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Boeing's (BA) engineers union appears to be preparing workers for a strike, as both sides remain...

Boeing's (BA) engineers union appears to be preparing workers for a strike, as both sides remain far apart on terms and called in the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, a Washington, D.C., agency that facilitate labor talks. 23K engineers held picket-line training this week, while union representatives call the likelihood of a strike "very high." A walkout however, is not likely to take place until January.
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  • What exactly is "picket line training"....only a UNION would come up with such nonsense....they had thier time and place in they are just money men ...siphoning from the worker.....unfortunatly my work place voted one in....monthly dues and zero change...gotta luv it....sigh
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  • Speea has little to barging with!
    What Speea need to do:
    1.Request another four years contact for with a No laid off clause for its memberships
    2.Cost of living adjustment COA (that Speea give away years ago)
    3.Parking spots for its memberships


    What Boeing need to do:
    1. Is to Laid off 30% of Speea workforce and used the 5% of their salary for raises for the remaining Speea workforce and the other 25% for management bonuses
    2. With 30% of Speea workforce laid off this should fix the Parking problems
    A Win-Win for both sides


    There are over 35,000 non union Boeing Defense and Space workers that are being laid off that Boeing can be transfer to Seattle
    The former Vought plant in south Caroline with its 480 wide assembly bays is being expanding again by 63% and Boeing own 380 across the road from the plant that yet to be delovepment for program like 777-X
    Speea has little to barging with since the 747,737NC & MAX , 777, 767, and 787 are RISH SHARING PROGRAM build by others other aerospace company vendors and suppliers that been off loaded into 70 counties and 25 states that only assemble in Renton and Everett. see Manufacturing and suppliers



    Speea has yet to organize other Boeing location in the United Stated and only 13% of Boeing belongs to Speea in four states


    The 767, 747-8, 777-200, -300 and freighter, has had no new customs so there little for the Speea Prof and Tech to do on these programs
    The 787 was design to have 1200-1800 worker in Everett and the computer systems automatically does the reordering went a existing airline orders another aircrafts
    The 777-X is still unofficial, 787-10 is still under review and, the 787-9 is in production at line number 126
    The KC-46 will have a one year’s work package but the program is over budget and will be cut by 57% in 2013
    The 787-8 is 3.5 years behind schedule, 32 Billions spent on the first 40 aircrafts
    United Airlines is not the only one that has had to wait for the new plane. The list includes Air India, China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines and Qantas, at least. Bloomberg reported that: Qantas will get $433 million from Boeing, including more than $300 million compensation for 787 delays and a refund of deposits for the canceled order


    The 787 are still being canceling by the airlines



    Gulf Air, Bahrain's has cut its order for Boeing's Dreamliner




    Former Boeing Chairman Frank Shrontz once told shook business and government leaders with the warning that Puget Sound could turn into ``an aerospace rust belt,'' if they didn't help Boeing stay competitive.
    Our labor costs in Washington are among the highest in the nation,'' she said. ``When you add it up, it's not the best environment for business.''


    All this has been outline in following reporters


    Washington Council on aerospace - Washington State Legislature



    Washington Aerospace Partnership Aerospace Competitiveness Study


    The Union at Boeing in Seattle has done a great job a drive thru Boeing Renton, should be self explanatory alone with the 70% of commercial that been off loaded
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  • Look for more capacity to move to right to work states. Go South Carolina! I hope you get more business.


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  • Bring on the businesses ! South Carolina knows how to treat the non-union employees. BMW, Boeing, General Electric Gas Turbine, Amazon Distribution, Walmart Distribution, Michelin Tires, Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Re-Processing are but a few 'major' industries and more are being negotiated. Excellent climate, skilled workers, infrastructure and large sea port. The State of 'Beautiful Places and Smiling Faces'.
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