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Interested in upgrading your PC to Windows 8 Pro? Do it before Feb. 1: that's when Microsoft...

Interested in upgrading your PC to Windows 8 Pro? Do it before Feb. 1: that's when Microsoft (MSFT) plans to raise the price of a Pro upgrade to $200 from a current promotional price of $40. A standard Win. 8 upgrade will cost $120. The price hike could be an effort to stoke sales of new Win. 8 PCs, which have underwhelmed thus far. (60M licenses)
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  • JohnBinTN
    , contributor
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    A PC is not a tablet. Why "upgrade"? Windows 7 is fine, and you don't have the extra step of manually switching to desktop mode that is necessary in W8.


    Maybe if they threw in a 22" touch-screen monitor with that $200 price tag....


    "Buy it now! We're going to raise the price!" Yeah? Well they can just go poop in their hat. ;)
    18 Jan 2013, 06:17 PM Reply Like
  • wigit5
    , contributor
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    Actually it's widely perceived that W8 brings a lot of upgrades outside of touch. Security and memory usage come to mine if I'm not mistaken.


    Ordering my dvd tonight for my new ssd.
    18 Jan 2013, 06:51 PM Reply Like
  • kmi
    , contributor
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    PCs were tablets before tablets, were, ahem... tablets...


    So sayeth a user of tablets running Windows since long before iPad1 was introduced, thank you.
    18 Jan 2013, 07:28 PM Reply Like
  • JohnBinTN
    , contributor
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    Ah, okay. Well, I don't use my desktop for chewing on complex polynomials, and I moved all of the U.S.'s most secret secrets onto a flash drive I keep safe in a lockbox is an unnamed country.


    I think I'm safe sticking with Windows 7.


    I only THOUGHT they were black helicopters - it was just news choppers. My secrets remain safe on my PC.
    18 Jan 2013, 08:19 PM Reply Like
  • wigit5
    , contributor
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    MSFT can't win... first windows wasn't safe enough so now they make it safer and it suddenly isn't better... Windows was a memory hog so they make it hog less and it's still not better... Windows boots terribly slow they make it boot faster and it still isn't better... see the trend.


    MSFT isn't trying to sell you a lottery ticket, they simply said windows 8 is better than windows 7. Which is true in a lot of technically grade-able areas. If you don't like faster, more efficient, and safer than you obviously aren't their target market and they shed no tears that you are sticking with what? something they built and you bought... oh...... MSFT is crying right now.
    18 Jan 2013, 09:02 PM Reply Like
  • JohnBinTN
    , contributor
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    Initially you touted two benefits - lower memory usage and more secure. Lower memory usage in relation to what? My W7 desktop idles with 97% or higher free, and that's with lots of stuff open in the background. "Safer"? Okay, grandma might not get a virus from her bingo site, right? Ok, so W8 is marketed to idiots with 2gb machines? On your added benefit (boots faster) - from boot to desktop I'm probably waiting 20 seconds on W7. It's a desktop - I never turn it off, so in the rare cases it reboots, 20 seconds seems tolerable to me.


    My point was, Windows 8 was designed for a touch-screen device. The PC is not that at this time. If they patch in an option to boot to desktop without an extra step, I may check it out (not on my own machine, unless they get sane with upgrade price). Until then, the benefits, if there are any, seem negligible, at least in the areas you mention (not as memory intensive, "safer", boots faster).


    I do hope you enjoy your "upgrade", though. ;)
    18 Jan 2013, 09:29 PM Reply Like
  • brianngaibh
    , contributor
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    After ur upgrade, U can access thousands of apps from store and work great at metro environment to desktop environment.
    BTW, Switching between metro n desktop screen is just one windows key press. nothing can be easier.
    I'm running win8 on my dell 2005 dimension 5150. It works much faster and like it very much. It's truly a revolutionary os.
    My experience tells the upgrade is worthy.
    18 Jan 2013, 11:11 PM Reply Like
  • JohnBinTN
    , contributor
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    Fair enough - it works for you, so great. For myself, I have no need for "apps" in the tablet/phone sense - I have the software I need (I'm boring). And I certainly have no need to work in Metro (a touch-screen environment) on a desktop PC. Windows 7 boots right to desktop, and I don't even have to press any keys! It's 100% more efficient right there (or would that be infinitely more efficient?). ;)


