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ExxonMobil (XOM) knew in 1984 that adding the chemical MTBE to gasoline to make it burn more...

ExxonMobil (XOM) knew in 1984 that adding the chemical MTBE to gasoline to make it burn more thoroughly would triple incidents of groundwater contamination, lawyers for New Hampshire say at the opening of an $800M trial. XOM says the federal Clean Air Act overrides the state claims, and it was complying with a U.S. mandate to supply fuel that would burn more cleanly.
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  • FFwd to the present: incompetent govt thinks E85 is a good idea - what could go wrong burning food for fuel?


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  • The law of unintended consequences again collides with but our intentions were to do good.
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  • ExxonMobil did not exist in 1984. Which legacy company allegedly knew, Exxon or Mobil? Both companies marketed in NH as competitors.
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  • I have some knowledge of this. Exxon provided information to the state and federal governments that MTBE was not a desired agent to add to gasoline. The State of California was most forceful in rejecting Exxon's information and insisting that the oil companies use MTBE. Other states, including NH followed in lock step. The suits and claims today are kind of hollow excuse for a best intentioned government screw-up
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  • Is obama regime trying to arm twist Exxonmobil into paying bribes/protection money...
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  • MB, this is a state not federal action. XOM defense is that it was following a federal mandate. So in this case the answer is "no" but we're waiting to see what he intends to do about fracking and Keystone Pipeline.


    My expectation is that Obama 2.0's policy will not be favorable to energy interests or US consumers. But he would love to expand the EPA's regulatory and enforcement powers and see us all turn to bicycles and rickshaws.
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