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AT&T announces the sale of more than 10M smartphones in Q4 vs. 9.4M a year ago. "This...

AT&T announces the sale of more than 10M smartphones in Q4 vs. 9.4M a year ago. "This included best-ever quarterly sales of Android and Apple smartphones." This would suggest Q4 iPhone sales in the 7M-8M range, says BI's Jay Yarow. AAPL +1%, T -1.3% premarket. (PR)
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  • This quarter is going to be huge for Apple!
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  • Rumors of Apple's death have ben greatly exaggerated!
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  • I am Long T and this is great news. Great investment
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  • Last qtr (end Sept) iPhone sales were 72% of total for T. Thus the estimate of 7-8m.
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  • Correction - 77% of sales or 4.7m iPhones for T in 3q 2012. Overall smartphone sales were 6.1m. Had iPhone5 sales for last week of qtr.
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  • "This included best-ever quarterly sales of Android and Apple smartphones."


    T sold 7.6 million iPhones in the same quarter in 2011. So the number has to be closer to 8 million than 7.
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  • It'll be interesting to see the breakdown between the various iPhone models.
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  • Estimates are for at least 27% growth for same reporting qtr.
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  • Does AT&T not internally know the breakdown accurately ?


    So then why, if they know the total and the breakdown not publish the details ?


    What are they waiting for ?
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  • Last qtr they hadn't put out i5
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  • As I told ya, sounds like Nokia have flopped
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  • Apple will blow away the estimate on Jan 22.
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  • AT&T Sold 7.6 million iPhones in 2011 Q4. This says they sold even more this quarter. That puts iPhone sales closer to 8 million at a minimum. It could be a little over 8 million if the mix of Android and Apple stayed the same. (81% Apple in 2011.)

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  • Where are all the gloomies today?
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  • This will surely cause Apple stock to tumble. Like all positive, negative and news about The company. The talking heads will find a way to twist this into a way to hammer the stock. Watch.
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  • Darn right they did!
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  • Long AT&T , and I wish I was longer.
    Owned Apple and cleared the table, and it was a big mistake.
    If AT&T , pulls back it could be a buy...for long term investing...( 2-5) years.
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  • Okay leave your guns at the door! This is not a debate about Apple versus Android. Is it just me, or does the 6% growth of smartphones for AT&T, tell us that as far as the US is concerned the party's over for new smart phone sales and the market's saturated. From here on in, the majority of sales in the US will be replacement handsets.
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  • Etoile... That number is sales at AT&T stores and doesn't include sales via online nor the Apple stores. I would expect a larger number of online sales over LY due to shortage issue with iPhone5 in the first 6 weeks of qtr. But who knows for sure.
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  • The 6% Q412/Q411 growth rate is a significant deceleration from the 27% growth rate in Q411, as compared to Q410 (7.4M "integrated devices -
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  • I knew it! Bad News Bears time. Good news lasted approximately 34 minutes before turning negative. A new Apple record?
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  • AAPL needs more than just 1 good news amidst all kinds of negatives. You need a string of postiive news coming at regular intervals to change the sentiment.
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  • what about margin
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  • Didn't AT&T mention 1st Android phones, then Apple?
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  • has this stock just gone ex-div? which explains why the stock is trading down today?
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  • Let's not get carried away with the iphone estimates. AT&T sells Samsung and I've read that Samsung is having a killer quarter.
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  • What only 8M iphone? That is disappointing. It should be more like 800 million in order to justify the current stock price...Sell Sell Sell


    That is what all analysts will say tomorrow.
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  • How is this good news? The growth rate is slowing. Remember that a stock price is supposed to reflect the future.
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  • is good news becuz they would be making MORE money than they did last year...let's see if you can follow that logic
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  • I didn't know that stocks trade on past performance. I learn something new every day on SA.
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  • More phones = more equipment revenue = overall margin dilution. Last year they posted a monster quarter in phone hardware and operating margins fell down to ~15% from the 25-30% range.
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  • AT&T announcement above not telling whole story. Was at their store last night, to pick up free sim for "simple phone" my wife requested (she's totally non-technical, quite beyond what most might imagine; now a senior, too—AT&T has little to offer 65+ crowd, so ordered doro PhoneEasy 410gsm for her on Amazon & stopped to obtain AT&T sim, so now may unlock & activate).


