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As gold futures extend losses to a fourth straight session, gold-, silver- and commodity-related...

As gold futures extend losses to a fourth straight session, gold-, silver- and commodity-related stocks are in full-blown bear territory. Sinking to new 52-week lows today: NEM -1.3%, AU -0.5%, BVN -2.7%, HMY -3%. Even as Global Hunter offers an upbeat outlook for silver, citing expected increases in industrial use, SLW -1%, PAAS -1.5%.
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  • Top Secret!


    Word that Michael Kors is going to launch a "Miner Chic" line at the next round of Fashion Weeks, featuring yellow jumpsuits and adorable little cloche hats with lanterns.


    This is a hint that the company intends to buy 2,000 Gold and Silver mines on the cheap and turn them into boutiques, possibly run by the very chic Blythe Masters.


    (Warning: The above is satire and not for casual consumption.)
    28 Jan 2013, 03:24 PM Reply Like
  • "(Warning: The above is satire and not for casual consumption.) "


    I don't think you've grasped the concept of satire very firmly. Generally it involves the use of wit, is regarded as amusing and has as its goal constructive criticism. Completely missed the boat there, eh?


    Maybe the warning against consumption should be posted first along with gruesome pictures of famous failed attempts at satire and with a stamp from the Surgeon General.
    29 Jan 2013, 04:31 AM Reply Like
  • "Gold mines, so hot right now, Gold mines"....
    Bottom coming very soon?
    28 Jan 2013, 03:26 PM Reply Like
  • Time to buy.
    28 Jan 2013, 03:28 PM Reply Like
  • this is now new
    paas has been arrounf this price for the last 6 months
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  • Lets see we are talking about all the new fiat being produced....they want inflation...weak currencies..and gold and silver are down.....hmmmmmm...anyone else see something funny here...the powers that be CANNOT have another currency that holds its ruins their game..
    28 Jan 2013, 03:34 PM Reply Like
  • "anyone else see something funny here"


    Yes, THEY are manipulating everything from their space ships hovering over Roswell under the direct supervision of Comrade Kim Jung-un and Jimmy Hoffa who is in hiding in a Havana cigar shop run by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Amelia Earhart.


    Have I left out any important conspiracy theory nonsense?
    29 Jan 2013, 04:39 AM Reply Like
  • As an aside, I'm thinking of dumping at least part of my large position in Central Fund of Canada (CEF) and loading up on GDX and some select gold miners. Might even start shopping for physical bullion and self storage....
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  • I unloaded CEF so long ago the records are archived. I have been happy owning GDXJ however, even with the turndown. I bought it after Silver was in the high 30's and have held thru the storm. I feel we are on the cusp of the lows in PM's. I am buying Morgans and Peace dollars for silver value, I suggest if you can find some do the same. I bought new Silver Eagles for 34, and happy to have them. Lower it goes, more I buy.
    Capt. Brian
    The Lost Navigator
    28 Jan 2013, 05:46 PM Reply Like
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