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"While more Android devices are being purchased, iOS devices are actually being used," writes...

"While more Android devices are being purchased, iOS devices are actually being used," writes VentureBeat's John Koetsier, after seeing Velti data that shows iOS (aided by the iPad) has grown its share of tracked ad impressions to 63%, even as Android grows to make up the lion's share of smartphone sales. Studies on mobile e-commerce activity and app store revenue also back up Koetsier's assertion. Hence the continued developer preference to write for iOS first and Android second. If Google wants to keep its traffic acquisition costs down, it needs to reverse this trend.
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  • Come on, this is rubbish.


    Compare smartphone-to-smartphone, Android and iOS are near equal according to Chitika.


    As for e-commerce majority being done on iOS, that's mainly due to the US, where iOS is leading due to homeground advantage. This will increasingly be eroded as Asia grows more connected, nations where iOS adoption is slow, and other brands have more mindshare.


    Apple's long run is over.
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  • "Compare smartphone-to-smartphone, Android and iOS are near equal according to Chitika."


    I have no idea what that means. It doesn't even say in what category or provide a link; the author is talking about OS to OS and you're talking smartphone to smartphone and don't even say what smartphones you're talking about.


    I declare you winner of the Golden Rubbish Award.
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  • Shang...... Ever owned an iPhone? Just wondering.
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    As to the second question: yes, two in fact. 3GS and 4S. 3GS was alright although the battery life was extremely poor, and 4S I returned it after a two days due to the bland, stale, tired-looking OS.


    The 4S reminded me of my Blackberry Bold 9000 I was using in 2009, a decent status symbol but oh so limited.
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  • Ok thanks, you certainly are entitled to your opinion as (since u r a prior user).
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  • You have to be joking! The battery life of Apple products are generally far superior to competing devices. I get a full 18 hours with heavy use on my iPhone 5. ALL my friends who have Android devices are tethered to a power adapter. Recharging an iPhone 5 from zero battery takes less than an hour. I have no complaints at all.
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  • Shang, I'm pretty convinced you are a troll. It's not like Apple changed the look and feel of iOS with the 4s. You should have know that it would come with a "bland, stale, tired-looking" OS.
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  • these Samsung shills are so obvious. They should concentrate on making a better less plastic and bug free phone that doesnt drop apps on a regular basis.
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  • You couldn't be more wrong. APPL customers are more educated and more affluent than android customers. Every independent study has shown this. This is why 88% of all mobile ecommerce is done on an ipad. AAPL is a status brand. And the most admired brand in the world. Asians love status brands and aspiring and affluent Asians will continue to want AAPL products. There is absolutely no status associated with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Microsoft or Andriod.


    AAPL owns mobile ecommerce right now and that is not likely to change. In fact, on January 24th you will see an increase in both smart phone and tablet market share for AAPL.
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  • @shangjeen, thanks for the link, did I miss something here, Chitika says iOS 67%, Andriod 33%, but you've posted near equal, that's not really true right? 2:1
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  • Hey Shangjeen,


    I actually wrote an article on this that wasn't published. It's interesting to see someone support my hypothesis that the iOS is starting to have a style issue (it needs a redesign). It's just like fashion, people might simply change phones because they are bored of the iOS look.
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  • I do now understand how come your response to "smartphone- to-smartphone" comparison date got a glowing "like" review. In USA the ios used in smartphone have 53% advantage over Andoid- because Apple's iphone has a 53% lead over Android.
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  • You're totally wrong, Jack Baker. There is a lot of status to Android and Samsung phones... Super super LOW status. Every single person who has an Android phone has got the low data plan, and are watching their data so it doesn't go over the limit. That's why they don't use their phones.
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  • Samsung does have screen size though.
    It would seem Apple could add a 5" iPhone to their lineup easily enough?
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  • Wow, its amazing how anything negative on Apple gets attacked by all the permabulls.


    Lets get some things straight:


    "It's not like Apple changed the look and feel of iOS with the 4s."


    Exactly - and 3GS to 4S was more than 2 years, which is an eternity in the smartphone world, and iOS still hasn't changed with iPhone5, so, its nigh on 4 years old by now. This wouldn't be a problem if Apple was selling cheap low priced phones but when you ask for a premium you better deliver quality.