    Anyway, information learned while waiting:
    First, over 20 minutes waiting, yet store fully staffed.
    AT&T rep at door assigned task to enter people's name in que upon entering, so customers "take a number".


    Asked his sense of business breakdown and comparison to last year. He said "seat of pants guess: 80/20". Having read at SA "reports" indicating 75%+ going to Android/Samsung, I ask, "Is that 20% AAPL and 80% all others?" He says, "NO! 80% AAPL! Possibly more."


    He goes on to say that with plans now offering tablet anywhere data for $10/mo. & laptops bit more (is that now $20/mo., or maybe even $15?) — tablets are flying oout of stock — nearly all AAPL ipads & ipad-mini's.


    Went on to say AT&T discounts AAPL tablets $100 w/ 2 yr. contract. His guestimate was tablet sales often are to pre-existing customers, buying their 2nd, 3rd, 4th (or so) AAPL devices in their families. He said tablet sales might be exceeding phone sales.


    Anyone recall recent article which quoted survey of consumers... AAPL customers w/ two devices ] 84% locked on the brand... three or more devices \ approaching a 90+% lock — unwilling to consider android or anything else, regardless of price?


    So, seems to me that from comments above... with AAPL ahead fiscal Q1 on iphone sales; i.e. alleged margin compression due to significant cannibalization in fact not occurring — yet in addition, AAPL tablet sales possibly matching iphone sales this quarter (also confirmed from reports of Christmas activations, etc.) — that AAPL will likely see substantial sales & earnings increase Qtr over Qtr YTD.


    Keeping in mind last year fiscal Q1 was substantial blowout — AAPL MIGHT JUST REPEAT — AAPL WEBSITE POSTED ESTIMATE OF $11.75 MAY BECOME ACTUAL RESULTS IN THE $15 TO $17 RANGE, even factoring early qtr delays with initial iphone5 inventory/production.


    Also, consider this, too. Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO, have what the Street classifies as two "misses" in a row, fiscal Q3/Q4 2012. So you think over a lunch mtng they decide to be aggressive with sales and earnings estimates a third time, risking a strikeout, potentially placing jobs, reputation and stock grants at risk? Or, do they take the Star Track "Scotty" approach... remember the episode where William Shatner asks, "Scotty, how is it you ALWAYS manage to get us out of tight spots, ahead of schedule?" [not exact quote... my memory is "aging gracefully"] Scotty replies something like, "That is easy, Captain Kirk. I take my estimate and multiply by THREE." My thoughts... that concept now back, as Steve Jobs had learned from his own board experiences across many years.


    Might be nice, too, if institutional investors would start digging a bit deeper, especially for all the dollars paid — and commence acting NOW accordingly — immediately re-building AAPL positions for clients.


    Especially so soon, as like others, am sucking an egg on Jan. AAPL calls at the moment!!!
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  • apple is still king.......if you don't believe it....go ahead and short the
    stock ..... !!!!! all i know is that whatever comes out in the earnings
    report on the 22nd it will show they made bundles of money !!!!!!!!!!!
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  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Macro you're really not looking, or sounding (virtually), smart or funny with this. Everybody's looking at your mocking of a poster's post (and, granted, judicious use of the keyboard) and saying, "what an ......."
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  • Apple to the moooooooon!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Good news however you cut it. If ATT stores sold 8 million iPhones, and we are "hoping" for 50 million for a blowout quarter, and we know 3 million were sold in china on opening weekend, then we have 11 million without counting any other US operators and remaining international sales.
    8 Jan 2013, 10:56 PM Reply Like
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