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A weekend deal between longshoremen and the U.S. Maritime Alliance (representing shipping...

A weekend deal between longshoremen and the U.S. Maritime Alliance (representing shipping companies and port associations in the East and Gulf coasts) will avert a strike that would cost the economy $1B/day and spur shortages of consumer goods. The largest port involved was the Port of New York and New Jersey; the dispute centered on container royalties shared between shippers and union members.
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  • This is nothing. EPA costs economy every year 600B. Well, that like 1.80B a day (from Chamber of commerce). EPA along with unions has to be blamed for manufacturing job loss in USA. China or other asian nations are not be blamed. Its free economy and things move to favorable environment. All by product of democrats. EPA was idea of Bush. Then it became like virus; sucking economy under Obama. More like there is difference between supporting gay right and opening gay conversion centers (liberals are fighting hard to overthrow a court ruling that banned it).
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  • What are you trying to say here?


    Unions membership is currently at an all time low. How are they destroying america exactly?


    As for the EPA, would you rather have to carry around a gas mask in your daily travels like they need to do in Beijing?
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  • Keep American families strong, support Unions over the top 1% in wealth.
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  • First for gods sake remove the picture of pornstar from your profile. Unions are destroying america. Court said what Obama did for unions was not constitutional. And for your kind information, Obama is not above law.
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  • You are going to need a new excuse pretty soon for the destruction of America. Union membership has fallen. Catch up with the times. Maybe some of the blame needs to go on management and business owners.
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  • We already know whose fault it is. W is happily munching on fried armadillo in Waco, watching reruns of "Birth of a Nation" and hoping Dick Cheney has lost his phone number. Meanwhile, President Obama has been practicing his skeet shooting in anticipation of a bird hunt with W. Don't worry W fans, your hero is safe. The President is a crack shot, Cheney isn't invited and, if anything goes wrong, it will be W's fault.
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  • Union membeship has fallen, along with workers wages, as the very weathy take more from American families.
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  • Public sector unions are doing very well and all set to create the new 1% for many of their members.
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  • The real question here is why does someone put a picture of a semi naked girl up as a representation of them self.
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  • Well liberals thinks that shows the women rights. At least its better than agenda to start gay conversion centers by liberals.
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