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Just days after China Mobile began selling Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 920T, a leaked pricing chart...

Just days after China Mobile began selling Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 920T, a leaked pricing chart suggests rival China Unicom (CHU) will soon begin offering the regular Lumia 920. According to the chart, the 920 will cost CNY4,599 ($738) unsubsidized, but will be available for free in exchange for a 3-year contract for a plan costing $46/month or more, or a 2-year contract for a plan costing $62/month or more - for reference, Unicom's 3G services ARPU only amounted to $14.25 in Q3.
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  • Wow!


    that is expensive, at least for Cn $1400 for 3 years or $1400 for 2.
    26 Dec 2012, 06:04 PM Reply Like
  • @Sam


    Well what else to expect from the best phone on the market?
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  • It worked in the United States, reason even people in the poverty level are able to walk around with iPhones. The Chinese are savvy people. A great majority will pay for innovation if the price is right. Advantage Nokia :).
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  • Sam, with simple calculations it is not expensive at all. If you get the Nokia Lumia 920 for free on a 2yr contract @ 62usd or 3yr contract at 46usd, it would actually cost 31.25usd @2yrs and 25.50usd for @3yrs when subtracting the cost of the phone. Advantage Nokia :-)
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  • IPhones are very distinctive and show Apple products show savvy. Been noticing more Samsung mega-phones on the streets of Shanghai.


    I've been schmucked over by Nokia's, or rather the vendor that Nokia outsourced its after sales service in Beijing. But because of its affordability and easy use, I still bought a couple more Nokian under $100 not-so-smart phones.


    The thing about it in Cn is that most consumers will not pay so much for phone service or a phone for the life of a contract.


    Nokia has a lot of time to suck it up and regain market share!
    26 Dec 2012, 11:22 PM Reply Like
  • For instance, I bought a refurb Sprint HTC EVO 3d to use on Virgin Mobile.


    After a couple of months of screw-ups from Best Buy online (Cowboom) and the fact that Google services were being blocked in Cn from May-July. I swore off buying Android products.


    But at a price of $350 for a Nexus 4, I am very tempted ...
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  • "poverty level are able to walk around with iPhones"


    working class in Cn
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  • cellular phone usage in Cn is really inexpensive!


    That is why typically the phones are bought for full cost at the front-end.
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  • Based it on cost of living with family income below $15k in the States. Still with product subsidy/credit/loan and government intervention, our so-called poverty stricken Americans are still living the high life compared to foreign poverty levels.
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  • Sam Liu, in your opinion, does the Chinese consumer (working class) buy cell phones for social status? Maybe even if it is outside their budget?
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  • desperation knows no bounds. this chinese kid sold a kidney to buy an iphone.
    27 Dec 2012, 04:31 AM Reply Like
  • Definitely but the Cn consumer class, especially the working class do not pay by credit.


    If the working class has an iPhone or an iPad, not iPhone and iPad. Cn does not have the same welfare system as the USA does.


    In other words, all the working class I observed in Beijing is they have their iGadget and that's all they have to show for it. Of course, as the income goes up so does the lifestyle becoming more like the USA.


    Remember, typically these migrants have further economic pressures back home like parents, kids, personal savings.


    Again, the cell phone was "outside their typical income" practicality, but not outside of the working classes' budget.


    Anyways, Apple products work well, as opposed to (due to my experience) Msft or Android stuff.
    27 Dec 2012, 05:07 AM Reply Like
  • chinese live just like we do, month to month, the 920 is well worth it
    27 Dec 2012, 05:09 AM Reply Like
  • Thanks Sam Liu, I appreciate your perspective.
    27 Dec 2012, 12:32 PM Reply Like
  • @Sam


    So how about Lumia 620, which is targeted for people with less money
    28 Dec 2012, 07:47 PM Reply Like
  • " how about Lumia 620,"


    Sorry, can't comment on that since it is difficult to distinguish them.