    To use a car analogy since its apparent most of you don't understand tech: what's happening now is Apple selling a Ford at the price of a Mercedes. And Apple has barely changed the interior layout one bit since 2009, all of the innovations have come from aftermarket 3rd party suppliers, who can jump camp at any time.


    "It's interesting to see someone support my hypothesis that the iOS is starting to have a style issue "


    Correct. Consumer electronics is an rapidly evolving, ever changing field. Nokia, Sony, Phillips were once "unshakeable" giants. Now all of them are in dire straits.
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  • For someone who claims to understand tech, you make a specious argument. Further, just because one claims to understand tech, doesn't mean they understand consumer psychology. And, that is really what we are talking about here. All the techies are astonished that so many "isheep" are buying AAPL products in droves. It really upsets the techies because they view AAPL as an "evil" company because they have a closed ecosystem. These people are more biased towards hating AAPL than AAPL fanboys are towards liking AAPL.


    You talk about an older OS. Do consumers really care about a new OS if the current OS is satisfying them; which it is. 53% of all people surveyed who intend to buy a smartphone intend to buy an iphone. That is fact. Would AAPL have the premier brand in the world with hundreds of millions of people in the AAPL ecosystem intensely loyal to the brand if they weren't happy with both the interior and exterior of the "car?" Fact: 95% of AAPL customers say they would not get a different brand on their next purchase.


    Your assertions that AAPL needs to do something with the OS and the form factor is not supported by fact. It is simply your opinion. The facts will come rolling in fast on January 24th. Record iphone sales, blowout ipad sales, 40% margins, expanding enterprise footprint, expanding educational footprint, continued huge growth in developing countries and massive top and bottom line numbers.


    When that happens, will you still be talking about all these mistakes AAPL has supposedly been making?
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  • "53% of all people surveyed who intend to buy a smartphone intend to buy an iphone."


    That survey only in the US. Get your facts straight.


    The US is already saturated in terms of the smartphone market. There will not be real growth there. Certainly not the sort of growth that keeps Apple above 500B market cap.


    Meanwhile, in the rest of the world (ie, the other 6 billion of the population), Apple is hardly setting the world alight. Android is very popular in Europe, and Nokia has been clawing back marketshare. In Korea, Samsung is no. 1 by far. In China, people are queuing up for the new Lumias. 2/3 of the smartphones in China are running Android.


    As for "huge growth in developing countries", yeahhhhh not really. There's a reason why Android has over 75% of global market share, and with Windows Phone launching low-end good-enough handsets, you can expect Apple's market share to decrease even further.
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  • To summarize. If Apple dominates the local market, that's bad because there is no growth opportunity. If Apple doesn't dominate the local market there is no growth opportunity because the other players are dominant.


    Seems like solid logic to me.


    It reminds me of the logic of ..... Apple can't keep up with demand ... therefore Apple has a supply problem. If Apple can keep up with demand, that's a problem too because that shows there is a demand problem.


    The purple haze, sic flare, was a problem only for the iPhone 5. It was perfectly acceptable for all the other smartphones including the Galaxy.


    After several months the Galaxy III is turning into a brick, but that's not a problem because Samsung is honoring their warranty and replacing the badly designed board with the same badly designed board.
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  • "If Apple doesn't dominate the local market there is no growth opportunity because the other players are dominant."


    No, the reason why there is no growth opportunity is because Apple lacks competitiveness with other players. Poor on comparison in value, poor on comparison in build quality, poor on comparison with innovation.
    The only areas they win are in branding and marketing, which admittedly, Apple is very, very good at. Is that enough? Gut feel (and statistics) say - No.
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  • Right. Except the Samsung Chief Strategy Officer prefers using a Mac, iPad and iPhone at home.


    "We knew from the documentation that was unveiled as part of this summers Apple v Samsung US court battle that Samsung had a certain admiration for Apple’s iPad and iPhone, now Samsung Chief Strategy Office Executive Young Sohn has admitted that he prefers using a Mac, iPhone and iPad to Samsung’s own products...."



    I suppose that means the Young Sohn is a dipshit?
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  • I'm not sure where some of you folks live. But I'm in Chicago, 10 minutes away from some of the nations poorest ghettos and 10 minutes away from some of the nations richest and most exclusive neighborhoods. Yesterday I was in Oak Brook, one of the latter. No one, and I mean no one driving a Bentley, Beemer, Mercedes etc has anything but the iPhone 5. And I'm sure we're not talking 16 gig. These folks spend $$$. In fact I went into the Apple Store at Oak Brook Mall and listened to different people dropping thousands without batting an eye. Then I saw outside looking in an over made up type w/hair extensions and fake nails (you know the type?) using, guess what...some piece of junk less than Apple.