    At any rate, I doubt the lower memory usage / "safer" / faster boot time arguments. And that may be because I don't experience memory leaks or bottlenecks, compromised safety, or slow boot times, and I'm using Windows 7 on a 5 year-old ASUS refurb from newegg that I got for $300. And I can "game" on it, too! ;)
    18 Jan 2013, 11:53 PM Reply Like
  • wigit5
    , contributor
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    John... a dozen or so tech review sites/companies have come out and in various forms 'touted' the lower memory usage, the better native security, and faster boot times... so you can doubt those arguments all you want but it's obvious you are no expert so hopefully readers here will take your argument with a grain of salt and google or bing any one of the hundreds available reviews.



    here is one review specifically comparing W7 memory usage vs W8.
    19 Jan 2013, 09:54 AM Reply Like
  • JohnBinTN
    , contributor
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    I did qualify my "doubt" in the next sentence. Personal experience trumps benchmarks every time, in my book.


    If it works for you and you like it, great. I just don't like the fact that M$ is going to try to strong-arm people into getting new PC's because their W8 upgrade campaign was a failure.
    19 Jan 2013, 02:39 PM Reply Like
  • Rhianni32
    , contributor
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    MSFT can win like any other company can win.
    Make a product that consumers want.
    For everything they fix they break something else.


    The problem with the "New OS every other year" model of business is that people and businesses do not need nor wan to replace it that often. For as much as you are touting 8 are you getting ready to get hyped for Blue?
    20 Jan 2013, 08:18 AM Reply Like
  • wigit5
    , contributor
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    If the next iteration of Win costs $40 and has comparable improvements then yes... I will buy and promote it. I realize not everyone needs to or wants to upgrade every year and it's not necessary by any means, but neither is getting a new phone every year or even every two years.


    My point simply was to counterpoint John in that there are reasons outside the touch interface to upgrade. And while he may not be concerned about his grandma playing internet bingo my folks do online bank and I would prefer it be protected as well.
    20 Jan 2013, 09:17 AM Reply Like
  • cereal
    , contributor
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    For $40, Win8 is a steal.


    Pirating XP and Win7 was common given the premium they charge, but getting a legitimate license for $40 is a bargain!


    One extra click to get into the desktop is hardly an inconvenience. In fact with Win8 you'll be in the desktop faster than Win7 because Win8 boots in less than half time.


    Once you're in the desktop it's more or less Win7, just faster and more stable.


    And it's a legitimate license for JUST $40 so you're signed up to get more features and fixes for free!
    20 Jan 2013, 11:23 PM Reply Like
  • JohnBinTN
    , contributor
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    Glad W8 is treating you so well, cereal. Just the same, I'll save my $40, thanks. Not having to press or click anything is even less of an inconvenience. Reboots occur when there's a power outtage, and if I'm sitting in front of the computer when one happens, it's 30 seconds, tops, until it's back at desktop after re-boot. No speed or stability issues, either.


    But, again, glad you like W8.
    20 Jan 2013, 11:38 PM Reply Like
  • Want2buygold
    , contributor
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    Why is there a need to pay and fix something that's ain't broken ?
    18 Jan 2013, 08:09 PM Reply Like
  • Sam Liu
    , contributor
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    that would be a mistake raising the price of Win 8.


    It took me over a year before I upgraded my Snow Leopard to Mtn Lion for $30 (over 2 years since last upgrade). Never felt gipped by Apple, but Microsoft I have been ripped off in its products.


    Long: MSFT
    19 Jan 2013, 01:31 AM Reply Like
  • eagle1003
    , contributor
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    With Windows 8, Microsoft has another Vista dud on their hands so expect a roll out of a 'new' operating system in the near future that makes W8 more compatible with laptop and desktop needs.


    Microsoft has been unable to dislodge many business from their XP versions and Windows 8 isn't going to do the trick.
    19 Jan 2013, 03:29 PM Reply Like
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