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The Boeing (BA) battery fire on a Japan Airlines flight was "unprecedented" and a “very...

The Boeing (BA) battery fire on a Japan Airlines flight was "unprecedented" and a “very serious air safety concern," the head of the NTSB said today, adding that the Board is still trying to determine what caused the events surrounding the troubled Dreamliner. Boeing says it is "working around the clock" to resolving the issues but is "not permitted to comment directly on the ongoing investigations."
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  • The government added, "If we had designed that jet, it would have been flawless the first time, because governments don't make mistakes. Unlike evil private industry."
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  • Maybe if NASA had designed it that would be probably true.......
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  • Perhaps NASA would have made it perfect however, it would only be available for 1 flight every 3 months. But those would be smooth flights!


    Of course Boeing would still have had to actually design and built the thing.
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  • You are an idiot. I am not defending Boeing even if I am a shareholder. Boeing was so impatient with getting this aircraft in the air and outsourced everything imaginable to get it there that they took short cuts. The Japanese manufacturer and Boeing need to take responsibility for this fiasco and find answers.
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  • @normalbk
    Oh yeah, NASA is flawless. Except for Challenger, Columbia, Apollo 1, etc. NASA actually has a pretty high death toll, if you add it all up. I'm not knocking NASA, I'm just telling the truth here. NASA's not flawless.
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  • @edsanville


    You're right!
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  • Not "on a Japan Airlines flight". It was an ANA flight. The fire on the Japan Airlines (JAL) plane occurred on the ground in Boston.
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  • One of the original engineers on the 787 said this jet was too heavy and would crack due tp its composite construction. I think this jet is doomed and the battery is just the beginning.
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  • When is the government going to read all the reports about the ion battery?
    Boeing and the FAA has know about the Lithium-ion battery since 2007
    Its wasn't enough to prevent a lithium-ion battery from lighting off in a Cessna Citation CJ4 last year
    Cessna quickly withdrew the batteries from the Citations and the FAA issued an emergency AD. Cessna says it's still committed to Li-ion, but declines to offer details.
    DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Federal Aviation Administration, 14 CFR Part 25
    [Docket No. NM375 Special Conditions No. 25-07-10-SC]
    What inside a Lithium-ion battery ?
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  • This is unprecidented because Li Ion batteries on a plane are unprecidented . It is not like the engineers didn't know this was a possible event--the thing is in a box that is made to keep the fire contained. If the thing goes boom, that's another story.
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  • Boeing need to take responsibility for this fiasco !
    Boeing has a long history or problem both on commercial and military
    How many times does the FAA need to fines Boeing alone with miltiary contactors before Boeing is shut down !


    Lockheed once build military ship in Seattle after 10,000 deflect per ship the government took away their contact


    No once at Boeing should get pay until Boeing assemble
    10 787 per month deflects fee!, Pay for performance!
    Boeing has a long history of problems both on commercial and military
    How many times does the FAA need to fine Boeing alone with DOD, GOA fine Boeing on military contractors and shut Boeing down !;query=faa+fine+boeing+
    Lockheed once build military ships in Seattle after 10,000 deflect per ship, the government took away their contact
    Boeing has been shafting the American tax payer for years
    31 GAO violation Boeing fine 31 billion
    California border fence
    Japan rejects 767 tanker
    Boeing Fixes Italian Tanker
    Boeing Penalized for Poor Performance on Tanker Contracts
    737 Wedgetail Project (Arms Export Control Act Violation)
    P-8:110 ITAR violations
    Boeing virtual fence: $30 billion failure


    Boeing Sea Launch filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 2009, citing cost overruns,


    kc-10: Boeing to pay $2 million over whistleblower


    B-1B: Boeing Sued for $7.5 Million Contract Fraud
    CH-47D: Boeing to pay up to $54 million
    Kc-10 The Boeing Co. has agreed to pay $2 million to the Justice Department
    Boeing 767 Tanker CEO resign qty 2,CFO when to jail , Alan Mulally went Ford Boeing paid a $266 million
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  • United 787 was New Orleans makes emergency landing


    JAL 787 was in Boston the aircraft was on the ground no passenger on board


    ANA 787 was in Japan makes emergency landing
    4 Feb 2013, 05:30 PM Reply Like
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