    Honda makes bikes that look like Harleys. No Harley man would ride one or be seen w/someone on one. Some vinyl looks like leather. I can get cheap eggs at Walmart or Organic grass fed ones from Whole Foods. I can get Italian pizza or I can get a slice of garbage on the corner. There are some people that pay for quality. And you know what...they tip better. They give you less hassle. They respect the work you're doing bc they actually work.


    I had a friend email me yesterday w/all sorts of complaints over some new Google comp he bought and asked my advice. It was, not surprisingly, buy an Apple and all your problems disappear. Everyone knows this. Those that don't will find out. And now that we're cutting Samsung out of the supply chain they'll have a harder time stealing from us which will only serve to differentiate us more.


    One more thing. The bottom is in. 12-21-12.
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  • Sounds like we need an iPhone Luxury tax to help with the deficit... ;)
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  • "The bottom is in. 12-21-12" . Yup. Those lower highs and lower lows don't mean a thing, nor does P&F price objective of $445. I think I'll go with "the trend is your friend" , thanks.
    BTW, saw your photo next to the definition of "Apple fan boi"... nice pic.
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  • Sounds like Rolls Royce should be more profitable than Toyota?
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  • Rogra...... All about earnings, technical analysts are only good to move the market in between earnings. Earnings rule, right? Lets see what happens in January.
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  • Robgra


    You must be the best hindsight trader in the world. Slap on a chart of anything and you morons can interpret it however way you want and call it right. It's a down trend friend on the daily but the weekly and monthly sure looks like the trend is your friend huh?


    P&F is considered junk and useless, only newbies use that crap. What a joke that you rely on that single indicator for trading anything good luck with that.
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  • Apple's stock price is down because of all the FEAR that exists in life in general and the market specifically. Pushing the stock down because there is one guy in line at a Chinese store for the iPhone 5 is silly. Apple required pre-orders due to scalping in China. It seems that any negative rumor pushes the stock down when all of the fundamentals are sound and most analysts have a price range in the $600-$700 range with a very low PE. Why is Amazon trading at a much higher PE when they lose money on their hardware? All of the other tech companies would die for Apple's fundamentals, cash on hand, product line up, innovation ability, and profit margin. If you don't like Apple simply don't buy the products but to bash the company for pick a reason is just as silly as the stock market is silly.
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  • "I can get cheap eggs at Walmart or Organic grass fed ones from Whole Foods."


    Hens that eat organic grass? Cluck, cluck!
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  • It doesn't have to fear, it could be people cashing in before the fiscal cliff. Apple is a great stock, I would wait till after all this fiscal cliff shenanigans when it is trading lower and pick it up at a discount.


    Apple doesn't really need to do anything for at least the next 3 years, if they continue to roll out slightly improved versions of their product line, they will continue to get sales. Apple users are notoriously loyal, I use an android personally, but that doesn't make their loyalty any less real.
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  • "buy an Apple and all your problems disappear"


    Gotta be one of the most ignorant statements ever posted on this site. If Apple products were problem free all their "Geniuses" would be out of a job.
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  • The prevalence of malware on Android vs Apple is alone reason enough to buy Apple and we havent even talked about ease of use.
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  • "buy an Apple and all your problems disappear"


    I've had troubles with Acer, HPQ and Samsung laptops under extended Best Buy coverage. Toshiba under std coverage. The latter was a nightmare and unfulfilled obligations, while the former lacks competence.


    Aapl knows how to finesse and make it pleasant, so my 2 Macbooks + extended coverage for the same amount of time period was about the same.


