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More on Apple: 1) The Oregonian reports several states are vying to host a chip plant believed...

More on Apple: 1) The Oregonian reports several states are vying to host a chip plant believed to be meant for producing Apple's app processors. An Albany paper recently reported of New York's efforts. If the speculation is accurate, TSMC (TSM) will likely build the plant, with Apple perhaps contributing funds. 2) U.S. hosted e-mail firm Intermedia says its data indicates the iPhone accounts for 68% of smartphone activations among SMBs, evidence of its continued enterprise edge against Android and share gains against RIM.
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  • I wonder what the "sweetheart" deal was that New York State offered?


    Taxes are outrageous for New Yorkers. No doubt the TSMC was told that there are "advantages" to locating a facility in the Empire State.
    19 Dec 2012, 01:39 PM Reply Like
  • Just what is an "app processor"? How does it differ from a CPU such as the A6? Does Intel figure into this picture as a competitive chip supplier, and how come Noo Yawk becomes a newcomer in this? Where is their pool of experienced fab technicians - I am figuring the Boston area would be more attractive, Yes?
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  • The A6, along with other A-series parts, qualifies as an app processor. The term is often used to discuss chips that power smartphones/tablets. But you could just as well call them CPUs, since they feature one or more CPU cores (usually from ARM).
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  • You know one thing: Apple is not gonna build it in California. We're toast out here.
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  • It's already building the gigantic spaceship there so stop complaining.
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  • as a Apple stockholder, I would love to see Apple products or any or all parts of their products made here. Yes, even at a somewhat higher cost.
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  • I agree about Manufacturing and investing inside US or Canada.


    Threats of foreign government changes, nationalization, corruption, bribery and theft of patents is just too much to offset cheap labor and cheap management.


    Buy America
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  • 68% of activations seems to project a huge quarter for Apple.
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  • Make it all solar powered
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  • Not a good idea.


    Should invest in cheaper labor than China...Vietnam, Bangladesh etc.


    The majority of US consumers could care less about where apple products are made, apple's market share is already topped out in the US so there's limited gains by doing this.
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