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Maxim estimates Tesla Motors (TSLA +0.6%) delivered 1,150 Model S units last month. Though the...

Maxim estimates Tesla Motors (TSLA +0.6%) delivered 1,150 Model S units last month. Though the electic vehicle automaker has plenty of detractors (short interest), don't call Blackrock one of them. The investment firm disclosed to the SEC a TSLA position of over 5.6M shares. (13G)
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  • I spoke to Tesla today on the phone and was told they have close to 15.5K reservations to date, I made my own reservation almost exactly one month ago and I was right near the 13.5K mark, so they are now taking in a good 2K reservations per month! All this news translates to TSLA accelerating deep into positive cash flow territory just like my Model S will be blowing past all the other ICE cars on the road! If I was short I'd get out before it gets too ugly!
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  • Isn't it true that (TSLA) will still be literally hundreds of millions of dollars in debt even if it sells every car? According to some, they have negative gross margins on every car.
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  • Every time I'm tempted to again load up on Tesla stock or options the unrelenting insider selling brings me back to reality-----I perfectly understand some insider selling but the selling of EVERY SINGLE SHARE these corporate bigwigs can get their hands on boggles the mind of a reasonable investor------


    These are the very same people who tell us how great everything is happening at Tesla yet (outside of Elon Musk) sell and keep selling all their shares----
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  • only thing I've heard about insiders is Musk's 25-30% ownership of the company. that's rather bullish. could you provide a reference to the outsized insider selling you suggested in your post?
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  • here you go SteveND hope ND wins


    Look at the # of shares they presently hold-----disgraceful
    Go back a year or 2 and see what they held then------


    It's no wonder about 42% of the float is sold short---
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  • read the link. last 3 months minimal shares traded, though purchases outpacing buys.


    last 12 months, sales were much more substantial, about 5 million shares. this is still less than 20% of Musk owns in the company.


    the great things I see about Tesla don't come from idle talk. they hit 200/cars per week a month ago, they hit cash flow positive this week, they've had rave review after rave review including Motor Trend Car of the Year. Pat1000 insider sales are worth looking at, but they can be for any reason. if you hold off on buying based on sales before any of those events happened these past 3 months, I think you are standing on a whale fishing for minnows.
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  • By the way I own a lot more Tesla than most-----but you have not a clue about their inside selling----And Musk cannot sell for the stock would tumble to single digits-----
    By the way Musk might have broken some Sec rules by posting cash flow numbers on twitter------check out Netflix
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  • you're correct Pat, I've not spent a lot of time looking at insider selling. knowing the CEO owns 25% of the company is pretty much the extent I've looked at insiders.


    I have, however, been looking at the company the past six months quite intently. since the conference call in early November Tesla has offered investors a risk/reward profile I've only seen this good once before in the past 12 years.


    finally, in the time I've looked at the stock I've seen all kinds of concerns brought up by shorts, some reasonable, some gross distortion... but never insider selling, and the shorts seem highly motivated to spin anything negative they can about the company (just last month they described the increase in prices coming as a sign of lower demand... despite the most basic lesson of supply/demand). so, again, you are correct, I've not spent much time on insider sales.
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  • Hi guys,
    Just a word on insider sales. I remember Elon saying awhile back that it is company policy to offer a lot of shares to employees as a good percentage of their compensation. This is typical of silicon valley startups who start off cash poor but want to really motivate employees by a good slice of the winnings if the company really takes off.
    Elon has attracted some of the best and brightest at both SpaceX and Tesla in this way. Many of these people could be making a lot more money at NASA or other firms but they like the potential upside Elon offers through generous share offerings to employees.


    I actually remember reading through company documents when thinking of working for Tesla and it specifically said that you should expect to receive LESS pay at Tesla than at other auto firms for the same position. They really only wanted people who were motivated not only by money but the cause of electrifying transportation.
    It did of course mention the share offering incentives, which probably motivated most in the end.


    What I mean by all this is that a lot of the top guys at Tesla may have some BIG bills to pay...large house, swimming pool, boat, etc.
    As a large portion of their compensation may be in stock they just may be forced to sell some to pay their bills.


