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Lynas' (LYSCF.PK, LYSDY.PK) plans to ramp up rare earth materials via its new Malaysian plant...

Lynas' (LYSCF.PK, LYSDY.PK) plans to ramp up rare earth materials via its new Malaysian plant suffer a setback, as four ministers say it must export waste material in Malaysia or risk having its operating license revoked. The ministers' statement followed reports citing Lynas Malaysia's director as saying the company would not export residue from the plant. MCP +19.8%, AVL +10%, REE +9.5%.
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  • If Lynas gets its license revoked, that would be good news for (MCP). Less competition.
    10 Dec 2012, 04:23 PM Reply Like
  • Lynas plans to further refine the LAMP waste into non-toxic commercial products. The Ministers may not be up to date on the Lynas plans. A Chinese company has already applied to Malysia to build a factory to produce commercial products from the LAMP waste.


    Also, Australia could accept waste material that has been diluted or treated for use in a Lynas factory in western Australia.


    I really don't see Lynas giving up its license ove the LAMP waste.
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  • Well, that would be relevant if it were up to Lynas. It's not. Their Malaysian overlords have been shoving them around from the get go. I do think they'll get the plant up eventually, but all these preconditions are going to eat into their bottom line.
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  • I am so fed up with the Lynas Saga I feel the politicking and the on and off with Lamp and the irrationality of the press and protesters I would not make Malaysia my holiday destination as I believe the way they bag Australia I consider my Aussi dollars to valuable not to waste it there, I am not an Investor but have been following the goings on and i am appalled by it, Lynas should have realized long ago it made a mistake just because of Tax saving to go to Malaysia, as an old saying goes "You pay peanuts you get Monkey". s for the Lynas management i have nothing but contempt. They do make sure their Pocket is filled with pay & Bonuses..... It would have been better to have build the LAMB in Australia in that way it would be operational by now maybe by higher cost and tax but it would be contributing to our country not subsidizing a Corrupt spiteful Malaysia and rubbishing the Australian people ...... I have seen Corporate Australia and i am not impressed but there are some companies out there which care and are respectful to their shareholders, somehow i can't see that with Lynas ..... maybe Greed is not always a good thing, if the board of Directors had any respect to its shareholders they would not look at self interest and refuse huge Salaries until they can show they earned it ...... Shame on Malaysia and shame on Lynas and its directors ( Cheap means not always good) I am a disgusted observer.
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  • Welcome to corporate America.
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  • I am not a shareholder of Lynas - just an observer, however I did get interested by its huge deposit and spouting how great it will be and how much they will earn...well so much for their earnings so far
    I have followed the press reports on the Internet and find that lots of Malaysian people are completely ignorant and easily lead by self interest or lack of education and on top of it all its Political agenda maybe it wants to become a Islamic state? or there is corruption from the people in government one can get easily confused as for now I have not heard anything nice being said about Australia or its people i see it as totally unappreciated that Australia is not anti Malaysian like Malaysians are anti Australian but for now I would not go on a Malaysian holiday and spend my good Aussi Dollar in a place where they have nothing but contempt and self interest and corruption from the top down to the uneducated peasant. I am somehow also amazed by Lynas ... they must have seen the red light long ago or were they blind had they build it in Australia they might have paid more and had to pay some tax but it would have been for the good of the Country and the LAMB would be running by now and not just milking the Shareholders for w political game to maintain the investment which is unwanted in Malaysia, they might prefer to stay in the 1800 's in their attitude, I don't lay all the blame on Malaysia and its people as they might not know any better and many can't read or can form their own opinion, sad but true. I would also say to Lynas's management that they do not lose as they make sure their pay packet is in top condition never mind the Shareholders this is a typical way of how companies work in Australia self interest 1st and than the people they ask to feed the bill in taking up more shares to save the LAMB. But there is an old saying " you buy peanuts you get monkey" or cheap is not always good? Shame on Lynas's board of Directors and Shame on Malaysia and its political ineptness as i can not see that they act in a unified way every Tom Dick & Harry in their Government has an opinion to save their own ass and it appears to me it could be a misguided way to think they want to progress or do they want to turn it into an Islamic state like the recent events in Egypt and other countries in North Africa & Middle East.
    I am not at all impressed with Malaysian Politic and its people after reading how they disrespect not just Lynas but what they think of the Australian People, I am sure I will not visit Malaysia knowing that they regard us Australians the trash of South east Asia. I am disgusted with the whole matter Lynas and Malaysian politicking. Illiteracy has always been the demise of people who are easily influenced and led.
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  • Yeah, so you understand how the US feels. We spend billions in aid to the world, but a lot of foreigners are somewhat anti-American.
    11 Dec 2012, 09:07 AM Reply Like
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