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RIM (RIMM -2.3%) gives back a portion of yesterday's gains after Citi's Jim Suva reiterates a...

RIM (RIMM -2.3%) gives back a portion of yesterday's gains after Citi's Jim Suva reiterates a Sell and argues shares aren't properly discounting the threat posed by cheap Android phones, particularly to emerging markets sales. Moreover, Suva believes enterprises "will take at least 4-6 months" to test BB10, and is unimpressed with RIM's management software in light of competition from Good Technology, SAP, and others. The remarks come as RIM officially launches BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10, which supports iOS/Android device management to go with BB10.
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  • question is...are those traders facing the "short squeeze" going to find enough shares before the BB10 launch?
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  • I thought (RIMM) already launched today.
    23 Jan 2013, 05:20 PM Reply Like
  • I am not impressed with Jim Suva's reasoning. RIMM is not competing with cheap android phones! BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 only incorporates IOS and Android to give a complete package. It is designed to work with BB10, which right now is the most secure cell phone out there.
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  • Although anecdotal, I personally know of some large international corporations that for security reasons, will not consider any other smart phone than RIM-period. Same goes for gov't, police and military users.
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  • yeah didn't India or some country have to beg RIM to let them see what RIM's users were communicating to one another.


    That is some Class A security.
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  • Your memory is weak. Don't try to tell a story when you don't know who you are talking about. Also, lets talk about the facts of that situation and not just your distorted memory of it.
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  • I think LYogi is entitled to make a comment and if someone else can supply more information, it makes for a good discussion.


    The following is a piece regarding RIM's controversial encryption and security settings and relationship with various governments. UAE, India, and USA.


    After reviewing it, I wonder if RIM is also doing some corporate voodoo/ PR. If it cannot satisfy the UAE's request because of the so-called lack of encryption keys and end to end encryption, then why is it suggested that it can satisfy some monitoring requests of the US government and India's government? Doesn't seem logical.


    I would like to hold RIM as a long, but I welcome discussions and debate because I invest based on facts and not emotions. If someone wants to share their thoughts, I'd be glad to think it over.




    And here's that link:


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  • Yes, India and UAE. Please see this link for more info:
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  • Isn't this the same analyst who had a sell at $5. Not sure if his analysis means much to me.
    23 Jan 2013, 01:20 PM Reply Like
  • Citi's has large volume invested into apple stocks, they would hate to see RIMM take some of those gains
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  • Total conflict of interest. Analysts should disclose how much stock their company owns of each company. And their short and long positions. Sometimes, I think they say one thing and get ready to do something else. ie. Tell us to sell and they're waiting to buy!
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  • If Suva had any idea of what he was talking about he would have jumped on RIMM when it was $6.00 which is what he values it at today.


    I can't stand Stupity
    23 Jan 2013, 03:59 PM Reply Like
  • Typical dumb analyst, pulling stuff out of their anus to try to bring the price down.
    Every analyst tries to manipulate the market.
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  • Yes... Citigroup is so important that they needed a bailout. I'll take their advice....not!
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  • I have been following RIMM since it was over 17, and watched it bottom out as the pundits were saying it was going to low single digits. I am happy to see the shorts squeezed and hope it turns out to really panic them as I am long and in positive territory. Corporations are composed of people and the current CEO and his people exemplify American management at its best. They are positive, organized and working hard to be successful. No way they can't succeed!
    24 Jan 2013, 02:53 AM Reply Like
  • I have watched RIMM drop from 17 (and higher) to the bottom where the pundits were forecasting gloom and doom, and little if any value, so I'm happy to see its' value increase to a respectable level. I'm also happy to see the shorts squeezed and hope they continue to lose. Corporations are composed of people and the new management faced the hostile market situation in a cool, confident, organized manner one would expect of hard-working executives. Failure does not seem to be an option for them and the shareholders who support them are being rewarded.
    24 Jan 2013, 05:54 AM Reply Like
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