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Facebook's (FB) Android app base nearly tripled to 192.8M monthly active users (MAUs) from Sep....

Facebook's (FB) Android app base nearly tripled to 192.8M monthly active users (MAUs) from Sep. '11 to Nov. 12, according to figures turned up by researcher Benedict Evans. The iPhone app's base rose only 62% to 147.2M. However, the penetration rate for the Android app was only around 35%, no doubt due to the large number of Android users residing in China and other emerging markets. Also: a Facebook app for feature phones had 82M MAUs, its iPad app 48M, and Facebook Messenger 56.7M. Total mobile MAUs (inc. Web users) amounted to 604M at the end of Q3.
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  • If the app would install onto the SD card, rather than demanding to be installed in device memory, the numbers would have been a lot higher.


    I use FB from my Android phone all the time, but do so through the browser as it provides better functionality.
    4 Jan 2013, 10:34 PM Reply Like
  • So this news is no big deal then?
    5 Jan 2013, 08:49 AM Reply Like
  • He doesn't know what he is talking about. The FB app is a native app with significant engineering investment on Facebook's side. The high functionality + responsiveness due a native app will win over HTML.


    In other words, Facebook is strengthening it's fortress in Mobile and while monetization has only begun. Mobile will become a more significant revenue stream over the coming years.
    5 Jan 2013, 06:55 PM Reply Like
  • It doesn't matter if the app is faster. Many Android users like myself don't use apps that install into the limited device memory, rather than the expandable SD card.


    Actually my comment is fairly bullish for FB. It means that there are far more people using FB from Android devices than the 193 million that are using the app, myself included.
    7 Jan 2013, 07:19 PM Reply Like
  • There are engaged users, and then there are people for whom Facebook is not a priority but a duty like checking their email. As more and more phones have FB pre-installed the user-base will increase. Apologies for the rather harsh comment earlier.
    8 Jan 2013, 07:54 AM Reply Like
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