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Sharp (SHCAY.PK bucks a strong market in Japan this morning and trades -3.9% after reports in...

Sharp (SHCAY.PK bucks a strong market in Japan this morning and trades -3.9% after reports in the U.S. overnight said Apple (AAPL) was cutting its orders for panels from SHCAY.PK and other suppliers due to weaker-than-expected sales for the iPhone 5.
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  • Stop repeating the loaded "weaker than expected" qualifier. Pure speculation and perhaps entirely wrong.
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  • Every Apple store or other retailer like Wal-mart that I have inquired about the phone still has limited supplies. Why aren't these stores with a full inventory of every model if sales are so weak?
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  • Enough already!! Do you guys ever stop this stuff? Who's paying you? Samsung, MSNBC or a major hedge fund?
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  • Where is Apple, it's time for this company to grow up and speak to the market!! Apple could put an end to all this BS if it will just act like an adult!!
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  • So many of us have supported Apple financially, intellectually and morally. It is time for Apple to confront the criticism and tell us what the hell is going on!!! Where is the leadership?? Jobs would never have allowed such flagrant lack of communication with Apple's stockholders and loyal supporters. We have spent years drinking the Apple Kool Aid and adhering to the Apple mantra, it is time to respond in kind and demonstrate a respect for its loyal followers. Speak up, tell us what the truth is, what their plans are, buy back the stock at this ridiculous price, buy some companies that could manufacture the Apple product with out being beholden to the leaking and malfeasant Chinese manufacturers who abuse their employees, bring back the off shore capital to the US, and increase American employment by manufacturing domestically and provide a bigger dividend, instead of sitting on the huge mountain of capital. Start working for the stockholders, invigorate your loyal followers and the thousands of employees who need strong and compelling leadership.
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  • How many times are we going to hear this same BS story repeated?


    The mostly likely reason for AAPL changing it's display orders is that it intends to produce a larger size, World iPhone, to meet international demand for larger displays, in areas (Think China) where people can't readily afford both a phone and a tablet, but would like something in between, as in phablet. Probably will use Qualcom chips that can handle Asian bandwidth, such as those owned by CLWR, here in the USA.
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  • Shouldn't Apple come out with a PR or something to explain? I mean, their shareholders (owners) are losing a lot of their equity because of "most likely", and "probably".
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  • Apple's investor public relations skills are poor. Stems from Steve Jobs poor relations with Wall Street in general. He went from admitting mistakes and plans upfront, only to have Apple hammered in the financial news, to going with complete secrecy to the last minute, controlling every bit of Apple news, still getting hammered in the financial news (as now), but leaving the adverse stories (and the good ones) to be labeled as mere speculations.


    There should be some middle ground there. However most of the top management, in most publicly trades corporations, erroneously believe, that they know all about the subject completely, without ever having pursued the subject. Not one in a 100 CEOs would recognize the name Edward L. Bernays.


    Public relations is also a matter of scale. As a corporation gets larger, especially as large as Apple, its PR abilities or lack of them get very noticeable.


    One would hope that AAPL works on their investor PR. Still, there is that matter of too many executives thinking that they know what PR is, when they don't. So it's unlikely they would fix something that they don't think is broken. Apple is just a bigger example than the rest.
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  • I would not invest in a company that treated me like that as an "owner". Speculate, maybe. But definitely not invest.


    Sorry, not an Apple owner (stock or products), I just like to tune in to the Apple saga from time to time. Hopefully it's just re-tooling/supplying for a new phone.
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  • I think you're thinking too highly like a stock holder. If you're investing in a company and you require that company to answer every doubt it hears about in the wind, then you should not be investing in that company because you obviously don't believe in it at all. It's all a strategy, if you play the game of answering investors on wall street, you'd never win and you might end up divulging more than you want.
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  • AAPL should not and does not need to explain or answer every rumors generated. Thing from a strategic point of view, if AAPL does have a new product planned or plans on changing the display size why should it telegraph it to the market, so that Samsung can immediately copy it?
    AAPL has to hold its cards close to its chest and will release further details about a product only when its ready to be released, otherwise competition will catch up much faster.
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  • I saw. This coment on appleinsider and had to laugh....Maybe because it's plans on changing displays and plans on copying the lower resolution Samsung phone.
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  • Dear Seeking Alpha, Where did you get the -3.9%? Sharp opened with $3.705 on Monday and closed at $3.68 on Monday.
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  • He's talking about Sharp trading in Japan, which was closed Monday (I think). Looks like down ~2.7%.
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  • I really hope that all of you Apple lovers are right because I am one just like you -


    I accept the fact that we cannot believe our Government, But; our newspapers and financial advisers - Now, you're going just to darn far.....
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  • I tend to believe the majority of information published by reputable journals. I suspect the information about the cut to parts orders is partially or completely true. The interpretation of the parts order cut is being stated as factually due to weak iphone sales but is unsubstantiated in any way that I can see. I wouldn't say that this translates into the general information in "our newspapers" as being "unbelievable"....just that in this particular case there is laziness & sloppiness...perhaps borne of a desire to sell more rags(?) I also believe that articles get planted by those attempting to manipulate stocks and these often get repeated without deliberate collusion...but that doesn't make it ok in my book.
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  • Margins are in the process of evaporating. That is the whole story.
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  • good news for consumers, pay less for the same stuff.
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  • A loyal Apple investor.....
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  • If the margins go down 20% and the sales go up 40%, figure it out for yourself.
    Nevertheless, the subsequent production costs go down as time goes on, so costs are less and margins go up.
    Then Apple's old models (for instance, iphone 4, iphone 4s) compete with cheap competition like Samsung.
    And then Apple comes out with something new...
    And so on, ad infinitum...
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  • Apple executives would be ill advised to make public statements in view of the fact that they are probably about to buy back stock, and their words could, under any circumstances, be seen to affect some change in the market price of the stock.
    Either you like the company and its products or you don't.
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  • Sure hope this a strong quarter.. Even though Im feeling a little desensitized. This is probably the worst quarter ever for aapl short term shareholders.... it has shook a lot of them out..... Especially options traders...... all sales reports seemed really positive other than some supply constraints....seems like an eternity between reports......holding firm for another ten days...


    Sent from my ipad
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  • This is Tues morning trading.


    Why do AAPL Bulls want to fight the Tape?


    AAPL is so 2012. Time to move on.


    Smart money already has.
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  • It would be nice if someone in the know could confirm or deny the order reduction, such as AAPL. Oh well, integrity takes another beating.
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