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Microsoft (MSFT): FQ2 EPS of $0.76 beats by $0.01. Revenue of $21.46B (+3% Y/Y) misses by $70M....

Microsoft (MSFT): FQ2 EPS of $0.76 beats by $0.01. Revenue of $21.46B (+3% Y/Y) misses by $70M. FY13 operating expense guidance of $30.3B-$30.9B reaffirmed. Shares -0.7% AH. (PR)
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  • To soon to tell if windows 8 will be good... need more touch enabled devices on the market. Looking for a decent monitor for my desktop now...
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  • Some big things going on at Lenovo w/ Win8
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  • revenue miss by 70m. That's what happens when you sell windows for $14.99 eh?
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  • I thought it was 39.99 for upgrades via the website and 69.99 for the dvd to be sent to your house? was there a better deal out there?!?!?!
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  • Not shure, but I think it might be connected with you region.. in Europe update for me (from Vista) costs 20$. Still Windows division revenue up 24% is impressive with theese prices...
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  • Ah nice I bought the DVD in the US for $70 so I could put it on my new SSD when it comes in, going to do a clean install instead of the upgrade... anyway I agree Windows div being up is good news.
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  • Please do something to shareholder value - Dell is not it
    NOKIA was a good idea - please have a look a what the kids are doing and move as fast or lets wrap it up.
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  • Microsoft's on the right track with touch though Windows 8 looks half-baked. Like a WinME which didn't WIN ME. It's got a big and bulky tile screen and it removed many features I liked from the previous version. The task bar does not look good and is dumb without the start bar!


    Win9 might fix some of the clunky-ness, I'd hope. Let me turn off Metro -- please!


    I'm not ready to go for an 8. I've tried it multiple times on different visits to the stores. Love the hardware that runs it, love the location of the Explorer bar (near the bottom) which really aids touch-driven work. BUT really disgusted with having to go around the tiles to start doing any useful work.


    For many things, mouse and keyboard is still faster than touching the screen. And this is where the new OS frustrates me. It's no longer possible to tell where anything is. Everything is a moving mess and not intuitive.


    At the end of the day: I need to work and if it takes me longer to "get to work," I'm not interested. Same goes with the new Office. Why can't I control where things are?! Stinks. I want menus. Saves me time!


    I want the best of both worlds -- new and old. To my way of thinking, Microsoft removed all the good stuff to bring in the new stuff. Lame.


    Hope consumers sell and short your stock by $10 to show you that you better listen up when we're talking to you!
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  • MSFT is trying to sell to corporations for desktops an operating system designed for children using mobile devices. Disappointment should be anticipated.
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  • not sure if i understood ur frastration fully. any work you want to do with fast action, you can pin ur app/tool (like words, outlook, accounting, etc.,) to the start screen and the task bar. this setup is only once forever.
    for example, i pin my interactive broker at the task bar (desktop mode), just one click then the ib trading screen appears on my extended screen. note: separate task bar for 2 screens. on the main screen, i can using either desktop or metro to read the latest news at the same time (usually read wsj running the app on metro environment).
    i upgraded my old 2005 dell dimension 5150 to win8 from xp. it is running faster and like the win8 user interface very much, particularly the live tiles on the headlines and store apps.
    i recognized win8 is truly a revolutionary os for me working outside the box. once u know the way, sure you will like it very much.
    Following are some my Dell Dimension 5150 HW spec that i'm using now.
    Processor type: intel pentium D dual CPU 2.80GHz
    Physical memory: DDR2 533MHz 512MB x4
    HDD: Seagate 500G ATA
    Video card: pci express x16, ATI Radeon HD5450 display 1 = DVI Prima 32" TV 1080p, display 2 = vga Dell 19" 1280 x 1080
    Sound: sigmatel stac92xx c-major hd audio
    Wireless: TP Link wi-fi adaptor TL-WN721N 150Mbps
    Rest are standard types.
    Performance: processor 4.5, Mem 5.0, Graphics 3.9, Gaming graphics 5.8 and Pri HDD5.9
    hope my 2 cents help.
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  • I use over 20 different programs in a week, and find the search feature in Win7 indispensable. If someone can tell me there's an equivalent in Win8, I might consider again. So far, the other reason for staying with the status quo has to do with the littering of apps everywhere which I see as a major problem with Win8 (Metro). I would have to scroll left and right all day long.


    Since it is important to me that things stay organized, when the buttons are so big on the Metro, I lose the ability to find things quickly. I'm currently not that interested in getting a new touch monitor just to have a go with the new OS. Just upgraded last year and bought an ultrabook pre-touch too. So maybe Win9.
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  • Win 8 doesn't have a search feature? And the tiles can't be re-sized?
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  • wigit5:


    The search feature for programs which is accessed by going to Start in Win7. Is it somewhere in Win8 and I just can't find it because it's not intuitive for me??


    As for size of tiles, can I have them as small as the ones that I currently have in my Win7 taskbar but in Metro?? I don't like having to flip back to Metro just to get to my Desktop taskbar items constantly. That is such a time waster. I am someone who normally has 20 to 30 tabs open in my browser, and 5 to 8 programs running on the taskbar. 8 gb of RAM is pretty good, but occasionally, I wouldn't mind more.


    I don't think Win8 is marketed to someone who is a power user. Kids, grandparents, and the retired maybe. Not someone with 2 lines of business to run and a few entrepreneurial projects on the go.
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  • Type and Search
    Need to run a search in Windows 8 for a rarely-used application? Just start typing on an open area of the Start Screen. The operating system pulls up search results based on what you typed. Not having to open a search box is a nice time saver, although if your touch-typing is as bad of mine you might send the system searching for misspelled apps.




    sounds like you just need to type on your keyboard not sure it gets more intuitive than that?
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  • Nice -- I will try it next time I'm @ FutureShop or Best Buy. Coming from a menu, keyboard and mouse driven environment, I was not expecting to be able to "just type" as you say =)


    Cheers -- I will continue exploring!
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  • I think most people agree that you are right for the most part, Win 8 isn't very business friendly and hopefully the rumored update in the Fall of 2013 will prove to focus on the business aspect and make it so you can switch between metro and traditional desktop in a permanent fashion... (I'd like to see it boot to whatever you shut it off from).


    That being said; being able to pick up my laptop and go on the road and work on the same thing I was working on at home on my desktop is extremely appealing. I want to be able to shut off my desktop go upstairs turn on my tablet and have the same things (apps, programs, capabilities, spreadsheets etc...) on my tablet and phone. And I think this is where windows will head with skydrive etc...
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  • Yeah, that would be very cool! I can now have my crazy number of tabs on Google Chrome show up on my tablet so I can move from away from my desk to a more comfortable and relaxing location and continue to work while not really working ;)


    I'm totally looking forward to further innovations! =)
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  • sky:


    "I'm currently not that interested in getting a new touch monitor "


    The entire notion of touch for a desktop in the corporate or, even, home environment is patent silliness. I have an HP All-In-One that can operate in either mode, and I can attest that virtually nobody is going to do serious work moving their hands from a keyboard to full extension across a desktop, repeatedly. Just try (or imagine) not having your arm rested on the desktop for support, as when mousing, and, instead, held at full extension across a desktop while you attempt to browse pages. It's ludicrous to even consider it.


    So, for any serious desktop or corporate user, the most important exercise is to figure out how to bypass touch and jettison child-size icons, so that one can return to a work-oriented Win7-like environment.


    I, for one, think Win8 is going to be a major disapointment in MSFT's biggest market, the corporate market.
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