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Carl Icahn has reportedly entered the battle of the investor titans that's raging over Herbalife...

Carl Icahn has reportedly entered the battle of the investor titans that's raging over Herbalife (HLF) by acquiring a stake in the supplements company. Icahn has joined Dan Loeb on the long side, thereby going up against Bill Ackman on the short. "It's going to be an Ackman sandwich," a hedge fund manager declared.
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  • The HLF battle between Ackman and the rest of these funds looks like one of the biggest in Ackman's career by far. I would say because of his comments and confidence he displayed on his bloomberg interview that his credibility is on the table with this one. Failure is not an option.
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  • What if Ackman was never short the stock. (Just looking for a massive discount.)
    What if other hedge funds just figured out that he wasn't.
    Will appearances be maintained?
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  • If that happens then he is a liar. Neither would reflect well on him.
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  • Understood Fox,
    But does this make GS a bunch of liars when they take opposite positions to their advice in NOK?
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  • Yes!!! Is there any among us that considers GS an honorable business?
    10 Jan 2013, 11:34 AM Reply Like
  • He used outdated material on most of his presentation.
    Would you use idea's and situations from 2008 to analyze AAPL.
    If he is still short, he is in a heap of trouble.
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  • If the Feds are investigating, i wouldnt go near this yet.
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  • Feds need to shut Herbascam down!
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  • Ackman's presentation was inaccurate in some very important areas and intentionally misled viewers.
    HFL may be guilty of some hype and funny numbers but Ackman misses so widely on basic MLM legal and functional issues that I am baffled at the quality of his resources and the size of his gamble.
    Even if the Feds investigate and find issues all they will do is require HLF to make some changes. They are not going to cripple a 32 year growing 3.5 billion dollar business with 5000 employees and 2.5 million sales reps.
    Ackman will get crushed here and deservedly so. Go long...that where HFL's sales are going.
    Disclosure: I own none of it nor do I work for HFL. I have been a full time network marketing leader and company owner ( competitor to hfl) for 36 years. I know the space.
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  • The fact that you are baffled by the "gamble" ought to tell you something. He may very well get crushed, but you are dealing with a highly intelligent investor. I would imagine he thought this through for months. Even with your level of knowledge (far greater than mine) I would imagine he knows significantly more than you or anyone else on this thread. He might very well have information that he has yet to release.
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  • Good to see the hedgies feasting on one another for a change rather than just crush the little guys
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  • such a sandwich would need a rich and cloying sauce to hide the digestive byproducty taste.


    wrapped in a ranch doritos shell.
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  • Also, Ackman is still "up" 14% on the trade. Not bad even if he exits now.
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