable cost but why buy Windows 8 without a touch screen? Microsoft had the big release but forgot to provide any inventory. Is that why sales are so poor! I also understand that the "Surface" is almost unobtainable.
    4 Dec 2012, 03:12 PM Reply Like
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