    Though I joyfully use the Mac many dozensX the winbooks. ...
    Generally not pleasant ...
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  • Dean,
    you can also get a iPhone at Walmart too.
    Pompous jerk.
    I'm a former Apple fanboy, "former" because once I saw android does everything iPhone does and more I made the switch( from 4s)


    GS3 an note 2 are turning heads of merc and Beemer drivers.
    Good luck with your tired closed walled garden.
    If you get a chance look behind the curtain, you might be surprised to find the wizard is just not what you thought he was.
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  • Show some pity for the poor guy, he probably doesn't even know that Jobs is dead yet.
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  • it does it badly though.
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  • You got off the bandwagon too early. The iphone 5 is a better smart phone with a faster more efficient processor than any other smart phone including the Samsung Galaxy III. And guess what, no malware on Iphones and AAPL isn't spying on your every keystoke as GOOG is.
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  • Status symbols aside, my wife had the Droid for about six months and finally gave up on it. Battery problems, Bluetooth issues, general UI frustration,etc. etc. She bought the iPhone 5 and has never had a problem since. And by the way, she is a heavy business user. One interesting aspect of her experience is that she also moved from a PC to a Mac laptop because she was also having serious tech issues. The Apple experience was so positive, she moved all her 30 employees to Macs. I believe we will see this scene played out in business environments more and more going forward.
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  • rperson, me too on PC side. Did that before smartphones were available and knew to stay with Apple on the phone. No problems in 4 years. I don't like device drama as I had to put up with msft for 2 decades..... Talking about DRAMA......
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  • You mean she couldn't get her driod problems worked-out out at the Andriod Genius Bar, LOL?
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  • The Android genius bar is the google search page.
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  • This comment, by "rperson," is the clearest argument for the Apple case here. Obviously, the prospect for Apple can hinge very clearly with Tim Cook's ability to maintain the quality of Apple's products and services going forward.


    As a stockholder, I should add, I have been "hurt" by the recent price fall. I couldn't possibly tell you with any certainty what the real reason for it is (profit taking is my hunch), but Tim Cook's testimony that this time was a time of multiple product introductions, so the margin may take a hit a bit here; that may have something to do with it too.


    I'm looking all the time for the good news, and I have vested interests, but I do believe Apple is a force; there's more coming.
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  • Rperson, you are correct. Most users prefer the simple, elegant user experience of Apple products. Those who can afford it buy Apple and have the wallets to buy content and data plans that allow them to be on the Internet actively. Closed ecosystems are superior, that is why everyone is trying to emulate Apple, Google included! Android fanboys, don't kid yourself, there are many competing flavors of Android out there. It truly is a mess and a CIO's nightmare.
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  • iPhone 4 with 2 year commitment cost $ 0.
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  • I had a debate last night with some friends with m friends who just recently bought The Note 2 and Galaxy S3. As my friends bragged about the massive size of their screens and phones - which I don't think are bragging points to be frank - I noticed how they both had their screens set very dim. AB's video and LTE browser response time. The iPhone 5 beat both Samsung phones. Video was no contest. Quality was much better on the iPhone 5. By the end of the evening my buddies, who were quite boisterous at the beginning if our debate, looked like hurt puppies. All of their wives have iPhones. They pretty much agreed with me that most folks want simple, NOT customizeable (a.k.a. Complex and confusing). It's about user experience, and Apple has a huge lead in that department on many levels, not just the user interface. Look at what fragmentation has done to the Android update experience. Most Android users are on older versions of Android. Most Apple users are on the latest version. This is a huge benefit to user, developers and Apple. This is just one of the many issues that Apple's competitors face. Who wants to have to hack their phone to get the latest version of their device OS? Ridiculous!
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  • The screen quality to view pics is horrible on the Note 2. I asked my friend about the visible red-green-blue dots, and she said it was the screen.
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  • So I was in charge of a mobile division at a publicly traded company, it was early and I was tasked with the job of converting flash content over to the iPad after the flash packager was allowed. I am also have friends who work in this space.


    The majority of developers don't actually make their money off the sale of apps. The market is so large right now, even if you develop for iPhone, unless you get a blockbuster, you're not going to make your money back. Developers make money off developing software for third parties.


    A large percentage of those third parties don't care about making money off their applications, the mobile app is just an extension of a core business.


    If you're developing for a company, you're going to want to target the phones that have the highest amount of penetration. This is why for simple applications, phoneGap is becoming very popular because you can instantly get cross phone support.


    If how much developers make is how successful a company is, then RIM should be the most profitable company of all. 13% of blackberry developers make over $100,000 from their applications.


    The author literally has no idea what they are talking about.
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  • By "developers," I'm referring to companies developing mobile apps, not individual coders. There's a strong preference among companies (both offering free and paid apps) to offer iOS apps first, as Flurry's app start data shows. Though there are exceptions.