    The iPhone or Samsung or Xaio Mei are must haves, the rest are, well the rest. ...
    28 Dec 2012, 11:48 PM Reply Like
  • @Sam


    Well the Lumia 920 is the one which is the most advanced phone on the market. This has been notified also in Shanghai



    The Lumia 620 is a cheaper version with unsubsidized pricetag of $249, if people can not afford Lumia 920 / iPhone / SGS3 or even Nexus 4. And despite the low price, it is still faster than SGS3 in browser tests.

    29 Dec 2012, 05:18 AM Reply Like
  • Sam,


    I am aware that you are a fan of Apple's hardware. I remembered from your past post that you had recently or plan to purchase an iPod touch over an iPhone 5 due to its wifi connectivity and practicality. It shows that the internet browser (apps) is one of the most attractive feature iPhones offer to end users, iPhone is pretty much an iPod touch w/ phone capabilities. You should try looking into Nokia's Lumia line for its faster browsing speed.


    The Nokia Lumia 920t will provide faster browsing speed due to being the first TD-SCDMA in China for its 3g network and perhaps future TD ecosystem.




    A very specialized China-only device which supports GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands and TD-SCDMA. No WCDMA or LTE as of yet, but should be in the future. This will allow high speed data on China Mobile, its something Samsung and the iPhone can't do. The Nokia Lumia 920t will do very well with its price and a big promo campaign in China.


    Off topic, 2013 will be big year for Nokia Siemens Network in relations with China telecom companies and mobile carriers (Emerging Markets).


    29 Dec 2012, 08:24 AM Reply Like
  • Should help provide continued momentum going into 1Q12.
    26 Dec 2012, 07:53 PM Reply Like
  • I'm right now traveling in China and have paid particular attention to sales of L920 in two cities, Beijing and Zhuzhou (a small city in southern China). Btw, I'm sending this with my L920 from Zhuzhou.


    One of the largest retailers in China, SuNing, already delivered the first batch of l920 to Beijing consumers this week based on preorders, although the number can be small. The next batch is expected in January 2013. Small retailers in various shopping centers are also taking preorders. Although one should not expect that everyone knows l920, but for those who knows it my feeling is that they consider l920 is a high end smartphone with good features and price. Naturally, when hold my l920 in a phone store, I've had quite a few asked is that l920?


    In Zhuzhou, you can see ad of l920 & l820 in every shopping mall. L920 is taking preorders and l820 is available. One retailer has received l820 in 4 colors two days ago and already sold 3 sets yesterday, and she said it sells well.


    My feeling is that, although it will take a little while for the people here to appreciate the unique capability of Nokia's new weapons, the sales will definitely pick up as time goes by. I guess, the reason that Nokia did not advertised aggressively in China might be related to its limited production capability.


    I will be here for 2 more days, if you have any questions and want me to find out you can post here. Sorry for the rush.
    27 Dec 2012, 11:38 AM Reply Like
  • Thanks for your update about China market.
    How is CMCC selling L920T if you have chance to see their stores?
    27 Dec 2012, 12:32 PM Reply Like
  • Yes, I've been to a few cm stores, they only take preorders. I did not see aggressive advertisement out there. Some stores do not know the exact date when will they receive the handsets. The winter is cold here and you do not see many people in the stores. I am a bit disappointed as I did not see proactive demonstrations in the stores I visited. But the stores I visited are bit far from city center thus may not be representative. I guess when the stocks finally arrive in Jan 2013 things will be much better. It might not make sense to aggressively promote something that you can not provide.
    27 Dec 2012, 12:51 PM Reply Like
  • Brands are very good at advertising in Cn, but are they a success (in other words: ndoes it blow off steam or have true results] ?


    the hot phone for Cn now is the Xiao Mei2, this android phone costs similarly to the LG Nexus 4.


    Not sure where that advertising is. ...
    27 Dec 2012, 12:36 PM Reply Like
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