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Let the 5th-gen iPad rumors commence. Japanese site Macotakara, which has been a source of both...

Let the 5th-gen iPad rumors commence. Japanese site Macotakara, which has been a source of both accurate and inaccurate iScoops, claims the next full-size iPad will be lighter, 2mm thinner, and (taking a page from the iPad Mini and its small bezels) 17mm narrower than the 4th-gen model. The site also claims (like Digitimes) Apple (AAPL) is working on a retina iPad Mini. There have been multiple reports of the Mini cannibalizing regular iPad sales; can a smaller form factor slow down the trend?
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  • You only cite one example of the so called"multiple reports" and the one you cite is only a guess by an analyst no one heard of. Also and more importantly, the mini actually carries a higher profit margin according to the only two firms than broke down and costed out the mini. so even if there is canibalization its better to canibalize slightly than give up that space to others.
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  • Here's another. And there have been a few others. Not that I expect to convince you.



    The Mini might end up having a higher margin (it didn't at launch time, as Peter Oppenheimer admitted), but it also has a lower ASP. Hence total gross profit is mostly likely lower. Apple needed to offer a smaller tablet, but it's also in their interest to do what they can to keep sales of the regular iPad healthy.
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  • I highly doubt if this is something that will make it to the market soon enough to capture the remaining few who have started or at least thinking of looking else where other than apple. For now I think this type of news is a lame attempt to stop the falling stock price.
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  • This could be good news may be after a year. There are a load of rumors trying to justify the falling price of aapl. I will not pay much attention to this news until FC deal is reached and there is some type of stabilization in the apple stock price.
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  • Maybe they should add some cool features, hardware and software, instead of making it a skinny piece of glass that shatters?
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  • I've owned iPad 1 & 2 I'm really enjoying #2... #1 was sold on the buy back at best buy.
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