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Unsurprisingly, iPhone chip suppliers are joining Apple in getting hit by the WSJ and Nikkei's...

Unsurprisingly, iPhone chip suppliers are joining Apple in getting hit by the WSJ and Nikkei's order cut reports. CRUS -5%. QCOM -1.4%. BRCM -1.3%. SWKS -3.7%. TQNT -1.2%. AVGO -1.9%. Can Samsung (SSNLF.PK - +1.2% in Seoul), which just announced 100M cumulative Galaxy S phone sales, pick up the apparent slack for some of these companies?
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  • Wow, I guess SA is short AAPL and long SSNL?


    The 100M Galaxy number is for the past 3 years, I believe.


    I find the timing of the negative rumours about AAPL and the blatantly pumped 'current' about SSNL very... curious.
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  • Yes, it is for the past 3 years, hence the use of the word "cumulative." No need to throw around conspiracy theories.
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  • It's not a theory so much as an observation. Whether SA is biased or whether it is simply jumping on the bandwagon, the reporting this morning has been ridiculous and I find the timing of such reporting curious.


    At best its lazy reporting. At worst it's, well, worse.
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  • Believe that if you want. The Samsung announcement is being covered by many other sites as well, while the Apple report is top news. And the main purpose of bringing up Samsung here was to raise the question of whether it could provide a lift to some of the chip suppliers hurt by the Apple news.


    There's been no shortage of positive Apple news/commentary posted here. But it's evident some are going to find bias unless every Apple-related post involves such content.
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  • I disagree. AAPL has been taken to the woodshed by lazy media -- at best for the past 4 months. Do not believe for one minute that a lot of these stories are started by Samsung paying folks out of the Lee family slush fund.


    For example, How do you know that Samsung has sold 100 million Galaxys? Did Samsung come out with that number? No. Samsung doesn't report unit sales. It probably came from Strategy Analytics or some other supposed "independent" source that is probably being paid by Samsung. So why report this number when it is unverified? Yes, lazy reporting.
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  • "How do you know that Samsung has sold 100 million Galaxys?"


    Check the link. Samsung announced it, along with 40M cumulative Galaxy S III sales. It didn't come from any research firm.

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  • Welcome to the club Eric. Only good news is allowed.
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  • Also:
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  • I'll give you that. This was a RARE occurrence where Samsung came out with aggregate unit numbers. Although I do not believe they can be trusted as these are unaudited cumulative numbers, not quarterly numbers. Why don't they give unit numbers on a quarterly basis I wonder.
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  • 100M is Galaxy S1 + S2 + S3 combined ... talk about moving the goal post


    I'm DEFINITELY loading up on AAPL today. For a company to be trading at *trailing* P/E of 12, the growth must be very close to zero. Analyst keeps forgetting that iPad accounts for 25% of the entire company, and that business is growing like no tomorrow.
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  • Analysts forget what they had for breakfast.


    While dips like this are good for people wanting to buy, I still find it unbelievable that Apple allows itself to continually be the subject of so much obvious rumour mongering and what is likely manipulation. Sites like SA that amplify unfounded rumours don't help the matter.
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  • How many times would they reiterate the same story over and over just to suppress AAPL sales and stock price :


    1. Cheaper iPhone is coming (ignoring margin compression)
    2. New revision of iPhone is coming immediately after launch of current model (ignoring major tech advances don't occur once a quarter)
    3. iPhone orders reducing (ignoring seasonality and lifecycle)
    4. iPhone would post global weak sales because some anecdotal evidence show that no one lined up outside Apple Store Kazakhstan on launch day. (ignoring scalper-prevention measures)
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  • Isn't it interesting that your 4 points of media FUD are all unsubstantiated.
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  • It's very useful that the analysts do so. Otherwise, who in their right mind would sell me shares of Apple at $500?
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  • Aren' BRCM chips in the Galaxy also?
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  • Yes, they are. Ditto SWKS power amplifiers.
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  • This stock is down nearly 30% from its top or has to climb 40% to regain its peak and yet it appears to me that the owners of the stock are still in love with it. I find that amazing. From a market cap loss point of view it is literally quite incredible - as big as the entire GDP of New Zealand.


    The most amazing thing about this selloff is that it hasn't led to weakness overall. That was the great fear previously if it ever did happen.


    I suspect this stock could takeoff big in either direction depending upon its next two earning's reports.
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