    Just a thought...but from what I know of the company culture it may be fairly accurate.
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  • Glad to see some venture capitalists bet on Tesla
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  • Excited to see Elon Musk blow by the nay sayers!
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  • TSLA will be the APPLE of the car world.
    High margins, highly desired product.. only difference - American made...
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  • >>>
    TSLA will be the APPLE of the car world.
    High margins, highly desired product.. only difference -
    American ROBOT made... >>>


    Fixed that for ya, Larryje. It's rather deceptive of Tesla Motors'
    defenders to use union language like "American made" to imply
    that lots of unemployed auto workers are being put to work after
    years of sitting around Flint giving interviews to Michael Moore.
    These cars are made by nanotechnology from start to finish.
    Do a search of "tesla robots" and you'll get plenty of evidence:








    EVERYTHING-ROBOTIC: (scroll down)


    I don't know why this bothers me, but this point must be emphasized: Tesla Motors should come clean about the amount of automation involved in their plants. Of all the disruption coming from (TSLA) longs, this strikes me as being the most insulting strategy. It's like we should be ashamed of ourselves for not supporting Tesla because Elon is employing the UAW.Those pictures say otherwise.
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  • Robots or not Blunder, Tesla is still employing over 3,500 workers currently in the factory, showrooms, service centers, website admin, customer relations, supercharger attendants (eventually).
    These numbers are set to grow exponentially as Tesla grows from producing 20,000 cars in 2013, 40,000+ in 2014, and 100,000+ in 2015/16.
    They will also be deploying over 100 supercharging stations across the nation, along with many more Tesla stores and service depos.
    I think Tesla is doing its part in creating a lot of jobs out there.
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  • >>>
    I think Tesla is doing its part in creating a lot of jobs out there.


    How many of those jobs are paying what baristas make at Starbucks, though? Does Tesla pay more than Apple pays its "geniuses" in Apple stores? Do they declare a lot of their "employees" to be "contractors" so they don't have to pay them a salary and benefits?


    Tesla is being given a pass on many of its claims...
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  • BB,


    Sounds like you have some "facts" about Tesla's business practices.


    Can you cite to anyone being paid as an independent contractor?


    Or that wages are substandard for their sales staff.


    It was my understanding that Tesla's model was that EVERY employee is provided shares in Tesla and that since there were no commissions being paid, the salary was living wage.
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  • >>>
    It was my understanding that Tesla's model was that EVERY employee is provided shares in Tesla and that since there were no commissions being paid, the salary was living wage.


    I am prepared to take your word for it regarding the wages...
    I hope you're right, because as a society we play "fast and loose"
    with our advertising vocab to make it seem like we're creating
    decent jobs.


    I believe that Tesla *is* creating jobs -- but that term "creating
    jobs" doesn't specify whether people can raise a family
    on the wages. As for the shares, ... well, my opinion about
    those is a matter of record.


    I raised those questions because I have doubts. (I had BIG doubts
    about Mitt Romney's "job creation" schemes during the election,
    for example, but that's for another thread....) I'm sure I don't have
    to tell SA readers that companies use all kinds of verbal smoke and
    mirrors to pretend they're contributing more to society than
    they really are.


    And my grievances are not just against (TSLA). FOR THE
    RECORD, GM and Ford are not treating union people fairly
    either; they are now paying employees less than half of what
    they made before the collapse. New GM workers cannot afford
    to buy the cars they make; the wage clawbacks are, as the
    WSWS puts it, "a savage attack on contemporary living


    But I digress....
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  • I just got mine.
    Driving this car is more addictive than nicotine.
    Hold that stock
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  • Great news on quantity delivered. I expect mine delivered in 3 months, already placed the actual order 3 weeks ago. Although reservation number higher than 8,500 I understand that they manufacture first the 85kw. Cannot wait to drive it. Is it really that a single driver can use the California car pool lane with this car?
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  • yep, this has largely been reported / discussed in Tesla's own forums
    you also have an extra $2500 rebate in California on top of the $7500 federal tax credit


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  • As I stated in an above post I probably own more Tesla than most thus I want the stock to go up more than most but I'm sick and tired of the vast amount of insider selling that has taken place over the last 18 months or so------Actually some bigwigs selling almost all of their Tesla shares-----


    Take Jeffrey Straubel the CHIEF technology officer who in less than 2 years has sold 402,000 shares of Tesla and now owns just 79,000 shares-----
    At an average sale price of $30.00 (estimated may a little less) that would come to over 12MILLION Dollars-----each change of $1.00 in his average sales price would amount to $40,200.00 ----------- I think Jeffrey represents a typical inside seller-------
    Do not know the cost of buying those shares but I’m guessing pretty low single digits-----just too lazy to dig out his exact exercise prices----


    Here's the link for all to study and not just to give it a light once-over----


    Maybe if more shareholders cared the insiders would let up on their relentless rush to get out of Tesla stock--------
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