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More on ADP jobs: December's job gain revised down to 185K from 215K. The average gain over the...

More on ADP jobs: December's job gain revised down to 185K from 215K. The average gain over the past 3 months is 183K, more than 10% below the level during the same period a year ago. The manufacturing sector shed jobs for the 5th time in the last 6 months. S&P futures add a tick to losses, now -0.2%. (full report)
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  • Year over year still recession...
    30 Jan 2013, 08:24 AM Reply Like
  • what are you smoking? you need 3% growth a year just to keep up with population growth. that means you need 5%-6% growth to create enough jobs to shrink the unemployment rate.
    30 Jan 2013, 09:11 AM Reply Like
  • DAVE


    The spin is on as well as some panic? Anyone thinks this is good news just doesn't get it!
    30 Jan 2013, 09:17 AM Reply Like
  • ?????


    "The average gain over the past 3 months is 183K, more than 10% below the level during the same period a year ago."
    30 Jan 2013, 09:35 AM Reply Like
  • Are you factoring in the 300,000 retiring each month? These numbers don't look right with all the people falling off the unemployment insurance rolls.
    30 Jan 2013, 08:30 AM Reply Like
  • NO recession, payrolls growing at a slightly faster pace.
    30 Jan 2013, 08:35 AM Reply Like
  • ANON


    Yeah, and this will be revised down like last weeks number by 30k....GDP negative as well...Next quarter with new 2% payroll tax isn't good news either..


    Keep thinking things are great!
    30 Jan 2013, 08:55 AM Reply Like
  • if you believe this is bad news - if you believe Q4 GDP is a trend
    I pity you. Truly I do. I pity you and your heirs
    30 Jan 2013, 09:26 AM Reply Like
  • PET


    No need to pity me, i have been preparing for this for years..My commodities were bought years ago..Quite frankly i pity you as you haven't done enough due diligence to understand much..


    Still have time, Ben will be gone soon, ever wonder why? Or Timmy resigning and running?


    How about Countries asking for their gold only to be told we don't have it ?? We need 8 years to get it for you? Maybe it;s gone..


    Ok, i gave you a head start, you do what you need to do. Either keep your head in the sand or wake up!!
    30 Jan 2013, 09:43 AM Reply Like
  • It's called "denial." Markets climb a wall of worry and cascade down a slope of complacency.
    30 Jan 2013, 09:59 AM Reply Like
  • knowknotwit


    The sad fact is the bullish sentiment that is keeping the uniformed retail investor firmly positioned - in expectation of I don't know what -on the long side will be the ones that provide the fuel for the final leg down in the markets.


    Your call is 800 on the S&P I think. Mine is a little more pessimistic than yours but rest assured those buying at these levels are the ones that finally relent at the bottom and get out fueling that last bit of downside.


    You just don't make money buying tops and selling bottoms.


    I think its safe to say we entered recession in the last qtr of 2012. It sure won't get better from here.


    30 Jan 2013, 11:53 AM Reply Like
  • Pet
    Those and their heirs I pity...are the advocates for redistribution of wealth...and amazing how many you see on investment sites.
    Occam's razor would define real reason for most.
    30 Jan 2013, 09:43 AM Reply Like
  • "Europe is going into a recession. All US citizens just got a tax increase that should reduce US GDP which means less business. Meanwhile, the market is moving up or moving sideways??


    I think the market is being manipulated which means all bets are off. I am in a defensive investment posture now."


    A quote from a trader i trust!!!!
    30 Jan 2013, 10:13 AM Reply Like
  • Why do you think markets climb a "wall of worry"? Because common investors are scared or shorting. A select few with the ability to leverage at mind-boggling ratios control 90% of stocks, because they don't do it with real money. This is all a multi-year long BS melt-up until the general populace starts feeling good again. When the general public starts putting in REAL money, the kind you earn through productive endeavors, they will tank it. That's why THEY sell when everybody else is complacent.
    30 Jan 2013, 10:26 AM Reply Like
  • NOL


    And the stupid money is just starting to invest in the market...Ever wonder how TARP got paid back quickly? The banks did what they had to do, basically screwed everyone...I am just amazed at all those that did not see this coming..


    1) gold not available ,,,leased out. But central banks net buyers last year!
    2) printing money and the banks investing it, propping up the markets
    3) once they made their money they will bail
    4) unemployment around 1.2 million a month but new jobs only 200k a month,
    5) New 2% tax getting no love!
    6) commodity manipulation yet nothing done about it.
    7) A ton of the POTUS staff resigning AFTER he won
    8) Silver coins sold out in 9 days !
    9) Bulls waiting for their Ben fix... Obamacare won't help!!
    10) Sad that the average Joe finally getting back into the market getting burnt...nothing new!!
    30 Jan 2013, 10:39 AM Reply Like
  • IT,
    But admit we had some great weeks of growing hope in equities.
    That perception alone was worthwile staying awake and taking profit.
    It's been long ago that I made so much money. I hope you did too.
    The road to recovery is never flat, always bumpy.
    30 Jan 2013, 11:53 AM Reply Like


    Sure did!! But the writing is now on the wall..I may get out too soon, but better be months too early then a day too late...At these prices i am concerned though..


    I think my commodity portion will come out of it's hibernation now..


    Rigged markets bother me, you never know when the big boys will pull the plug..Like they did on Apple...Ran that sucker up and BOOM!!
    30 Jan 2013, 12:05 PM Reply Like
  • @IT: it wasn't 'the banks' that screwed everyone, it was the Bernank. I'm a bear here but this top will undoubtedly be a tricky one to navigate. I'm envisioning this re-inflated bubble deflating in slow motion. 3 years of down chop?
    30 Jan 2013, 01:05 PM Reply Like


    Did you see the movie TOO BIG TO FAIL? Ben infused money to the banks for them to lend out, they never did...I assume they invested it, made a profit off the taxpayer, and then paid back the infusion..


    So i blame those banks..Using money that was suppose to be lent to us, instead they held it for their own good!!


    Great movie on HBO..Also a great book..Check it out !!


    Your timing is in line with mine as well...slowly..
    30 Jan 2013, 01:50 PM Reply Like
  • IT,
    "I may get out too soon, but better be months too early then a day too late."
    Couldn't agree more.


    "At these prices i am concerned though"
    I have been concerned all my investing life, day after day.


    "Rigged markets bother me, you never know when the big boys will pull the plug"
    Hard to tell, indeed. VIX might, maybe, or oil ?


    Good luck anyway. I might take a short break. Need to try out my new Ford on a trip to Germany.
    30 Jan 2013, 02:46 PM Reply Like
  • Gold since 8/22/11...Silver since 4/28/11...
    30 Jan 2013, 10:50 AM Reply Like
  • BBRO


    Own mine way before those dates...Knew the govt would manipulate it with naked shorts..


    Remember when silver hit $49 bucks ? It was a bank holiday so we got a true read of what it could be worth..It was Good Friday i believe..


    The following week they hammered it right back down and the Commision did nothing !!


    Pull up a 10 year chart of gold and i dare you to show me a more bullish one!! Keep the spin coming !!
    30 Jan 2013, 10:56 AM Reply Like
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