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Though the iPad Mini launch helped Apple (AAPL) sell 22.9M iPads in calendar Q4, the company's...

Though the iPad Mini launch helped Apple (AAPL) sell 22.9M iPads in calendar Q4, the company's tablet shipment share fell 810 bps Y/Y to 43.6%, per IDC. Samsung (SSNLF.PK), meanwhile, is estimated to have more than doubled its share to 15.1%. Amazon (AMZN), believed to have shipped 6M Kindle Fires, is given an 11.5% share (-440 bps Y/Y). Nexus 7 maker Asus is at 5.8% (+380 bps), and Barnes & Noble (BKS) at just 1.9% (-270 bps). IDC believes total shipments rose 75% Y/Y to 52.5M (equal to 58% of PC shipments), and is forecasting 172.4M for 2013. (previous)
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  • no idea who the heck is buying all those samsung tabs ... i see iPads, Kindles, very few nooks and nexus7 when i walk around nyc, but nearly never see samsung galaxy tabs


    also, none of those web usage surveys indicate android has any meaningful share.


    are ALL these android tabs simply used at-home and off-line as glorified e-readers ???


    ps : of course the standard (and stupid) defense from android fanatics is that they're too busy screwing with their browser agent strings to fake it as iPad/desktop/anything-...
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  • The world is a far larger place than NY-LA.


    Samsung sells more smartphones than Apple, now. And, globally, Android has more than four times iOS' market share. So, it would hardly be a surprise if there were scads of Galaxy Tabs out there.
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  • Let me guess.... you don't see any people carrying Galaxy Note 2's or S3's either
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  • Outside America Samsung is seen as the company of the people whereas Apple personifies everything greedy and corrupt in business. Personally I love Apple's products and am currently long the stock but they are seriously loosing ground in Europe.
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  • Sorry,but that's your opinion.Asians(in particular the Japanese)like AAPL a lot.Don't generalize with unsubstantiated statements.
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  • My brother-in-law has a Galaxy Tab 2. I asked him why he bought it instead of an Apple. He said it's cheap.


    In Vietnam, the tendency is to buy cheap. Quality is very low on the priority list.


    My brother-in-law has taken his mother's iPad.
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  • Because you don't live in Europe, you are clueless! I promise you, no one in Europe would be seen dead with a Samsung product.
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  • Samsungs Chairman was convicted of felony fraud. I know of no one at Apple convicted of even a misdemeanor.
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  • don't single out america .... bankrupt countries with lazy people and 20+ unemployment rate like Spain and Greece are the ones buying android, while iPhone/iPad is very successful in HK/SG etc


    i think it's the other way around - Europe is the one losing ground in the global race, not Apple losing in Europe
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  • find me ONE city in north america where Samsung tablets outsell Apple
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  • I'm sure there are Korean neighborhoods where you only see Korean products. The Koreans are extremely nationalistic, and will always say they are the best. They were telling everyone what a great movie Dragon Wars was.
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  • It is the result of organized PR attacks and propaganda. If some folks want a cheaper, inferior product, let them have it. What's the problem?
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  • I agree, I rarely see any Samsung tabs. And since andriod users don't seem to use their tabs very much for surfing or buying anything, maybe they are all at home being used as place-mats.
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  • Samsungs Chairman Lee is a convicted felon.


    On January 14, 2008, Lee's home and office were raided by the Korean police for an ongoing probe into accusations that Samsung is responsible for a slush fund used to bribe influential prosecutors, judges, and political figures in South Korea.[17] On April 4, 2008 he denied allegations against him for his role in the Samsung Slush Funds scandal.[18] After the second round of questioning by the South Korean prosecutors which occurred on April 11, 2008, Lee was quoted by reporters saying "I am responsible for everything. I will assume full moral and legal responsibility.” On July 16, 2008, The New York Times reported that the Seoul Central District Court found him guilty on charges of financial wrongdoing and tax evasion. Prosecutors requested that Lee be sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $347 million. The court fined him $109 million and sentenced him to 3 years suspended jail time. Lee has not responded to the verdict.[19]
    On December 29, 2009, the South Korean government moved to pardon Lee Kun-hee.
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  • "Outside America Samsung is seen as the company of the people"


    I Agree!!! Bribing corrupt government officials and putting children in their factories to toil all day as slaves instead of getting an education is definately a company "of the people."
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  • So? Is there a point you are trying to make with that?


