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Three members of Sirius XM Radio's (SIRI -0.6%) board resign in an unsurprising development...

Three members of Sirius XM Radio's (SIRI -0.6%) board resign in an unsurprising development after the company lost control of itself to Liberty Media. Leon Black, Lawrence Gilberti, and Jack Shaw stepped down to be replaced by Liberty-affiliated Mark Carleton, Robin Pringle, and Charles Tanabe.
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  • So does Siri benefit or lose from this change of leadership and ownership? And how will shareholders be impacted?
    23 Jan 2013, 03:03 PM Reply Like
  • Their biz can't get any worse. They have a GREAT product, but are really lost when it comes to delivering it, and providing customer service. If they got their act together, or had management in place who knew how to run the thing, it could really scream.


    Maybe the new owners understand that SIRI is a diamond in the rough which has suffered from poor management and poor execution?
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  • You think you could do better why not put your money where your mouth is or are you one of those Monday morning quarterbacks who in hindsight think they have all the answers? I think it is the latter...
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  • Yes, i do. It wouldn't take much to build a sales and marketing organization for a good product like they have. Throw on some customer service, and i think they could improve by leaps and bounds. The guy who just took over has been sleeping there for years......maybe his job is next.
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  • Truer words were never spoken. The concern now is that Meyers came from the SALES division. They should get someone NOT in the AARP to head their product and marketing team.
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  • What is so surprising about this. Liberty takes control and puts its own people in place.
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  • Sounds similar to Apple (AAPL), Steve Jobs, and Pixar. Steve Jobs to AAPL: "You don't want me, fine, I'll create my own company. Screw you."
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  • Not sure what Bear is talking about. They deliver their product uninterrupted via satellite and internet, and I've never had a problem with their customer service even when I've called up to cancel my subscription every 6 months because I figured they'd cut me a deal on the price to renew which they've done 3 times so far. Sounds to me like Bear got out early or lost his shirt shorting Siri like a lot of fools did. I made about 5K off Siri this year and it has been the best stock in my portfolio and probably will continue to be. You sure your name isn't Nino?
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  • As someone who got in on the IPO, Siri has been nothing but a big, brown fecal ball. I remember the legions of people who were in the broadcasting industry fawning all over themselves when they described how Mel Baby was going to set the moon. I truly believe that if it were better managed they would not have to pay so much for certain hosts and content. Liberty could not do any worse than the previous management team did. So. they can only go up.
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  • I have made money (about 3K) on Siri and still own some shares.
    I am also a customer with my car having service as well a siri radio in my house.
    The problem with siri is customer service: too many plans, few of which are understood by the siri folks selling them; a less than seamless integration between siri and xm. I think I have both but I am not sure. Billing is unclear for sure. To me the whole sales and service part of the business needs revamping, following the principal of KISS (keep it simple stupid).
    You can always tell which companies have things under control: Call a bank about a mortgage and some banks have idiots working who couldn't crunch a number who figure a payment if they tried while other banks have top-notch folks on it.
    Cruise lines: some have folks that are familiar with every deal, every perk, ever cruise ship and work to benefit the potential purchaser while some lines and agents know nothing!
    In siri's case, ignorance and incompetence prevail and should, no make that must, be corrected and soon!
    24 Jan 2013, 08:58 AM Reply Like
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