    And while strong developer support helps, there are also a lot of other factors that determine how successful/profitable a mobile platform owner is. Wouldn't suggest otherwise.
    22 Dec 2012, 03:41 PM Reply Like
  • Sorry I misunderstood, when I hear developers, I equate it to independents not development firms. While it might be true that development firms who are being hired to do native work might develop iOS first this could be a side effect of a different factor.


    A lot of mobile development firms started out developing for Apple so when approached the firms will naturally promote the usage of Apple first. The preference could be the result of familiarity more then economic factors.


    The other issue is mobile app markets are not very good indicators, potentially, of what is actually happening. For instance if a company decides to move from native development to a mobile website, this would not come up in the market. There have already been several high profile conversions of this type.


    The fact that the article you posted states Google Play is growing faster supports my initial hypothesis. It's impossible to know for sure how much money each developer is actually making when they are contracted to develop an app. A typical app development project will cost 10-15k if not more for native development, most apps published to Apple will not make that.


    So while the Apple store might be selling more, the actual capitalization might be far greater in Android development on a project to project basis. I, for instance, have been contracted to develop a mobile app that is essentially an extension and bonus add for an online e-com company, I am utilizing PhoneGap and it will be deployed to all platforms at once. The development fee I make is far higher then what I could get rolling out a native iPhone App, unless I get really lucky.


    A mobile development firm that I know that has a lot of projects under their belt and is a perpetual Apple supporter flat out told me it is too difficult to make money on the Apple store now because of the sheer volume now present. So while the Apple store is producing a large gross it is heavily divided.
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  • The article is not rubbish! Android leads in smartphone sales worldwide, particularly in Asia because of more options and cheaper prices but the data have consistently shown that iPhone iOS users make better use of their smartphone for web activity and commerce. Google needs to ask itself why? Does iOS provide a better user experience and is it easier to use for these purposes? Time will tell. Apple's long run is far from over!
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  • It is also ironic that Google makes more money from iOS than from Android.
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  • I read these Android vs. Apple debates with great amusement. It never ceases to amaze me how emotional the tone gets in some of these discussions. I sometimes wonder if the writers are trying to convince their audience of the "correctness" of their opinions or are actually trying to convince themselves. Both products are quality products and both will have a market. One size does not fit all; never has and never will. There are many reasons we make our choices; quality, price, etc. Whichever you choose, you will probably not go wrong.
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  • Consumers never lose when there is conflict like this. The people who stand to lose are the ones that have any kind of vested technology interest. Most, not all, I have met that have vested interest in technology beyond simply a consumer role are usually afraid.


    I am constantly terrified, 3-4 years ago I was solid in flash development, since then I have had to master other technologies being a loyalist can be very dangerous. It's better to run around screaming wondering what is going to be next.
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  • Newsflash! People who can afford the iPhone (including the Apple tax) have more money, spend more money. Does that make Tiffany (TIF) more successful, a better investment than Walmart (WMT)?
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  • There's going to be three ecosystems; Android (35-45%), Apple (15-25%), Microsoft (30-40%) and other (5-10%). Apple has to innovate better than the iPhone 5 and miniPad to stay up. Android is gong to be seen as the cheap brand. Microsoft will be preferred by enterprise and technology Windows users. No losers but Microsoft wins back a lot of mobile users and status.
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  • What's all the heat and rhetoric about.


    Android is ok, but has lots of security/different version issues. Microsoft has struggled with this for years with Windows. This is natural when the operating system is developed by different people who make the hardware.


    Apple has chosen another path producing both the software and hardware. It clearly is a much harder path to chose and can mean supply issues, slower growth etc. They learn't people appreciated a fairly faultless experience and as many people know the mac's never had virus issues like the pcs.


    Let both devices exist. Both are from good companies. The Apple ecosystem is more developed and superior though at this present time. This is beyond doubt. Apple's task is to maintain this and until the other suppliers control the whole software/hardware supply chain I think will remain to be so.


    I can afford the best, and always after careful evaluation I choose Apple. I have no allegiance to companies only superior products.
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  • Fan boy. Seriously though, smart comments make me happy. The consumer wins when you have two tech companies competing.
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  • After (too) much analysis over which to select I choose the iPhone5. My biggest concern was display size. The iPhone display is so crisp the smaller size doesn't matter at all. Compared with the Galaxy I think it's better. I know people who've went from Android to iOS but know no one who has went the other way...and I'm not an Apple person.
    24 Dec 2012, 01:10 AM Reply Like
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