    If you are looking for ethical reasons to not invest in companies, then you exclude many companies. Nothing wrong with being an ethical investor, but considering how Foxconn treats employees, and deaths of workers at Apple contractors, you should exclude investing in AAPL too.
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  • Actually AAPL is very proactive in protecting workers rights. And you can't hold companies accountable for the actions of their contractors.
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  • Ethically, yes, but legally no. Apple has tried to clean-up operations at Foxconn. The idea that Apple has no power to be a positive force for better working conditions at Foxconn is simply wrong; Apple chose to use Foxconn, and continued to use them despite worker deaths. I don't add morals into my investment choices, but when people try to drag that out, no company is completely immune from scrutiny.
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  • If you buy a Samsung TV you get a tablet form Samsung a as gift. That is how they try to atrificially lift the figuares
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  • you mean like buying a macbook and getting an IPod free, the way AAPL used to do it?
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  • Samsung was caught hiring students to trash the HTC One and now they have been caught doing the same to Apple. At 2:30 A M here which is about when the students get out of school, you will see a lot of anti Apple posts ans pro Samsung posts. This was just reprored today. Samsung is the lowest of the low.
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  • I don't see any news of that on Reuters, The Verge, nor on Bloomberg. Where did you see that news about Samsung, HTC, and Apple?
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  • Amazon doesn't release sales numbers on their tablet so IDC is guessing like everyone else.
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  • Why should they. No one seems to care. Especially their investors.
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  • 1st, numbers are Unit Volume, NOT $ Volume. $ Volume Apple would have more like 60 - 70% of the Tablet market's sales. Because desperate companies like Amazon are selling their Kindles even below cost just to try and buy market share (AMZN's profits were down 45% last quarter). And APPLE even has a higher % of share of the Tablet Market's profits, probably 80% of its profits. The main thing that's gone on here, is several companies, like Amazon, are selling lower quality product at no profit or low cost, so the low cost end of the market is growing fast, especially in 3rd World Countries.


    2nd re. Samsung's share, they must mean around the world... Few Samsung Tablets sold in USA. It says APPLE sold 23 mn. tablets last quarter, that's nearly 100 mn. yearly, so it had to be worldwide.


    The money losing bottom half of the market where its sold only on price, is for Amazon, Acer, Dell, etc.
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  • remember when IDC estimated that Samsung had sold over 2 million and documents at trial revealed they sold 37000?
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  • Excellent point. I don't take them seriously anyway but this is a excellent observation.
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  • Where is the author getting these numbers?
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  • The author probably makes them up like all the people who get paid to dampen Apple stock.
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  • What is the difference in profit that each company has made on each tablet, Apple are still selling more than the competition, just because they don't double the number each quarter doesn't mean Jack......!
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    United States


    This is based upon device identities that appear after mobile search, though not specifically tablets. Trends in the United States are not matched Worldwide. Markets are more unique and diverse than simply blindly following the pattern established in the United States.
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  • The Samsung tablets are more popular outside the US than inside. I have no need for any Android device, frankly.
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  • The difference between "shipments" that IDC reports, and consumer sales, is often rather large.
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  • Never rely upon just one set of data to make investment decisions. In technology there are many different data sources. Cross checking several can give a better idea of trends.
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  • very true, thank you.
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  • i would like to thank All of the contributors To Seaking alpha. I learn so much through reading your articles and comments!
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  • None of this % market share matters. AAPL founded the modern tablet market 3.5 years ago - in the first month they sold 300k tablets and had 90% market share.


    Now they sell 7 million tablets a month but only have a 45% market share.


    Which is better?
    1 Feb 2013, 12:09 PM Reply Like
  • Exactly. Installed volume in use, or user base, will be the more important metrics in the future.


    What market share, or new device sales, implies is that revenues are only generated at the point of sale. When you look at the profits from app sales, or in the case of BlackBerry the subscriber fees, then there are recurring revenues beyond selling an initial device. As the smartphone and tablet markets grew, these other revenue sources have been ignored. As we near saturation in some markets, and move towards a replacement market, then recurring revenues will garner more attention. We will see a replacement market when sales to existing users exceed new users.
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  • I am writing from south Europe and I bought myself Galaxy Tab 2 and I love it. I bought it 360 euros while iPad costs like 550 euros so 200 euros cheaper. My friend have iPad but there is no big difference between the two. iPad may be a little faster or smoother but still, the difference in money is not so small. After me 2 of my other friends bought Galaxy Tabs and they Android is really kicking Apple ass in Europe. Maybe it's the crisis, maybe people just realize that they don't need to pay extra 200 euros, just because some item has Apple logo on it ...
    5 Feb 2013, 02:36 PM Reply Like
  • I am here in the US, and though a lot of the lower level workers at my company are buying Samsung Galaxy S3s and other Android phones, the higher level guys and the managers are all iPhones. At our meetings, the iPhones sit on the table in front of people and it's fun to see what cases people have.


    I think that people with money problems think 200 Euros are a lot of money for a device they will keep for a couple of years. But people who have some money to spend will think that 200 Euros or 300 dollars is not so much for something you use every day. Also, I think that if someone put an Android phone on the table, then everyone else will think that he likes cheap things.


    I guess there is a big difference between Americans and Europeans.
    5 Feb 2013, 04:52 PM Reply Like
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