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American Airlines (AAMRQ.PK), Delta (DAL) and United Airlines (UAL) are among the carriers whose...

American Airlines (AAMRQ.PK), Delta (DAL) and United Airlines (UAL) are among the carriers whose flights to and from London's Heathrow Airport have been cancelled because of heavy snow. Overall, 260 flights were due to be scrapped today after over 400 were axed on Friday and well over 100 yesterday. No doubt the snowstorm, like the Queen's jubilee celebrations last year, will be trotted out to explain why U.K. GDP could have been higher.
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  • Heavy snow/ snowstorm in the southern UK is in reality a few inches which wouldn't even be registered in most parts of the world that deals with snow on a regular basis.


    The southern Counties are spectacularly under-prepared. At some point they need to decide what is more costly: Investing in snow clearing gear and infrastructure that withstands mild quantities of snow, or their whole economy grinding to a halt for a few days.


    At least the latter option gives the government a cheap excuse should the economic data be disappointing.
    20 Jan 2013, 08:05 AM Reply Like
  • So true. Currently sitting in about 5 cm of snow in Canterbury and you would think that the world had ended given how the country has completely ground to a halt.


    Sometimes I feel embarrassed to be a Brit!
    20 Jan 2013, 10:19 AM Reply Like
  • Don't feel too bad as it is no better in any other part of Europe.
    20 Jan 2013, 11:36 AM Reply Like
  • Simply not true.


    Spend some time in Zuerich, Vienna or Oslo. They set standards. Most central to northern European cities are very well equipped. I've lived in Vienna (very high snow clearing capabilities and infrastructure), Hamburg (sub-par), Stuttgart (mediocre) and London (extremely poor) and worked across Europe.
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  • It is no different than in Antwerp, Brussels, Paris...............the list goes on.
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  • I hear Sweden's airports know how to deal with snow--and they in fact have heated runways to melt the ice for airplanes.
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  • Don't feel bad. We've gotten so wimpy in the U.S. that schools are now closing solely on the forecast of snow.
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  • WOW! Maybe Europe's economy can improve faster if people were to come out to Canada and spend some time learning how to drive on icy roads, shovel snow, etc... and take the knowledge back home so they can continue to operate under most weather conditions ;)
    20 Jan 2013, 11:53 AM Reply Like
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be the first to offer Winter Preparedness Vacations for tourists who would like to hone their skills in snow removal and defensive driving.


    Lake Effect Snow Warnings for Western NY today and tonight. 12-14 inches of snow possible.


    Bed and Breakfast (hostels, I believe)rooms are available.


    Have a great day.
    20 Jan 2013, 02:34 PM Reply Like
  • deercreek
    More than likely he'll offer you a tax increase to help the "poor" pay for their snow removal.
    20 Jan 2013, 03:11 PM Reply Like
  • wyostocks,


    New York has become a punch line for far too many jokes.


    Texas has started advertising to attract New Yorkers to move there. They cite gun laws, lower taxes, more jobs, and no Andrew Cuomo as the reasons to consider. (ok...I added the governor's name myself)
    I am holding out until some other state can top what Texas has to offer or my taxes get so high I can't afford to live and work here.
    20 Jan 2013, 03:21 PM Reply Like
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